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Found 177 results

  1. Oi pessoal eu to criando um servidor 100% RP , e para um servidor Rp eu acho que eu chat local não é necessário quando eu aperto a tecla "t" abre o chat queria saber como remover esse chat
  2. Renazz


    Hello guys! , today i have a question to you! When we press the key "t" it open a chat. How i can remove this chat? Im creating a Full Roleplay Server , and for the roleplay a localchat dont make sense . So if you can help-me i really aprecciate!
  3. MTA • Звездный Десант. Вас на нашем проекте будут ждать: а) арахниды - основной боевой материал пауков; б) летающие пауки - арахниды с возможностью полета и истребления летательной техники в) альфа жуки - арахниды которые в разы сильнее обычных жуков г) жуки плазмоиды - система пво жуков. д) танкер - жук который поливает все живое огнем. и многие другие виды. - Огромный звездолет - Крейсер Роджер Янг - Уникальная погода - Уникальное оружие - Уникальное и не повторяющееся сопоставление нескольких планет: а) марс б) нептун Работа над проектом идет полным ходом! Вы уже можете посетить наш сервер. ◘ Хороший паук - мертвый паук Открытие сервера состоялось 1.03.2019года. Уже сейчас все перечисленное выше. Например, - система бронирования своя (на данный момент состоит из 12 сборных частей брони). В настоящее время идет работа над дополнительными видами, которые позволят сделать около 30 различных видов каждой детали бронекостюмы, что позволит максимально кастомизировать вашего персонажа) - Квестовая система, где Игровые НПС помогут вам освоить наш проект. Наша группа в ВК: Ип адрес проекта: П.с. как говорится убивай всех у кого больше двух ног! Не давай им пощады! Вы же хотите чтобы Вас помнили ?!)
  4. ivo

    hello, help me. pls

    Alguien sabe como crear un servidor de mta "gratis", que dure hasta que lo cierre, para que entre gente", ya probe abriendo puertos pero no le aparece mi server a la gente (amigos). solo era eso si alguien me puede ayudar les agradeceria mucho!. thx Does anyone know how to create a "free" mta server ?, which lasts until it is closed, so that people can enter ", and I try to open ports but my server does not appear to people (friends). help you thank you very much! thx (my inglish is bad xD)
  5. João Santos

    SD #15 SIGN

    So when I try to enter in a specific server it says that it requires driver signing to be enabled. It appears that error code is SD #15 SIGN. I don't know what does that means but I have already reinstalled Gta San Andreas and MTA and did update my drivers. Help me please.
  6. I dont know if its a feature of mta server to auto start all mods but any ways when i start the server and enter it no mods are loaded and i have to use the "start resource" command on every mod .
  7. I want to make a server on wich I can play with my friends but I need help making it not local only so it can be accsessed outside my network.
  8. anaveragedude888

    is this mod/server dead ?

    so is this server/mod dead ? i found it by luck and really liked it a&nybody can give me an existant ip for it if they can ?
  9. Ciastuuś

    [DM][PL-EN] Endless War

    Server name: [PL] Endless War - Polski Serwer Wojny Gangów | IP: mtasa:// Slots: 40 Gamemode: Gang Wars / TDM / Freeroam Forum: Discord: We present you the server Endless War - Gang Wars / TDM with elements Freeroam's. Bored with the same ideas repeated over and over again, we decided to create a place where you can live, shoot and relax from the rules of roleplay and feel the original atmosphere of the single San Andreas. This is the official, reactivated and corrected gamemode. Playing at the Endless War has never been so enjoyable! There are 6 gangs to choose from: Grove Street Families, Ballas, Los Santos Vagos, Varrios Los Aztekas, Mafia i Policja. The action mainly takes place in the areas of Los Santos. Each team has unique skins, sets of weapons and headquarters. You can take on many interesting tasks on our server. Have you ever wanted to rob a bank, but no other server has allowed you to do it? It is possible with us! All you have to do is gather at least three gang members, break through to the diligently guarded bank and start the robbery. But you have to be careful, the police were ready for such an eventuality ... Do you need fast cash? What do you say about robbing other gang of drugs? All you have to do is sit down to Picador, get to the enemy's headquarters and come back with the goods to you. It's simple, right? Attack enemy territory to provide your team with an additional source of cash. Visit Ammunation, arm yourself, take a few people to help and get to work! Are you tired of the constant battle with other players? Duel 1v1? Derby? This and many other automatic attractions can be found on our server! On our server it is possible to choose a different sight, a weapon skins, mounting a silencer for a rifle and many other such things. On the server you can buy a VIP account for a low price. In return, you will receive an iPhone that gives you access to many interesting things, such as the possibility of spawn saved by you vehicle, teleporting the player to yourself and to him, the possibility of buying weapons anywhere, a special chat and many more! --- There are many other attractions that we have not mentioned here. You are also cordially invited! See you on the server! A bilingual system will soon be added, thanks to which English subtitles will also be available. --- Subtitles in language PL-EN
  10. Entre No Nosso Mais Novo Servidor Rp Brasileiros Vida Real Temos Motos|Carros|Economia|Corps|Gangs Entre Ja mtasa:// mtasa:// mtasa:// #RP #NOVO #DoBaixoAoAuto
  11. Actualmente necesito un scripter para un servidor freeroam de Anime, es un servidor con potencial pero necesita ser desarrollado...
  12. i need solve for this problem i not use any hack or dll files last server play is vultaic i want help please can't join server local
  13. Does anyone know how to create a free online mta server?, What is it said for and appears in the "Internet" part? Thank you Alguien sabe como crear un server de mta online gratis?, para que la gente se una y aparesca en la parte de "Internet"?. Gracias. Alguien sabe como crear un server de mta online gratis?, para que la gente se una y aparesca en la parte de "Internet"?. Gracias.
  14. Ok so i making a server for the first time and i port forwarded the required ports and i opened them. But when my friends try to join it keeps saying connection timed out and idk why. If yall could help me that would be wonderful cause i'm making a roleplay server for my community My discord is: Trooper. Weekly#5032 Thanks
  15. If you are looking for an advanced freeroam server look no further come on down to Advanced Pro Gaming (APG). We are currently almost complete with our server it has a few minor bugs here and there easy to fix but players do not suffer from this our ip is mtasa:// only found on MTA platforms. Scripts: Headshot system LVL and Emblem system Real Cars Events such as races and parkour Safezones and Bases Just to list a few but we have so many more scripts for players to enjoy and yes the server is hosted so you can enjoy it for hours and hours just come and see for yourself!
  16. willtxd

