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Found 48 results

  1. Happy Spring Break! We have got a new release for you - Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.5.4! This release includes security updates for the server that protect both you and us, so we recommend all server owners to upgrade as soon as possible - see the steps below for tips on that. Failure to do so may affect your server's visibility on the Master Server List in the ingame server browser. Aside from security fixes, there are some feature updates in this version for the client as well, so regular players are more than welcome to update. What do you need to do to upgrade your server properly Stop your server, then upgrade your server binaries like usual. You can also upgrade your server resources if you use any of the default MTA:SA ones. Start your server, and when it is running, stop your server again (This will step will ensure mtaserver.conf is upgraded) Edit your mtaserver.conf file, and find <owner_email_address> (it should be just below the <servername> parameter) and insert a valid e-mail address that we can use to contact you, should there be an issue with your server. This e-mail address IS NOT visible publicly and will only be used for means listed earlier. That is, only if those occur. Save the mtaserver.conf file, then start your server again. Release Highlights Authorized Serial Account Protection is now enabled by default. To put it simply, this feature prevents players from logging in to an account on the server if their serial differs from the serial associated with that account. Naturally, this feature is configurable so you can restrict it to specific account groups and you can authorize more than just one serial for a specific account. You can also disable this in the mtaserver.conf file if you are sure you do not need the feature. Database Credentials Protection is now enabled by default. passwordHash() & passwordVerify() can now be used to store and verify passwords securely and efficiently fetchRemote() now supports parallel downloads with the queue name parameter setWorldSpecialPropertyEnabled() now has settings for "sniper moon", "random foliage" and "extra air resistance" New scripting functions: get/setVehicleLODDistance() setElementDimension() now supports element omnipresence, which means that an element can be in all dimensions at once fixes for weapons/fists desync Corona markers should now have a correct attach offset position SQLite or MySQL no longer makes the server freeze if the connection is lost (#9520) Goggles no longer stay after player was killed (#9477) updates for CEF and other dependencies and redists fakelag command for testing sync issues fixes for some crashes and improvements for error handling for installation and startup issues removed max password length limit for server account passwords added server option to allow locally modified (gta3.img) vehicles added world special property "extraairresitance" to remove speed limiter on certain road sections (#7546) resource pack: various changes in acpanel, editor, freeroam, killmessages, playerblips, race and webbrowser ... plus more! A complete list of changes can be found here (recommended read) and here (incomplete, from r10623 upwards). List of changes to the resource pack can be found here (starting from and including Oct 29, 2016 upwards). Want to download MTA:SA 1.5.4? Click here to download the build for Win 7+. Looking for a legacy build for XP/Vista? You can download it here. Or you can click here to go to our home page. Once there, click the Download button at the top center of the page, then choose your build and you are set. Linux server packages are also available. This release is backwards compatible with the 1.5.3 (also 1.5.2, 1.5.1 and 1.5). If you use these versions, then you may as well upgrade to the newest one. Credits for this release: 4O4, Arran, Dutchman101, einheit-101, Fernando, lopezloo, Necktrox, next, Noki_, qaisjp, ZReC ^ (Have you contributed to MTA:SA 1.5.4's source code/resources pack but were not mentioned in the above list? PM @jhxp with a link to your contribution and you will be added ASAP) ^ Oh, and did you know that we have got our very own Discord server now? Click here for details on how to join our server. Take care. -- MTA Team
  2. Ahla louled , Famma server tahfoun bech yethal 17 decembre to nekteb forum link , marahba bikom ena esmi Hiccup (tnejemou tal9awni Haider zeda) ahawka a3mlouli Refeered ki todkhlou Ena menich Staff , ama famma barcha twensa 8adi, ou nhebou nzidou Forum:https://forum.igcrpg.net/index.php Marahba bikom
  3. Hi! My MTA always crashes on one server (American Villages Roleplay), with this error message: (It's partly english) Some people wrote on the server forum, that's because I using 32 bit Windows 7, not 64. But I've got a dual core processor, wich support only the 32 bit. What to do?
