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Found 12 results

  1. I would like to know where I can find the slothbot script, because I want to know how it works, what the function looks like, etc.
  2. Yes, I saw the wiki and it'd be awesome if I could make it real.. So I just copied it and replaced "float x float y float z" with my custom location but the server did not even find the resource itself. I had meta.xml next to it but nothing. I want as many guarding enemy slothbots as I want. Slothbot is also running but nothing.. please help! element spawnBot ( float x, float y, float z, int rotation = 0, [ int skinID = 0, int interior = 0, int dimension = 0, team theTeam = nil, int weapon = 0, string theMode = "hunting", element theModesubject = nil ] )
  3. function bot1() bot1 = exports.slothbot:spawnBot (4845.0258789063, -1713.5711669922, 59.668750762939, 0, 108, 0, 0, teamLV, 31, "guarding", true ) end addEventHandler ( "onResourceStart", getResourceRootElement(), bot1 ) addEventHandler( "onBotWasted", getRootElement( ), function() setTimer( spawnBot, 5000, 1, source , 4845.0258789063, -1713.5711669922, 59.668750762939, 0, 108, 0, 0, teamLV, 31, "guarding", true ) end )
  4. Alguém aí me ajuda ? Os Bots spawna, porém não me atacam DEBUG: Alien1 = {} Alien2 = {} Alien3 = {} function usarDroga (localPlayer) local x, y, z = getElementPosition(getLocalPlayer()) Alien1[localPlayer] = createPed(111, x+13, y+5, z) Alien2[localPlayer] = createPed(112, x+10, y+3, z) Alien3[localPlayer] = createPed(113, x+6, y+5, z) exports.slothbot:spawnBot(x, y, z, 1, Alien1[localPlayer], 0, 0, a, 0, "chasing", localPlayer) exports.slothbot:spawnBot(x, y, z, 1, Alien2[localPlayer], 0, 0, a, 0, "chasing", localPlayer) exports.slothbot:spawnBot(x, y, z, 1, Alien3[localPlayer], 0, 0, a, 0, "chasing", localPlayer) exports.slothbot:setBotAttackEnabled(Alien1[localPlayer], true) exports.slothbot:setBotAttackEnabled(Alien2[localPlayer], true) exports.slothbot:setBotAttackEnabled(Alien3[localPlayer], true) exports.slothbot:setBotChase(Alien1[localPlayer], localPlayer) exports.slothbot:setBotChase(Alien2[localPlayer], localPlayer) exports.slothbot:setBotChase(Alien3[localPlayer], localPlayer) end addCommandHandler("Usar", usarDroga)
  5. Here is the "nemesis" script: function boss ( ) Nemesis = exports [ "slothBot" ]:spawnBot ( -1935.5480957031, 665.44055175781, 47.0, 90, 312, 0, 0, Nemesis, 0, "chasing", true ) exports.extra_health:setElementExtraHealth ( Nemesis, 2500 ) outputChatBox ("Nemesis!!!") myBlip = (createBlipAttachedTo ( Nemesis, 23 )) setElementData ( Nemesis, "nemesis", true ) end addEventHandler ( "onResourceStart", getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()), boss ) In which line and what should I add to make the slothbot (nemesis) have any weapon? Please help :|
  6. I need help from you guys, I'm doing a script to drop moneyfrom pedestrians, but I can't. --[[ Triggers whenever a ped is killed ]]-- function killedPed(totalAmmo, killer, killerWeapon, bodypart, stealth, npc) -- Get profitability multiplier local probability_of_richness = math.random(1,1000) if probability_of_richness < 900 then probability_of_richness = 1 elseif probability_of_richness < 975 then probability_of_richness = 3 elseif probability_of_richness < 999 then probability_of_richness = 10 else probability_of_richness = 100 end -- Create a money pickup at the position of the dead bot local x,y,z = getElementPosition(source) npc[killer] = math.random(1,40)*probability_of_richness -- Max profit: $4´000 -- Make the pickup and make sure it's removed after 2 minutes if not picked up local pickup = createPickup(x, y, z, 3, 1212, 120000, npc[killer]) if pickup then setTimer(destroyMinutePickup, 120*1000, 1, pickup) addEventHandler("onPickupHit", pickup, givePickupMoney) end end addEventHandler("onPedWasted", root, killedPed) --[[ Destroy the pickup after given time ]]-- function destroyMinutePickup(pickup) if isElement(pickup) then removeEventHandler("onPickupHit", pickup, givePickupMoney) destroyElement(pickup) end end --[[ Make the robber wanted on money pickup ]]-- function givePickupMoney(plr) if not npc[plr] then npc[plr] = math.random(1,50) end removeEventHandler("onPickupHit", source, givePickupMoney) destroyElement(source) givePlayerMoney(plr, npc[plr]) -- Get wanted for stealing money setWl(source, round(wanted_level, 2), 10, "Você cometeu o crime de roubo") end
  7. I need script for Groove members (Bots) standing [On Groove Streets] and shooting to players (all players). This bots must have: -HP like normal player -Groove streets guns (Uzi,AK-47 and others) -Stand or walk in groove streets -20 Bots -Skins from GS Thanks for any reply's
  8. WARNING: if you have heart problems, don´t use this resource. Hello, today i come with a jeff the killer resource. This isn´t a simple boss, this is a boss with a screamer when he kill you. (if you are a principiant, maybe this going to be useful for you). This is the link You can find him in the "?" sign (He can´t be killed with a knife). Here you have some screenshots. This is the boss. This is the screamer. Hope you like
  9. The resource starts, but the bot does not spawn. function bot () team = createTeam ("AngryBots", 255,255,255) exports [ "slothBot" ]:spawnBot ( 2002.5241699219,1546.9384765625,13.5859375, 90, 124, 0, 0, 29, "waiting", true ) end addCommandHandler("bots",bot) <meta> <info author="Falke" version="2.0.0" type="misc" name="angrybots" description="This script will add Silent Hill to San Andreas" /> <script src="server.lua" type="server" /> <include resource="slothbot" /> </meta> Why does not the bot spawn?? Please, help me! Neither the "nemesi1" script is working now (it worked when i played MTA years ago...). I don't know what is happening ;-; *nemesi1:
  10. Hello! I've downloaded latest Slothbot resource and spawned counple bots. Everything was fine till i noticed that if there's no obstacle between me and enemy, his firing won't make a projectile (or it does, but it looks random). In result players can stand in front of a slothbot while he is shooting at him at point blank range and the bullet projectiles aren't spawning.
  11. Hello, i need help i tried to attach a 3d sound to a slothbot ped but it doesn't work, the ped works nice and everything but the sound is not attached to him. Server side script: triggerClientEvent ( "JasonSoundClientEvent", root, jasonbot ) Client side script: addEvent("JasonSoundClientEvent", true) addEventHandler("JasonSoundClientEvent", root, function ( ped ) local jasonsound = playSound3D("sounds/jasonsound.mp3", -1633.8134765625, -2234.517578125, 31.4765625, true) setSoundMaxDistance( jasonsound, 50 ) setSoundEffectEnabled(jasonsound, echo, true) setSoundVolume(jasonsound, 1) attachElements(jasonsound, ped) end) Why it doesn't work? Nvm fixed lol i had AttachElements and is attachElements because A doesn't work xDDDD
  12. Mta


    Hola a todos, espero que me puedan ayudar quiero hacer un Slothbot que me siga y que tenga un Dx arriba que le muestre la vida actual y cada 15 minutos explota y quiero que tire una roca para mi servidor de Mta espero que me puedan ayudar gracias.