    Next Roleplay

    Está afim de conhecer o melhor servidor roleplay do MTA San Andreas Venha agora para o Next Roleplay Scripts TOTALMENTE Exclusivos Registro para a Beta será aberto em breve Em breve abrirá vagas para Administradores Benefícios extras aos players que comprarem VIP antecipadamente 🔈Discord:🔈 ℹFacebook:ℹ 🌐Site:🌐 🎮Servidor: Em desenvolvimento⚠
  17. Estamos buscando ayuda para crear un servidor MTA Si alguien tiene experiencia en crear servidores, porfavor, contactenos Muchas gracias por la ayuda
  18. WASSIm.

    ☣ Zombie Attack ☣

    Hey guys, Zombie Attack is back again! with a better version the story is that you must kill zombies and bosses to earn experience and get some cash and you level up! Besides, by the level you earn, you can choose many classes to select and spawn like Resistances or Military Forces you will have some powerful vehicles like Hydra, Rhino.. etc Also, you can create your own group or squad and create a base to protect it from the non-members By the way, you can find the bosses to kill them! they are so strong and hard to kill like The Nemesis, and The Licker ( From Resident Evil ) And more other features like Vehicles System or Viruses.. etc Enjoy your stay out there! Features: Account System Chat System Group System Hud System Maps System Mods System Settings & Shader System Shop & Vehicle System Boss's & Zombies System Airdrops & Airbombs Redcross Area (Turfing) Pictures: 1.0.0v Pictures: 1.2.0v Server Adress: mtasa:// (CLICK TO JOIN TO SERVER )
  19. AirNew

    Please help me [IPB Photo]

    my server is very delayed, can anyone tell me if it is a script? currently my server has 100/120 players
  20. Estou pensando em deixar uma maleta de trabalho girando infinitamente, esse tipo de loop pode prejudicar muito a performance do servidor?
  21. ¡Te necesitamos! Somos un equipo experimentado que se dispone a reclutar ayudantes para un nuevo proyecto: Servidor MTA. Tenemos mucha experiencia tanto en MTA como en otros servidores valve, World of Warcraft, Unity 3D, Unreal Engine, entre otros. Si tienes ganas de unirte a nuestro equipo, te invito a seguir leyendo, y luego hablar conmigo por privado. Lo que estamos buscando: Equipo de GMs (admins) Equipo de Scripters de bajo nivel (No hace falta que seas experto, ya que los scripts complejos los haremos nosotros) Equipo de moderadores [GMs, admins] Equipo de Soporte [GM] Equipo de Publicidad ( Youtuber, Blogger, etc..) Equipo de Eventos Todos los miembros dentro de nuestros equipos tendrán su propia cuenta de GM (admin). Ten en cuenta que no estamos jugando, somos gente seria y bien preparada para este tipo de cosas. Si te interesa, envíame un mensaje privado a: Comentando en qué tipo de equipo te gustaría entrar. Que tengan un buen día.
  22. I've started two MTA 0.5r2 servers in EU (Frankfurt), feel free to join! - Deathmatch - Stunt
  23. TrXiz

    i cant join any server

    i have problem i cant join any server when the server download the mods that my problem and i have a a lot of memory in my computer that pic for that problem and my internet is so good and strong and that pic of my problem
  24. Hello there, My MTA servers are active but not in the server list, what is the reason?