  4. The actual error message is on the screen-shot: http://prntscr.com/e7hjeq I forked current release from git to my local machine. Then I've run everything by "Build instruction" from readme.md. create-projects.bat was working only with regular rights - it returned "System cannot find path specified" error when running with admin rights. I compiled this thing using Visual Studio 2015 Build Tools (with Win 8.1 SDK). As I have x64 Win I used "VS2015 x64 Native Tools Command Line" shell. After compilation it returned 792 warnings and no errors. Also I've created a .bat file for final steps: " utils\premake5.exe install_data utils\premake5.exe install_resources pause" Can anyone suggest how to resolve this issue?
  5. Estou aqui hoje pra anunciar que estou abrindo o projeto do servidor KrossGaming,será um servidor de Rol,preciso de pessoas com tempo livre para me ajudar com os scripts e mapas. Ajuda sem meios lucrativos (pelo menos por em quanto) levemos isso como aprendizagem para ambos os lados. Interessado? me chame PM.
  6. i rented a server from a hosting, and run online five days, but the server does not appear in the server browser why? With the IP address, i can join to the server
  7. I searched on community, but i have not found
  8. Buenas les presento el nuevo servidor. Para mas información Visitar la pagina de fb aca dejo la IP del servidor. PD: en facebook esta el enlace para descargar el servidor por mega con un archivo de instalacion. Pesa tan solo 159mb. mtasa:// -Server PvP. -Loot aumentado. -Mapas nuevos. -Sin lag. -Nuevos Sistemas: Cascos, Chalecos con protección, entre otros. -2 inventarios. -Mas de 50 armas distintas. -Personalización de personaje. -Bases gratis 5 Miembros. Descarga instalador del servidor(Para no descargar el server al entrar). https://goo.gl/MTjbGD (159mb) https://www.facebook.com/InfestationZMTA
  9. السلام عليكم، قبل كل شيء اتمنى من الجميع المشاركة وش افضل سيرفر عندك (أم تي اي) من ناحية البرمجة والتصميم او شفت شيء فيه اعجبك _ عربي او اجنبي وتقول السبب الي خلاك تحبه ض $: || يلا الكل يشارك ||
  10. Well i was making this code but its not working properly. Client Side local weapa local weapb function mini_front() local che = getPedOccupiedVehicle(getLocalPlayer()) x,y,z = getElementPosition(getLocalPlayer()) if che then weapa = createWeapon("minigun",x,y,z) weapb = createWeapon("minigun",x,y,z) setElementAlpha(weapa,0) attachElements(weapa,che,-1.18,1.9,-0.6, 0, 0, 90) setElementAlpha(weapb,0) attachElements(weapb,che,1.18,1.9,-0.6, 0, 0, 90) setWeaponClipAmmo(weapb, 99999) setWeaponClipAmmo(weapa, 99999) setWeaponState(weapa,"firing") setWeaponState(weapb,"firing") end end function mini_front_stop() if isElement(weapa) and isElement(weapb) then destroyElement(weapa) destroyElement(weapb) end end addEvent("mini_front",true) addEventHandler("mini_front",getLocalPlayer(),mini_front) addEvent("mini_front_stop",true) addEventHandler("mini_front_stop",getLocalPlayer(),mini_front_stop) Server Side function minigun_front(source) triggerClientEvent(root,"mini_front",source) end function minigun_front_stop(source) triggerClientEvent(root,"mini_front_stop",source) end function rocket_white(source) bindKey(source,'mouse1','down',minigun_front) bindKey(source,'mouse1','down',minigun_front_stop) end addEventHandler("onVehicleEnter", root, rocket_white) The code works fine but the only error is that only local player can see it and it also do not cause any damage (server/client both) Thanks for help in Advance.
