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Found 2 results

  1. Hello guys, I have a problem with my server and I couldn't solve it so far. I send my resources to the FTP server and when I open the console within the game and update to add the new resources, simply the error. Exemple: [2019-09-11 18:06:34] Could not copy 'mods\deathmatch\resources\[mods-server]\[Teste-Malas]\Blur\shaders/blurH.fx' to 'mods\deathmatch\resource-cache\http-client-files\Blur\shaders\blurH.fx' [2019-09-11 18:06:34] Could not copy 'mods\deathmatch\resources\[mods-server]\[Teste-Malas]\Blur\shaders/blurV.fx' to 'mods\deathmatch\resource-cache\http-client-files\Blur\shaders\blurV.fx' [2019-09-11 18:06:34] Could not copy 'mods\deathmatch\resources\[mods-server]\[Teste-Malas]\Blur\shaders/mta-helper.fx' to 'mods\deathmatch\resource-cache\http-client-files\Blur\shaders\mta-helper.fx' [2019-09-11 18:06:34] Could not copy 'mods\deathmatch\resources\[mods-server]\[Teste-Malas]\Blur\c_blur.Lua' to 'mods\deathmatch\resource-cache\http-client-files-no-client-cache\Blur\c_blur.Lua' [2019-09-11 18:06:34] Loading of resource 'Blur' failed Please... I need help and found no aswer on the internet... PS: Already tried reinstalling the MTA on the server and it didn't work
  2. Olá Venho trazer hoje para vocês, como solução de hospedagem MTA a Build Hosting! Uma empresa 100% confiável, que cada dia tem prioridade com o cliente! Estamos com uma promoção no momento, por conta do final de ano! Boas compras!