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Found 137 results

  1. Universo Virtual Bom galera, eu tenho um servidor de MTA, e queria alguma dica de hospedagem, pois a que eu uso, não está me deixando satisfeito. Bom, alguém sabe alguma hospedagem boa ? De preferência brasileira.
  2. All Credits Goes to First developer team in PTPM This is the Protect the Prime Minister server created earlier by the ptpm open source project. What is the PTPM Protect the Prime Minister(PTPM) is a team based gamemode that promotes teamwork and strategy over the conventional deathmatch tactics. It was first created in SA-MP in mid 2006 and ran as a successful server for several years, but later migrated and was reimplemented in the more powerful Multi Theft Auto engine. The aim for the Good Guys is to protect the (PM) for the duration of the round. The aim for the Bad Guysis to kill the PM before the end of the round. General PTPM gameplay can be thought of as an open world attack and defend. Often, the Good Guys will choose a location in the map to defend and the Bad Guys will assault it and attempt to kill the protected Prime Minister. If the PM leaves the hideout and heads out into the roads, the Bad Guys will hunt him down while the Good Guys attempt to keep them away. Rounds usually last for 15 minutes, depending on the map. You can see the time left on the timer in the top center of the screen. The round will end if one of the following happens: The round timer reaches 0:00 Prime Minister is Killed Once the round is over you will be able to vote on the next map, and after a short transition period the new map will begin. How to play The game has several character classes Prime Minister Bodyguards Police Terrorists Psychopaths All classes in the same team spawn in the same "base". Within each team the different classes have different weapons, and some classes have special "abilities" that will help their teammates. You can chat privately with your teammates by pressing Maps There are many maps in the PTPM mode, each with different locations and features, requiring tactics to be varied depending on which map is being played. Some are very close quarters and play out like a traditional TDM mode, while others are larger open worlds with more options for strategies. Within the map you are blocked from going too far away by the map boundaries, shown as red lines on the F11 map or on the radar Objectives Some maps also have a series of objectives for the PM to complete, marked on the map by red blips. In these maps, rather than simply staying alive the PM must complete all the objectives within the round time or he will lose. The current objective will be shown on the radar as a red blip and announced on the screen. Unlike tasks, no information about the time needed to complete the objective will be shown to the Terrorists so they must act fast to stop the PM. once an objective is completed, an additional3 minutes will be added to the round timer and the next objective will activate. Pickups Most maps will have weapon and armour pickups hidden around the world. These are often different to the weapons that you spawn with, and allow you to gain an advantage that you would not otherwise have. Some weapons are good for specific purposes and will help to counter well coordinated enemies. For example, Grenades are good against large groups of players, especially inside interior buildings. Sniper riflesare good against a PM that is well defended in a hideout, that cannot be assaulted easily in the normal way. ome maps contain Heavy Weapon pickups (minigun, rocket launcher) as well as regular weapons. These are usually heavily limited by long respawn timers and well hidden. They will offer a significant advantage to anyone that can find them. Safe Zones Some maps have Safe Zones represented by blue blips on the map and blue markers in the world. Dangerous vehicles cannot enter the safe zone (e.g. Hydras, Tanks), so they can be used to keep away from their powerful weapons. However, safe zones are hard to defend on the ground and will act as a focus point for Terrorist attacks. Teams Prime minister - The Prime Minister is the primary class in PTPM. He is the VIP that all the other Good Guys (Bodyguards and Police) must protect, and the Bad Guys (Terrorists) must kill. He has very little firepower and relies on the protection of his loyal team. To play the Prime Minister well you will need a strong knowledge of the map, knowing good hideout locations and how best to escape and avoid Terrorist attacks. You will need to be a good communicator, and you should instruct your team in where you will be going, what you will be doing and how they can best protect you. Body Guards - his is the primary protection force for the Prime Minister. Bodyguards should stick close to the Prime Minister wherever he goes, riding in the same car if possible, and be willing to