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Found 22 results

  1. These 3 cars could be yours, if you are a SV owner or if u play as a VIP User etc... | Estos vehiculos pueden ser tuyos, si eres un visionario dueño de SV o si juegas como VIP dentro. You can talk with the sv´s Admin to install those inside the SV to your PJ | Puedes negociar con el administrador que te los coloque a tu PJ en el SV. I have the RAR archive | Tengo el archivo RAR - Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2020 HD Model - Audi A7 Sline 2017 HD Model - Ferrari 1995 F50 HD Model Pay info: $20 Per Car / $20 por auto (Via PayPal ) | Bitcoin / Ether Accepted!!
  2. Olá Queria uma ajuda, queria um script para q o veiculo n exploda, quando bater muito o veiculo apenas pare de funcionar e n exploda, alguem poderia me ajudar??
  3. Hello dear friends, first of all, I am writing this text using translate. I apologize to everyone for my bad English. Forgive me if I put the issue in the wrong section. - I want to enlarge the wheels of the vehicles and make camber adjustments and I came across this content in the forum https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/92222-custom-wheel/ but the system in this content applies only to the front wheels and it goes underground when the wheel grows and how I will fix these errors from you I want your help, thank you very much in advance. :) Client-Side
  4. Hi gentlemen, I have a problem with lighting the texture, it is lighter than everyone Please tell me what the problem is I use these shaders /* Author: 50p Version: v1.0 Description: This shader allows you to mask a texture with a mask texture (black and white). */ texture ScreenTexture; sampler implicitInputTexture = sampler_state { Texture = <ScreenTexture>; }; texture MaskTexture; sampler implicitMaskTexture = sampler_state { Texture = <MaskTexture>; }; float4 MaskTextureMain( float2 uv : TEX
  5. hi guys . i want Vehicles cant be pushed by on foot. can you help me
  6. I am using createVehicle code. How can I change the direction of vehicles
  7. hello every one , well im new at mta forum as i said in the first topic of myn so i created a server just to have fun so the name of the server is : [UGW] UnderGround World Events/Drift/Maps/RealRoads/Fun/Honda/BMW/Stunt/Mods+100 mtasa:// the main topic :
  8. Hello everyone! I started to learn render targets in lua. So the question is: Can i use dxDraw functions on vehicles? I think i should apply a shaders to use it. Some people use texreplace.fx for drawing. As i know, this people create a render target, draw some stuff on it, get pixel colours and apply a texture on the vehicle with shaders. Is there any other ways? Maybe i can draw text/images directly on vehicle texture (i added special texture to car called "bodytex" for this action) somehow\\\ Applying shaders each time reflects on perfomance a lot
  9. I'm currently working on a new project and I'm going to need some help if I want it launched any year soon. What I'm looking for - Someone(s) who can model a variety of things Vehicles Mapping Vegetation Objects Detailing Ped models Likely etc While there is no payment if things go right this could be one of the biggest and best servers in MTA If you want any more details or are interested post here or PM me.
  10. Hello guys, i've seen in some servers that you can change the texture of the same vehicle many times, So you can seen other players having the same vehicle but another texture, I know that i have to use Shader functions but how to do it, And how to make all players able to see other player's vehicle texture ?
  11. Guys,help pls ?<catalog type="vehicle"> <group name="Машины"> <vehicle id="527" name="2101" /> <vehicle id="529" name="2102" /> <vehicle id="420" name="2103" /> <vehicle id="421" name="2104" /> <vehicle id="547" name="2104 TUNING" /> <vehicle id="555" name="2105" /> <vehicle id="558" name="2106" /> <vehicle id="541" name="2107" /> <vehicle id="506" name="2107 TUNING" /> <vehicle id="496" name="21
  12. I need a script type. I have a Hydra and I would like to give one skin and another. For example, the MiG-29 and F-16. Please help!
  13. Приветствую всех. Уже давно не могу справится с одной проблемой. Схема такая: - Ресурс: vehicles - Ресурс: houses - Ресурс: businesses В каждом ресурсе есть своя глобальная таблица pl_vehs = {} houses = {} businesses = {} И проблема вот в чем, в ресурсе vehicles каждый игрок имеет 1-4 своих ячейки в таблице pl_vehs в таблицу pl_vehs = {} заносятся авто следующим образом: к примеру спавн: pl_vehs[carID] = createVehicle(tonumber(car_Info["model"]), x, y, z, 0, 0, rZ-90) Всё вроде хорошо, дальше задаётся эл
  14. Gostaria de saber como eu consigo mudar o nome do carro no jogo, não é o nome no freeroam, é o nome no jogo msm, quando vc entra no carro aparece o nome do carro, e quando vc seta pelo painel tbm aparece o nome do carro
  15. شباب محتاج فنكشنات ماركر سيارات اضغط على زر سياره معينه وانزله
  16. any resource to save vehicles? I've been investigating this and I have not found anything that works
  17. Attention I have created this topic to tell you everyone that I am going to freelance in MTA:SA. As you don't know I am working with MTA:SA since 2013 and I have a lot of experience. If you are interested in any of MTA:SA (like DayZ) resouces, scripts or other things, just tell me what you want and I will sell it to you. Also I can teach you how to make some kind of scripts/resources/models/etc. by yourself, how to add it to the server. I can be your server scripter/mapper/hacker/etc., just hire me. Don't be shy You can contact me via e-mail (herokileris@gmail.com) or skype (herokile
  18. Alright so I'm tired of how fast the vehicles are dropping in speed as soon you release the gas pedal, is there any handling option I can set that directly affects how fast or slow the deceleration will be. Or can it be done in other ways like comparing the speed in onClientRender with the previous stored speed and then set the speed a little higher than it's supposed to be if no buttons are pressed? any ideas?
  19. Ребята, кто нибудь знает в связи с чем в МТА, у машин после долгой езды колеса проваливаются под арки? Как это исправить?
  20. Hello guys, i recently setuped up my own dayz server, but i need to add like more vehicles i have some vehicles.lua and there are cars adn ther x,y,z i guess its spawn how can i add more? or can some1 just give me some pre-scripted vehicles.lua so i dont have to type it or something? i want more cars on my server basicaly , which players can find and get
  21. Hey, I need to get the positions of vehicles that are occupied by players clientside. But as soon as they are far away, those positions are not accurate anymore. Actually, they just don't change for about 1500 ms before they are updated again. I changed the "lightweight_sync_interval" in the server config file to 200 ms, but that didn't help. So, is there a solution to get the actual values, or does only the server have them at any time? Bonsai
  22. Ive always thought that GTA SA's brake light were insufficient when doing races that you'd barely see the other Vehicle, so i made a script which improves brake lights and adds reversing lights! The script is completely client sided, so no server performance drops, You can see the brake and reversing lights on all the Vehicles in your Area. Screenshots & Videos Sadly, because you cannot get the offset of vehicle headlight and brakelight dummies, you have to set the offsets yourself, it works as following:
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