  11. السلام عليكم ي شباب انا ركبت قيم مود تكتيك بس المشكلة تيجي مع القيم مود اذا ارتفع البنق حق اللاعب ينصك كيك لو فيه احد منكم عنده خبره في البرمجة والله اتمنى يشيلها مني او يقولي وش اسم الملف حقها عشان اعدله صورة للمشكلة : [url=http://up.top4top.net/][img=http://d.top4top.net/p_420q81iq1.jpg][/url]
  13. Здравствуйте,помогите пожалуйста решить ошибку "Попытка сравнить число с нуля" Вот сама ошибка: ERROR: [DayZ-MTA]\DayZ\vehicle_spawns.lua:632: attempt to compare number with nil Вот сама строка с ошибкой if ((getElementData(col,"Колесо_inVehicle") or 0) < tonumber(tires)) then
  14. PSW - Jak sama nazwa mówi jest to serwer wojskowy lecz posiada także elementy RP. Jest to jeden z najlepszych i jedynych takiego typu serwerów. Dzięku skryptom jakie mamy, nasz serwer posiada w sobie ten wojskowy klimat. Czasami na serwerze odbywają się eventy w stylu znajdź w bazie zamki z piasku,specjalne misje itp, na którym gracz otrzymuje nagrody wcześniej ustalone przez organizatora Eventu jak i Opiekunów Serwera. Na serwerze zaczynamy od zwykłego szeregowego jak w prawdziwym wojsku (I Private). Awanse dostajemy za misje, które robią gracze z napisem ELITE nad głową. Na serwerze obecnie jest obecnie 12 Stopni, a każdy stopień ma 22 rangi w sumie mamy 264 rang na serwerze ! Kolejną rzeczą jest wprowadzony system licencji takich jak: - Licencja Śmigłowce - Licencja Lotnicza - Licencja Bojowa ( pojazdy opancerzone oraz samoloty / helikoptery typu hunter i hydra ) - Szturmowiec - Medyk - Inżynier - Snajper - Wsparcie - Piechota przeciwpancerna - Ciężki piechur - Special Combat Group [SCG] - Recon Squad [RCS] - United States Marines Corps [USMC] - Royal Air Force [RAF] - Grupa Bojowa Mako [GBM] -Militaries San Frontieres Oczywiście każdy ma szansę także utworzyć własny oddział, wystarczy trochę kreatywności, czasu i chęci. MTA:SA Nazwa: [PL]NiceShot.eu - |PSW|Polski Serwer Wojskowy IP: Forum: https://niceshot.eu Sloty: 100 TeamSpeak3 Nazwa: NiceShot.eu IP: ts.niceshot.eu Sloty: 512
  15. module

    I want to make a socket module. When I attempt to connect to my local socket server, I got an error : PANIC: unprotected error in call to Lua API (connect event call error: 2) What does this mean and how to solve this problem? Thanks.
  16. How can i create a acl and add someone from console window? Not console from game (f8) but console-server.
  17. Made a script for auto handling MTA server installs.. In you SSH console you should first execute this: sudo wget -O mta-install.sh http://mta.ggcommunity.net/scripts/mta-install.sh && sudo chmod +x mta-install.sh And then run this: sudo ./mta-install.sh After doing this you should have a server up and running. To see the console use: screen -r mtaserver To exit console without shutdown do this combination of keys: CTRL + A + D Remember to edit ACL.XML and MTASERVER.CONF with the server off to your needs. My original post: Note: I'll try to keep this script updated and improved but i don't guarantee this Note2: I've reused some of renkon's functions for getting latest server versions and system architecture. Changelog 11/19/2016: Added some functions to check latest MTA Version and architecture version.( Thanks to renkon on that )
  18. Few days ago, I got banned from Drop Club server for no clear reason. I was contacting the admin on their vk, post a thread on their vk and YouTube but gets no respond from them. They just deleted my posts on the vk. I was just stop on the side of the road to wait for other cars to drift with me, but just as soon as I was about to start, I got banned. It says that "serial banned. Reason: (nick: AkimotoRitsu) (by eli). Need Help, please. I was just a new player on MTA:SA and It was short lived because I just want to drift with other peoples and my friends online. It what makes us connected together. PLEASE HELP ME, I was only played MTA:SA for 3 Days.