put themselves in danger to protect the Prime Minister's life. They are not well suited for hunting down Terrorists, and will often have a less substantial weapon loadout. Police - This is the primary attack force for the Prime Minister. The Police are more heavily armed than the Bodyguards and should assault Terrorists as they come close, chasing them down and ensuring they do not make it through to the Prime Minister. If the Prime Minister has laid out instructions for the round, such as defending a particular hideout, the Police are the ones that should act on those instructions. Terrorist - The Terrorists have only a single goal: kill the Prime Minister before the time runs out. They should work closely with the other terrorists to co-ordinate their attacks to achieve maximum impact. If the Prime Minister is defending a location on the map, Terrorists should think carefully about how best to assault. Often, hideouts used by the PM will have back entrances or weak spots that can be exploited if the Good Guys are distracted. If they are defending well, Terrorists should group together and assault as a team to ensure they can break through the defensive lines. Phychopath - Psychopaths have no team and no loyalty. They will attack anyone. Beware Clases Each team within PTPM has multiple classes (characters) that you can choose from. Each class will usually have a unique weapon loadout and a unique skin, while some will additionally have unique abilities. Medics - Most maps have a single Medic class per team, with special abilities allowing them to heal other players, and regenerate their own health. Usually they will spawn with less weaponry than standard classes, so they will need extra protection from their team. Medics have a slightly paler colour so you can identify them on the radar and in the chat.To heal another player walk up to them and type /heal This will transfer some health from the medic onto the target player. Medics will automatically passively heal nearby teammates that are hurt at a rate of 1hp/second. While inside an Ambulance, the passive healing rate is increased to 2hp/second for anybody else inside or very close by. When a medic has lost some health, they will slowly regenerate at a rate of 2hp/second. By coordinating with another medic and healing each other, medics can regenerate all their health very quickly. Maps There are many maps in the PTPM mode, each with different locations and features, requiring tactics to be varied depending on which map is being played. Each map is designed to have a unique feature, distinct from all the others. Current Map List Los Santos Los Santos with Hydras San Fierro Las Venturas Las Venturas with Objectives Area 51 Countryside Desert Factory Mt. Chiliad Bayside Air Assault Join the server IP- Teasmepak 3 - We Are eUNLOCK TEAM
  3. Entre e divirta-se com seus amigos no servidor Nova Vida RPG. No servidor você pode entrar para corporações, gangues e clãns para travar confrontos épicos e ficar rico. Ou se preferir pode comprar vips falando com a staff. IP : mtasa:// Discord:
  4. Novo servidor brasileiro de rolepay lançado hoje - 02/08/2018; Servidor conta com: Carros brasileiros, carros importados, favela, empregos, praia, trabalhos, casas, hoteis, lanchonetes, sistema de RPG ( você tem sono, fome e sede ) entre outras coisas; Sistema de gangues( por enquanto PCC e CV); Sistema de polícias( por enquanto BOPE, PMSP e ROTA); Cinema e muito mais! Entre já Endereço: mtasa://
  5. Здравствуйте, дорогое коммюнити, у меня проблема, я прописал ресурсы в mtaserver.conf, но последние прописанные не включаются при запуске сервера (вручную все работает) Что делать? Помогите пожалуйста!
  6. MTA under your card

    Hello. I have a global mod, really global. It has close to 65.000 models, so I have to use limitadjuster fastman92. I need to adapt an AIT client so that players can play my modification online. By type MTA Province (Google) I disabled the .asi file check изменив .asi на .ass(:D) изменил еще этот файл, заменив false на true I compiled the MTA, it worked, the MTA turns on, and does not pay attention to the .asi files in the game folder. The MTA starts up and works, I started the local server, and I'll try to connect, but my game is minimized, and after 10 seconds it flies. It starts proxy_sa, I started it not with the help of MTA, but just from the game folder, I got an error, there was a shortage of .dll files, I threw them from the AIT folder to the GTA folder, it worked. Proxy_sa was turned on. But still when connecting to the server through the client, the game is minimized, and after 10 seconds it turns off, in dispatching tasks, it is written that proxy_sa does not respond. Also on the server, I allowed players to use the modified gta3.img, and also removed the / maps and the rest from the verification of the data. But with all this, it does not work properly. Help me, please.
