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Found 5 results

  1. I made a 3D GUI System in MTA:SA. You can place 3D GUI Elements (Buttons, Textboxes, Labels, Lists, Checkboxes, Sliders, etc.) wherever you want. It's not public yet.
  2. Jekorgi

    Jekorgi's Designs

    Hey Dear MTA Community! Today i wanna show you my new works (almost all of them aren't finished because i didnt have to finish them). And i want to offer myself as an UI/GUI/Web designer, i've really cheap designs (depends on what do you need). Before you contact me you have to know that i'm really bad in logos. Thanks for reading and enjoy watching. SKYPE: Jekorgi DISCORD: Jekorgi #8655 E-Mail: You can find my all works there: Simple avatar: YouTube Banner: Race HUD: Wallpaper: Business card: Instagram redesign: Forum theme: Simple tournament logo: Race HUD: Ranks for my Race:
  3. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته في الموضوع ده هعرض مكتبة تطوير التصميمات العادية في اللعبة التصميم هيكون عادي جداً لكن بإضافة بعض التأثيرات من النظام ده هيكون شكلها اجمل بكتير رأيكم إيه في النظام وهل هو مهم ولا لا ؟ وهل اكمل فيه ولا لا ؟ add_background يسمح لك بإضافة لون معين في العنصر بحيث يزيل العنصر ويضع بدلاً منه صورة ذات لون انت تحدده مع عنوان لها - اي لون تريده add_border يسمح لك بإضافة اطار - من 4 اتجاهات - الاعلى و الاسفل و اليمين و اليسار ولكل اطار حجم معين ولكن للـ 4 اطارات نفس اللون - لون انت تحدده بنفسك - ويمكن ان يكون اي لون يخطر ببالك set_background_color_on_hit يسمح لك بإضافة لون يظهر فقط عند لمس العنصر بالسهم ويختفي بزوال السهم عن العنصر
  4. Made using bakaGaijin. I am not going to type everything here again, so just click the first link on top. Some teasers: Before you ask: No, this does not use Javascript or CEF. It is a pure Lua implementation.
  5. I've been working with binding keys quite a lot, but this is currently destroying my brain. Lots of other people have been walking against this problem and I'm trying to find a solution, it can't be that hard! My setup is as following: User gets a UI -> fills in a key to bind a chat to -> using triggerServerEvent to bind the key for the user + some sql saving After a successful attempt of saving the new button for the user, I'm trying to unbind the key from the chatbox-styled function isn't unbinding. If I'm simply unbinding it with runcode directly in runtime, it's returning a true but it's not unbinding. I've seen several reports about this on the bugtracker but none of them were taken note off. Is there a work around or should I simply ask my users to use a MTA-based command to unbind their keys? thanks in advance.