  19. Группа в ВК: https://vk.com/land_dead_dayz IP: mtasa:// Здравствуйте хочу рассказать вам о нашем сервере МТА в DayZ: [1] Качественный и уникальный маппинг. [2] Отличный выбор оружия. [3] 4 военный базы, остров [4] Около 37 видов транспорта. [5] Качественные моды на оружие, скины, транспорт. [6] Русский инвентарь. [7] Частые обновления. [8] Частые ивенты. [9] Дешевые цены на Базы/VIP. [10] Отзывчивая и адекватная администрация проекта. Так же на сервере 8 снайперских винтовок, 21 автоматов, 3 дробовика, ракетница. Возможности на сервере: Делать селфи [Кнопка U] Ползать [Кнопка M] Крафтить [Ветки+мешок=Самодельный рюкзак]
  20. Здравствуйте, дорогие обитатели форума MTASA. Хочу представить Вашему вниманию, игровой сервер, мод которого написан одним человеком за 4 месяца. Сервер носит развлекательный характер, жанра RPG. Главный приоритет на прокачку персонажа и покупку имущества. Вообщем цель - обогащение, заработок и правильная стратегия развития. Мини-обзор функционала: Средний дневной онлайн: 100-150 человек. Сайт: https://smotramta.ru/ Группа ВКонтакте: https://vk.com/smotramtasa IP Сервера:
  21. [2017-01-07 22:05:37] ERROR: Client triggered serverside event playeRepairingAnim, but event is not added serverside [2017-01-07 22:05:38] ERROR: Client triggered serverside event playerClosedInventory, but event is not added serverside Сервер хочет запустить событие playeRepairingAnim,но событие не запускается и playerClosedInventory Помогите пожалуйста исправить ошибку
  22. Hice un script para automatizar el proceso de instalación de un servidor MTA en linux, con sistema operativo Debian de 64 bits. Primero deben loguear en su consola SSH y introducir el siguiente comando: sudo wget -O mta-install.sh http://mta.ggcommunity.net/scripts/mta-install.sh && sudo chmod +x mta-install.sh Luego introducimos este: sudo ./mta-install.sh Una vez hecho esto deberíamos tener el servidor encendido. Para visualizar la consola ingresamos esto: screen -r mtaserver Para salir de la consola sin apagar el servidor usamos esta combinación de teclas: CTRL + A + D Recuerden editar el ACL.XML y el MTASERVER.CONF en base a sus necesidades, siempre con el servidor apagado.
  23. I've compiled a MTA:Client (custom 1.5.3-10739) on Windows 8.1 and MTA:Server (custom 1.5.3-10739) on Linux (Debian 7.0 x64) After connection i have an error CD16. But if you will compile Server & Client on Windows 8.1 (with both and the same custom versions - other players can join to the server) My steps: 1. Get a nightly build (1.5.3-10739) 2. Compile 3. Replace all files. 4. Strange but mine deathmatch.so is very large (~283 MBs) 5. Connect from Windows to Linux on both the same custom versions. 6. Error CD16. Stable & nightly versions all works good. Everybody can join the server. All ports is opened.
  24. server

    I created a local server but my friend couldn't join, and sometimes the game crashed. The local server was appear in server browser menu, but when my friend wants to join the game it crashed. IF ANYBODY HAVE SOLUTION FOR THIS KIND OF PROBLEM, PLEASE REPLY!!!
  25. When playing on a MTA server throws with the words Anti-cheat component is locked.How to fix ?. Thanks in advance.