  7. Ukrainian - Доброго дня. Я маю глобальну модифікацію для гри GTA San Andreas. Я хочу дати змогу гравцям, грати в неї одночасно, з усього світу, і для цього я вибрав клієнт МТА, тому що він найпродвинутіший, і має відкритий код. Я хотів би зробити один сервер для цієї модифікації, але, щоб на нього могли підключитися лише ті люди, які встановлять спеціальний клієнт. Я хотів запитати: 1. В якій папці, та в якому файлі, я можу змінити доступ клієнту? Та як саме? 2.В якій папці, та в якому файлі, я можу змінити список IDE та IPL файлів, які буде загружати клієнт при запуску? Тобто, я не можу встановити звичайний МТА клієнт на свою модифікацію, тому що вона повністю замінює стандарту карту, а як я зрозумів, то клієнт по стандарту загружає IDE та IPL файли від стандартної карти, і при спробі встановити клієнт на мою модифікацію, він мені повідомляє про помилку. 3.В якій папці, та в якому файлі, я можу змінити GUI меню клієнта, ESC екран завантаження, і так далі. Я хотів би зробити, щоб при старті мультиплеєру, гравця відправляло на меню з вибором одного з декількох серверів, а не в стандарте меню МТА. Хотілось би отримати повну інструкцію, що і де, потрібно заміняти, за раніше, дуже велике дякую! P.S Я не буду завантажувати всі файли карти через додавання посторонніх моделей на стандартний сервер МТА, тому що їх більше 50-и тисяч. Якщо ви трохи не зрозуміли, що я хочу зробити, то прикладом цього є такі проекти, як: RP BOX, та MTA Province! Russian - Добрый день. Я имею глобальную модификацию для игры GTA San Andreas. Я хочу дать возможность игрокам, играть в неё одновременно со всех точек мира, и для этого я выбрал клиент МТА, по скольку он самый продвинутый, и имеет открытый исходный код. Я хотел бы сделать один сервер для этой модификации, но, что бы на него смогли подключаться только те люди, которые установят специальный клиент. Я хотел спросить: 1.В какой папке, в каком файле, я могу изменить доступ к клиенту? И как именно? 2. В какой папке, в каком файле, я могу изменить список IDE, и IPL файлов, которые будут загружены клиентом при запуске? То есть, я не могу установить обычный клиент МТА на свою модификацию, потому что она полностью изменяет стандартную карту, а как я понял, то клиент по стандарту загружает IDE и IPL файлы, от стандартной карты, и при попытке установить клиент на мою модификацию, он мне сообщает об ошибке. 3. В какой папке, в каком файле, я могу изменить GUI меню клиента, ESC экран, экран загрузки, и так дальше? Я хотел бы сделать, что бы при старте мультиплеера, игрока отправляло в меню с выбором, одного из некоторых серверов(В планах их несколько) а не в стандартное меню МТА. Хотелось бы получить полную инструкцию, что и где нужно заменять, заранее большое спасибо! P.S Я не буду загружать все файлы карты, через добавление посторонних моделей, на стандартный сервер МТА, потому, что их более 50-и тысяч! Если вы еще не совсем поняли, что я хочу сделать, то примером этого будут такие проекты, как: RP Box, и MTA Province! English - (Translate from Russian Language) Good afternoon. I have a global modification for the GTA San Andreas game. I want to give players the opportunity to play it simultaneously from all points of the world, and for this I chose the MTA client, because it is the most advanced, and has open source code. I would like to make one server for this modification, but that only those people who install a special client can connect to it. I wanted to ask: 1.In what folder, in which file, can I change access to the client? And how exactly? 2. In which folder, in which file, can I change the list of IDEs, and the IPL files that will be loaded by the client at startup? That is, I can not install the usual MTA client for my modification, because it completely changes the standard card, and as I understand it, the standard client downloads IDE and IPL files from the standard card, and when trying to install the client on my modification, he tells me about the error. 3. In which folder, in which file, can I change the GUI of the client menu, the ESC screen, the boot screen, and so on? I would like to do that, at the start of the multiplayer, the player would send to the menu with a choice, one of some servers (there are several of them in the plans) and not the standard menu of the MTA. I would like to receive a full instruction on what and where to replace, thank you in advance! P.S I will not upload all the map files, through the addition of extraneous models, to the standard AIT server, because there are more than 50,000 of them! If you still do not quite understand what I want to do, then an example of this will be such projects as: RP Box, and MTA Province!
