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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I am an owner of S8 Team and S8 Servers for many years. I'm sorry about creating a new topic about this problem but I already posted a request in special topic but you didn't help me, so I have no choice since my server and our community lose players. My clan has its own public DD server called "[S8] Cross DD", here's a screenshot: SERVER IP: But some days ago someone opened a fake server called "[S8] Cross DD" and we can't do anything with it. Here's a screenshot: FAKE SERVER IP: When I joined the fake server I got th
  2. I recently dove into this simple thing called "scripting and building a server". Naturally —added to my already curious personality—, I always come up with a doubt, a question, or any sort of uncertainty. After a week of messing around with it, I noticed that 5 of the 10 last posts made in the Script section were from me. I was having so much fun —truthfully— that I just kept on finding new things to ask. I'm pretty sure they are common questions. I'm not asking to have a script from scratch, or to be taught absolutely everything. It is most commonly about errors and to help myself understand
  3. اليوم أحبائي الأعزاء, أخواني الكرام كل من في المنتدي : - كنت أعاني من مشكلة أن الاعبين في السيرفر يغيرون أسمهم بسرعة وذا سببلي أنا لاق مع ان سيرفري سريع وخرجني منه فقمت بالبحث عن المود في جوجل ولاكن كل الروابط الي فيه مو شغاله :\ فحبيت أطلب المود منك وبكون ممنون .. ياريت المود يكون للباند 20 دقيقة إذا الاعب غير أسمه مرتين في اليوم وشكراً لكل مساهم
  4. Hello MTA staff from past months I was facing ddos attacks from one of my client server GTAV FREEROAM I was totally not able to figure out the attacker IPS to ban him ! Due to ddos attacks my vps bandwidth usage increase in short period ,in server face network trouble ,restart of vps automatic ! So after watching on YouTube I got a video were users shows how to ddos I see that guy ddos by using spam chats were whole server cause network trouble ,lags ,timeout problems the same repeated in my client server This is the video I seen Attacker details : ⎝⧹ nick :
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