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Found 8 results

  1. Hey Please Hlp When I'm trying to start the Server It says me to update Mandatory, after update complete It says that to install update, then i click on OK button it closes the game and then extract the downloaded files after extraction, then it stucks and the game is not opening and not responding WHAT I DO PLZ HLP!
  2. Tusky


  3. Witam, po wczorajszej (25.04.2020) aktualizacji MTA mam problem z jego odpaleniem, gra standardowo pyta się o GPU którego ma używać, rozdzielczość, odpala się, działa w tle ale ani nie da się "wejść" do MTA ani nic innego żeby się jakoś dostać zrobić. Gra nie wywala się, nie występuje crash więc ciężko mi coś więcej opisać. Działa sobie w tle i jedyne co mogę zrobić to zakończyć proces (na podglądzie jest czarny/biały) ekran i nic więcej. Gra razem z GTA była reinstalowana, był robiony downgrade i problem nadal ten sam. (GTA SA mam oryginalne pobierane z launchera Rockstar Games).
  4. I want to create a "system" to update any xml (or only the vehicles.xml) without restart the Freeroam. Like, i create a second resource with alls xml's ex: resouce1: freeroam, resource2 = xmllist, then i put in xml options in freeroam, the ':xmllist/vehicles.xml' for example. (everything alright) But, when i restart the xmllist, do not update the freeroam, and i want create a command or a way to "refresh" the xml/gridlist. I found a way, but it "duplicate" the freeroam window. function testeeetalkei() wndCreateVehicle = { 'wnd', text = 'Create vehicle', width
  5. Hello there i play MTA since 2015 and that's the first problem i got on it. After 30 minutes of gameplay i get bizarre Low FPS (4fps) and vehicles, textures, any object from the game starts to disappear and the lag just get more and more and more present, After 10 minutes with that lagging i got a Crash, MTA stops working... That never happened to me and i don't even changed my computer hardware since 2015. It's not my computer the problem. What happening to MTA? i alrealdy tried Open Limit Adjuster, Silentpath, MixSets, nothing works. I just can't play anymore MTA with my friends... Kinda sad
  6. DavidD3W

    GTA 4

    Dear developers, it's high time to make a mod on GTA 4, why do not you do it? Should I wait? Already close to 2018, and the old graphics and physics is not relevant. P.S You can also make a poll in the MTA, so that the players voted for GTA 4 or GTA SA
  7. i have this script, and does not update online players number, why? local online = #getElementsByType("player") local messagesList = { online.."/30", "SF", } local currentMessage = 0 addEventHandler("onClientPreRender", getRootElement(), function() local online = #getElementsByType("player") dxDrawText(messagesList[currentMessage + 1], screenW * 0.6014+3, screenH * 0.9656+3, screenW * 0.6556, screenH * 0.9978, tocolor(0, 0, 0, 255), 2.20, "default-bold", "center", "bottom", false, false, false, false, false) dxDrawText(messagesList[currentMessage + 1], screenW * 0.6014
  8. Hello everyone, can you tell me if MTA is working for a new update? Do they work for the next update and if they do, when Can we expect it? Or is it not upgraded anymore? Thank you!
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