  8. Save player's fighting style

    Hi guys! Help me make the save. player walking style? ---------------Определить языкАзербайджанскийАлбанскийАмхарскийАнглийскийАрабскийАрмянскийАфрикаансБаскскийБелорусскийБенгальскийБирманскийБолгарскийБоснийскийВаллийскийВенгерскийВьетнамскийГавайскийГаитянскийГалисийскийГреческийГрузинскийГуджаратиГэльскийДатскийЗападнофризскийЗулуИвритИгбоИдишИндонезийскийИрландскийИсландскийИспанскийИтальянскийЙорубаКазахскийКаннадаКаталанскийКиргизскийКитайский (традиционный)Китайский (упрощенный)КорейскийКорсиканскийКосаКурдскийКхмерскийЛаосскийЛатинскийЛатышскийЛитовскийЛюксембургскийМакедонскийМалагасийскийМалайскийМалаяламМальтийскийМаориМаратхиМонгольскийНемецкийНепальскийНидерландскийНорвежскийНьянджаПанджабиПерсидскийПольскийПортугальскийПуштуРумынскийРусскийСамоанскийСебуанскийСербскийСингальскийСиндхиСловацкийСловенскийСомалиСуахилиСунданскийТаджикскийТайскийТамильскийТелугуТурецкийУзбекскийУкраинскийУрдуФилиппинскийФинскийФранцузскийХаусаХиндиХмонгХорватскийЧешскийШведскийШонаЭсперантоЭстонскийЮжный сотоЯванскийЯпонский Hi guys! How do I save a player's fighting style? Save and Load player's fighting style on (onPlayerLogin, onPlayerQuit, onPlayerLogout, onPlayerWasted). Please help me! I will be grateful to YOU! :)
  9. How i can change the version of the server that Sr versiunea 1.01
  10. Client و Server

    السلام عليكم اعرف انو Client هو على جهاز اللاعب Server ينطبق على السيرفر بس انا الحين ملخبط لنو كل مود اسويه مش عارف ايش احطه في الميتا سيرفر ولا كلينت و مش عارف كمان متى اعمل ملفين للمود client + server على سبيل المثال المود هذا local vipVehicles = { [520] = true; } addEventHandler("onPlayerCommand", root, function(cmd) if cmd == "cv" then local p = {getElementPosition(source)} for _,vehicle in ipairs(getElementsByType("vehicle")) do if vipVehicles[getElementModel(vehicle)] then local v = {getElementPosition(vehicle)} if getDistanceBetweenPoints3D(p[1], p[2], p[3], v[1], v[2], v[3]) < 10 then if not isObjectInACLGroup("user."..getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(source)), aclGetGroup("VIP")) then destroyElement(vehicle) outputChatBox("● You must be VIP to spawn this vehicle", source, 255, 0, 0) end end end end end end ) هو مود ما يخلي اللاعب ينزل طائرة و هو مو فيب طب مش المفروض بيكون كلينت؟ لما غيرته في الميتا الى سيرفر صار شغال؟ احد يشرحلي
  11. Ports problem

    Hello I have A problem with my server ports when i try to open ports i see this Testing ports... Port 22126 UDP is closed. Players can not browse! Port 22003 UDP is closed. Players can not join! Port 22005 TCP is closed. Players can not download! i put the ports in the router page Please Help me faster!
  12. [HELP] Interior Bug

    Hi, today i tried to run a server and i did it as well.. But i have just one problem that when i enter the building with any interior than exit, i can not enter any vehicle. But if i run that command "restart interior-system" on my console, everything is ok. I tried 4 or 5 scripts today and all of them was looking same.. I stucked with it pls helpp... [ I tried to run Roleplay Server ]
  13. Default Walking Style ?

    Hi everyone ! I'm slowly learning MTA SA scripting and more generally programmation. I made some basics commands. One changes my skin. But then I'm lokking to my new face, it looks scary, breacause CJ walking style is still applied on it. I know the function to change it, but I need to associate the 300 skins that GTA contains to their walking style. I can't find the holy web page which associates each skin to its walking style, so I'm requesting your help ! Thanks to all the people who will try to help me, and sorry if my English is not perfect.
