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Found 4 results

  1. --Client local shader = dxCreateShader("tex.fx",0, 0, true, 'ped') addEvent("broadcastEnableShader", true) -- allow remotely triggered (from server) addEventHandler("broadcastEnableShader", root, function(some_data) -- receive broadcast from the server local img = dxCreateTexture(""..math.random(1,3)..".png") dxSetShaderValue(shader, "tex", img) engineApplyShaderToWorldTexture(shader, "Hoodie_green_co",some_data) end ) addEventHandler( 'onClientResourceStart', resourceRoot, function() for _, p in ipairs(getElementsByType('ped')) do if isElementStreamedIn(p) then local clothing = getElementData(p, 'blood') if clothing then triggerServerEvent("announceEnableShader", localPlayer, p) end end end for _, p in ipairs(getElementsByType('player')) do if isElementStreamedIn(p) then local clothing = getElementData(p, 'blood') if clothing then triggerServerEvent("announceEnableShader", localPlayer, p) end end end end) addEventHandler( 'onClientElementStreamIn', root, function() if getElementType(source) == 'player' or getElementType(source) == 'ped' then local clothing = getElementData(source, 'blood') if clothing then triggerServerEvent("announceEnableShader", localPlayer, source) end end end) addEventHandler( 'onClientElementDataChange', root, function(name) if (getElementType(source) == 'player' or getElementType(source) == 'ped') and isElementStreamedIn(source) and name == 'blood' then if getElementData(source, 'blood') then triggerServerEvent("announceEnableShader", localPlayer, source) end end end) --SERVER addEvent("announceEnableShader", true) addEventHandler("announceEnableShader", root, function (some_data) -- triggerClientEvent(root, "broadcastEnableShader", source, some_data) end ) Ita not Synchronization((
  2. Hello! I have a server and lot of player complaining, because the bullet sync is bad. If i have little FPS, other players can't kill me. (very difficult) How can i fix that problem? Whit this MTA settings, maybe? - bullet_sync - player_sync_interval - ped_syncer_distance - latency_reduction What is the best settings?
  3. We all know that cheaters and hackers are not people you want on your server, or on any server for that matter. In order to prevent these people who get banned on one server for cheating, hacking (or just being a dickhead) from joining another server and doing the exact same, ruining the game for other players I have developed Bansync. Bansync is a way for a server owner to both contribute, and profit from a ban database, somewhat similar to how VAC works. Where getting banned from one server would mean you get banned from others as well. Anyone can sign up to join bansync as a server, and contribute to the database. And as a server owner you will be able to specify per server what types of bans you want to enforce on your server. ( See screenshot in spoiler below) Besides just being a ban database, it's also a platform for people to appeal their bans which were handed out using bansync. When an appeal is accepted the ban is automatically lifted and the player will be able to play on any servers enforcing bansync. Bansync runs as a website at , once you sign up for a server account you will have information on how to implement bansync available on your admin dashboard. I welcome any questions, and encourage you to browse the website, it contains a more detailed and in depth explanation of the project. I would also like to ask for anyone who is interested and owns a server, or plays on a server which you think should be hacker free, to implement this, or ask the developers to implement bansync. This way we can make the MTA community just a bit nicer for everyone. Screenshots:
  4. Skin Shader from player can not see the other players, how to synchronize Shader Skin on the player saw the other players?