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Found 6 results

  1. First, I began with this: When entering either marker, you are taken to the specified location. It works perfectly. Both markers take me to the desired location in San Andreas' map. I moved them around and changed the shape of the marker just to be sure. There were no problems. Then, I found this: This is supposed to teleport you into the specified interior (nº0), and the coordinates next to the interior (x, y, z) The chatbox outputs the expected message. However, there is no teleporting to the specified place. The function 'setElementInterior' looks good, judging by wha
  2. Eu Queria Saber Como Eu Coloco Dx Com Teleporte Tipo, Quando Eu Dou O Comando Do Teleporte Exemplo "/praia" Ai Apareçe o Jogador Foi Para Praia Mais Eu Queria Que Essa Msg Aparecia No Topo Da Tela Junto Com O Dx. Eu Sou Bom Em Scripter Mais Com Dx Nao Sou Bom Entao Ta Ai Me Ajudem Por Favor Teleportes: local posicoes = { { 350.177, -1763.144, 5.283 }, } function PosicaoPlayer ( thePlayer, command ) local azar = math.random ( #posicoes ) local veh = getPedOccupiedVehicle(thePlayer) if (veh) then setElementPosition(veh, unpack ( posicoes [ azar ] ) )
  3. Hey everyone, again, I have a problem. I want to teleport the player whenever it hits the entry/exit marker of a Burger Shot. However, whenever I add the functions to the "onMarkerHit" event, I keep teleporting back and forth. Script is server-sided. --Entry/Exit marker grabbed from .map file local burgershotEnter = getElementByID("burgershotEnter") local burgershotExit = getElementByID("burgershotExit") -- Table of spawn location when entering/leaving Burger Shot local burgershotSpawn = { enter = { x = 364.4189453125, y = -74.154296875, z = 1001.5078125, rot = 313.
  4. I want create a script, which tp a player to me, and teleport me to a player, like in admin panel, just with command. How to make this? For example: /tpto playername , and /tpme playername. And when i teleport a player to me, the player get out from vehicle
  5. hello all i have scripted a command for warehouse but the problem is i want a teleport button for knife arena in my exist guiwindow! client.lua : addCommandHandler( "knife", function( player ) setElementInterior( player, 1, 1401.3, -15, 1000.8 ) -- teleport player to the centre of SA end ) for gui code i dont want to paste here come pm for cilent code of guiwindow,button why i dont want to paste here is members can easy clown my scripts by using my cilentcode!! please help me guys screenshoot ; https://imgur.com/WgJR2Qi
  6. So hello, I maked a script, when i teleport with my command "sf" or "lv" or even "ls" when I'm in a car, I never teleport, but when I'm standing I doo teleport, soo how to do a teleportation with a car that worked when im in car and when im on foot, and i want to add a timer when i say "ls" and on the screen shows "3 seconds until a teleportation", and when hit by a player or a car, stop it by 1 sec and continue it. commando = { } laikas = 5000 function Tele( playerSource ) if (commando[playerSource]) then end setElementPosition(playerSource, 1518.88757, -1668.16504, 13.54688) comma
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