  14. Всем привет, ребят подскажите как сделать на своём сервере в mta чтобы человек от куда выходил на том же месте и появлялся когда заходил и ещё как сделать чтобы когда человек например покупает скин после выхода и входа скин у него оставался, заранее огромное спасибо
  15. Client + server.lua

    Hello there I wanted to ask you guys when i must do client.lua and server.lua because theres resources with them both and theres resources with server.lua only
  16. Hello there. Me and my friend tried to make a script that makes a spoiler on a vehicle moving. If the vehicle is going above 100km/h the spoiler will change its position. We are using setVehicleComponentPosition. The problem is that only the player who's driving the car can see it moving. Is there any way that it will be visible for everybody on the server?
  17. Hey people. I'm pretty new in mta world, I started playing on racing servers and now I need a training server for my clan. I'm very experienced in SA: MP scripting and behind me I have several great servers, but in LUA I'm a total beginner, or I've never been in touch with that language. Can you suggest a racing download script that could easily be edited and set up on the server? The simpler and cleaner.
  18. Hi, I am using a little server with windows server 2008. I have this problem when I try to start the mta server:
  19. Hello dear users of this forum! The project "American History" need the lua programmers. The form of wage: We will pay from donations. And somtimes will give bonuses. Information about the project: The project will be multi-language. English, Russian and Azerbaijani. It will help for our profit. We make a map of America. On the project will be history of player. It will add atmosphere to the server. All actions on the server will unfold in the 90s. As in the original GTA San Andreas. You can get broad information in: & in the messenger of this site. Good bye!
  20. Lua Programmer

    Hello dear users of this forum! The project "American History" need the lua programmers. The form of wage: We will pay from donations. And somtimes will give bonuses. Information about the project: The project will be multi-language. English, Russian and Azerbaijani. It will help for our profit. We make a map of America. On the project will be history of player. It will add atmosphere to the server. All actions on the server will unfold in the 90s. As in the original GTA San Andreas. You can get broad information in: & in the messenger of this site. Good bye!
  21. ¡Te necesitamos! Somos un equipo experimentado que se dispone a reclutar ayudantes para un nuevo proyecto: Servidor MTA. Tenemos mucha experiencia tanto en MTA como en otros servidores valve, World of Warcraft, Unity 3D, Unreal Engine, entre otros. Si tienes ganas de unirte a nuestro equipo, te invito a seguir leyendo, y luego hablar conmigo por privado. Lo que estamos buscando: Equipo de GMs (admins) Equipo de Scripters de bajo nivel (No hace falta que seas experto, ya que los scripts complejos los haremos nosotros) Equipo de moderadores [GMs, admins] Equipo de Soporte [GM] Equipo de Publicidad ( Youtuber, Blogger, etc..) Equipo de Eventos Todos los miembros dentro de nuestros equipos tendrán su propia cuenta de GM (admin). Ten en cuenta que no estamos jugando, somos gente seria y bien preparada para este tipo de cosas. Si te interesa, envíame un mensaje privado a: Comentando en qué tipo de equipo te gustaría entrar. Que tengan un buen día.
  22. Somehow i can make this possible? When a player connect, then he have to wait the end of download, then he can use the fr gui. I want make fr gui usable when player download the mods. Sorry for my bad english..
