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Found 12 results

  1. Hey. After around a 2 years of scripting i've decided to share a bit of my knowledge which i've learnt - thanks to very special person which is @IIYAMA, without him i couldn't make this tutorial, greets! When it comes to synchronising data you have two ways: a) Element data b) Tables Which of course have own pros and cons. This tutorial is focused on tables. And covers such topics as: - Basic details about tables & element data - Data validation - Usage of helper functions to create data system based on tables - Usage of buffer to reduce trigger calls
  2. Hello, i am trying to create a vehicle loader script that loads all the vehicle models from a Lua table instead of adding them manually one by one but i am getting "error unexpected symbol near .." Now i know my syntax is wrong in line 18 and 20 where i try to create a variable based from the name index on the Lua table but i don't know how to accomplish it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks local vehiclesFileNames = { AE86 = 589, ToyotaSupra = 559, ToyotaAltezza = 402, Datsun240Z = 475, Nissan180SX = 602, SilviaS13
  3. Hi there. Currently I'm writing large gamemode with smart NPCs and other features that needs a lot of data to be synchronized to all clients. Data update will be very short, I mean a lot of data needs to by sync every ~100ms. Should I use Element Data or may be I need to use one table with data every time sending to all clients? Please give me an advice. Because my current code seems to be really not good for server bandwidth. Also can somebody tell me how to track current bandwidth when scripts running? Thanks.
  4. client: local Admins = {} addEvent("updateAdmins",true) addEventHandler("updateAdmins",root, function(t) Admins = t end) function isPlayerAdmin(player) if(Admins[player]) then return true end return false end function asdi() for k,v in ipairs(Admins) do outputChatBox(k) end end addCommandHandler("asd",asdi) server: local Admins = {} function isPlayerAdmin(player) if(Admins[player]) then return true end return false end addEventHandler("onPlayerLogin",root, function() if isObjectInACLGroup ( "user." ..
  5. if i create a table, and i insert datas with table.insert, the datas are deleted when i reconnect.. why? how to save datas? sorry for my terrible english :ss
  6. APPENDIX DATA SYNCHRONIZATION. What is it? MTA's synchronization methods. Optimization tips. DATA SYNCHRONIZATION 1. What is it? Since unmemorable times humanity have faced problems caused mainly due to the storage of different ideas in almost each human. But thank God, machines storage methods are different and they have the possibility of having stored the same values in more than 100 machines. Well this is great, but those values must be set by someone, and here's where the server-side and client-side can be used as example of
  7. كيف اقدر اجيب قيم الجدول من الاول للنهاية ولما قيم الجدول توصل للنهاية تنعاد من اول مثلا مسوي مود يربح جوائز مثلا اول مرة يشوف اول قيمة بالجدول وياخذها بعدين لما يجي يشتري ثاني يجيب القيمة الثانية وإلخ لين يوصل للنهاية بعدين يعيد من اول
  8. Hi everyone, I am facing a small problem with tables, well I am not sure how to add something to a table by using addCommandHandler. Like, if this is my table local random = { -- x = y ['a'] = 'Two', ['b'] = 'One', ['c'] = 'Ten', } Then how can I add another line to this table by a command (addCommandHandler) For example If the command is "/add Q A" ~~~ ("/add d six") then it should add a new line to the table like -> local random = { ['a'] = 'Two', ['b'] = 'One', ['c'] = 'Ten', ['d'] = 'Six', } On the other h
  9. Приветствую всех. Уже давно не могу справится с одной проблемой. Схема такая: - Ресурс: vehicles - Ресурс: houses - Ресурс: businesses В каждом ресурсе есть своя глобальная таблица pl_vehs = {} houses = {} businesses = {} И проблема вот в чем, в ресурсе vehicles каждый игрок имеет 1-4 своих ячейки в таблице pl_vehs в таблицу pl_vehs = {} заносятся авто следующим образом: к примеру спавн: pl_vehs[carID] = createVehicle(tonumber(car_Info["model"]), x, y, z, 0, 0, rZ-90) Всё вроде хорошо, дальше задаётся эл
  10. Alright, I've got the following JSON saved in my mysql: [ [ { "lastPlayed": 0, "experience": 0, "money": 20 }, { "lastPlayed": 0, "experience": 0, "money": 20 }, { "lastPlayed": 0, "experience": 0, "money": 20 }, { "lastPlayed": 0, "experience": 0, "money": 20 }, { "lastPlayed": 0, "experience": 0, "money": 20 }, { "lastPlayed": 0, "experience": 0, "money": 20 } ], [ { "lastPlayed": 0, "experience": 0, "money": 20 }, { "lastPlayed": 0, "experience": 0, "money": 20 }, { "lastPlayed": 0, "experience": 0, "money": 20 }, { "lastPlayed": 0, "experience": 0, "money": 20 }, { "lastPlayed":
  11. Hey, so, I would like to make a GTA like (it sounds strange) notification system, something like you can see in every singleplayer GTA, the upper left hand corner box notifications: I have the base script, everything renders and works fine, but I would like to make a special "timer" for it, which works like the following way: the longer the text is, the longer the notification lasts. This is one thing I would like to make, the other thing is: how is it possibble to make an export function for this, so I can make notifications from other resources with the text I give in the resource
  12. السلام عليكم اليوم شفت واحد اسمه احمد 09 مشارك وكاتب local Buses = { {ID = 437, PosX = 0, PosY = 0, PosZ = 0, Freeze = true}, {ID = 431, PosX = 10, PosY = 0, PosZ = 0, Freeze = true} } addEventHandler("onResourceStart", resourceRoot, function() for _,v in ipairs(Buses) do local Bus = createVehicle(v["ID"], v["PosX"], v["PosY"], v["PosZ"]) setElementFrozen(Bus, v["Freeze"]) end end) أبي اعرف وش هي الجداول + وش الي بالسطر 8 وليش كتب 2 إند بالأخير ( 11 + 12 ) س
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