  23. Opa galera! Blz? Esses dias estava com dúvidas sobre como criar algum script que fosse de taxi/uber para players. Acabou que achei um que era exatamente como eu queria. Mas esse tem algum problema que não consegui encontrar que não permite funcionar. Se alguém puder dar uma força, vai ajudar MUITO! Server.lua -- by manawydan taxi_system lado = server local PrecoTaxi = "50" local BlipsTaxi = {} addEventHandler("onResourceStart",getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()), function() if not TimeTaxi then TimeTaxi = createTeam("Taxistas",20,100,20) end end) function PedirTaxi(thePlayer) if (getElementData(thePlayer,"TaxiClient")) then return end --else if (getPlayerMoney(thePlayer) >= tonumber(PrecoTaxi)) then setElementData(thePlayer,"TaxiClient",true) BlipsTaxi[thePlayer] = createBlipAttachedTo(thePlayer,0,2,0,0,250,210) JogadoresTaxistaTabela(thePlayer) outputChatBox("[Taxi]: Taxi logo chegara, por favor aguarde",thePlayer) end end addCommandHandler("taxi",PedirTaxi) function JogadoresTaxistaTabela(Player) local Jogadores = getElementsByType("player") for _,Jogad in ipairs(Jogadores) do if (getElementData(Jogad,"Taxista")) and (getElementData(Jogad,"TaxistaStat") == vazio) and getPlayerTeam(Jogad) == getTeamFromName("Taxistas") then local NomeTaxiClient = getPlayerName(Player) outputChatBox("Taxi solicitado por: "..NomeTaxiClient,Jogad) end end end function TaxiSystemEntrarNoTaxi(Carro,assento,jacked) if not (getElementModel(Carro) == 420) then return end if not (getElementData(source,"TaxiClient")) then return end if not (assento == 0) then local Taxista = getVehicleController(Carro) if Taxista and getElementData(Taxista,"Taxista") and (getPlayerTeam(Taxista) == getTeamFromName("Taxistas")) then destroyElement(BlipsTaxi[source]) setElementData(Taxista,"TaxistaStat",ocupado) end end end addEventHandler ("onPlayerVehicleEnter",getRootElement(),TaxiSystemEntrarNoTaxi) -- function TaxiSystemSairTaxi(Carro,assento,jacked) if not (getElementModel(Carro) == 420) then return end if not (getElementData(source,"TaxiClient")) then return end if not (assento == 0) then local Taxista = getVehicleController(Carro) if Taxista and getElementData(Taxista,"Taxista") and (getPlayerTeam(Taxista) == getTeamFromName("Taxistas")) then removeElementData(source,"TaxiClient") setElementData(Taxista,"TaxistaStat",vazio) takePlayerMoney(source,tonumber(PrecoTaxi)) givePlayerMoney(Taxista,tonumber(PrecoTaxi)) end end end addEventHandler ("onPlayerVehicleExit",getRootElement(),TaxiSystemSairTaxi) function TaxistaSer(Carro,assento,jacked) if not (getElementModel(Carro) == 420) then return end if (getElementData(source,"Taxista")) then return end --not if (getPlayerTeam(source) == getTeamFromName("Taxistas")) then if (assento == 0) then setElementData(source,"Taxista",true) setElementData(source,"TaxistaStat",vazio) outputChatBox("[Taxi]: Você agora é um taxista, fique atento para não perder cliente",source) end end end addEventHandler ("onPlayerVehicleEnter",getRootElement(),TaxistaSer)
  24. تم الرجوع من جديد و باقوى حصريات ... توزيعات كبيرة و فعليات مسابقات - كل يوم خميس و جمعة و سبت ... شعار السيرفر [Z.M] خاص بادمنية بس اشياء كثير مثل اف1 او اف2 او اف5 او اف9 باقي اشياء حلوة كثير و بخليها مفاجئة لكم لا تحكمو على اي سيرفر قبل تخشو له و تشوفو اشياء ... بالتوفيق -- قريبا ديسكورد للسيرفر !! Soon Discord !! -- اي بي السيرفر : mtasa:// Ip Server For Game : mtasa:// -- اي بي التيم سبيك خاص بسيرفر الرسمي : Ip TeamSpeak : بعض الصور : لوحة الفيب الخيالية ...
  25. [Help]Massaging gui

    I made an script that make staffs can open an panel by using /dm then choose a player and type a message then send it... But my problem is i don't know how to trigger this to put this code in server side outputChatBox(msg, selectedplayer, 255, 255, 255, true) I mean to send the message to selected player only... client variables: msg = guiGetText(editbox) selectedplayer = guiGridListGetSelectedItem(gridlist) Help pls