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Found 231 results

  1. The question is the following needs to get an item from the server side to the client side, how can I do it? (Elements such as markers, vehicles etc.)
  2. I would like to know how I could get ElementData from server to client and vice versa -- server side marker = createMarker(0, 0, 1.5, "cylinder", 2, 255, 0, 0) setElementData(marker, "Item", 5) addEvent("GetItem", true) addEventHandler("GetItem", root, function() ClientMarker = marker ItemOfClientMarker = getElementData(marker, "Item") end) addEventHandler("onMarkerHit", marker, function(hp) triggerClientEvent("Element", resourceRoot) setElementData(hp, "ItemTwo", ElementVariable+getElementData(marker, "Item")) end) -- client side function dxDrawTextOnElement(TheElement,text,height,distance,R,G,B,alpha,size,font,...) local x, y, z = getElementPosition(TheElement) local x2, y2, z2 = getCameraMatrix() local distance = distance or 20 local height = height or 1 if (isLineOfSightClear(x, y, z+2, x2, y2, z2, ...)) then local sx, sy = getScreenFromWorldPosition(x, y, z+height) if(sx) and (sy) then local distanceBetweenPoints = getDistanceBetweenPoints3D(x, y, z, x2, y2, z2) if(distanceBetweenPoints < distance) then dxDrawText(text, sx+2, sy+2, sx, sy, tocolor(R or 255, G or 255, B or 255, alpha or 255), (size or 1)-(distanceBetweenPoints / distance), font or "arial", "center", "center") end end end end setElementData(getLocalPlayer(), "ItemTwo", 0) addEvent("Element", true) addEventHandler("Element", root, function() ElementVariable = getElementData(getLocalPlayer() , "ItemTwo") end) addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, function() triggerServerEvent("GetItem", root) dxDrawTextOnElement(ClientMarker, tostring(ItemOfClientMarker), 2, 50, 255, 255, 0, 3, "arial") end) Does it have a chance to work? because that's something I imagine...
  3. what server-side getLocalPlayer looks like?
  4. rapaziada do mundo do mta, to com um problema que não estou conseguindo resolver em questão do voice, e o seguinte to fazendo um server de RP e preciso usar o voice local, achei um mod chamado simplestats, no servidor local ele estava funcionando perfeitamente mas quando coloquei na host ele n estava funcionando, todos os mods de voice estava desativado e mesmo assim eu tava escutando as pessoas a metros de distancia, se puderem de ajuda agradeço vlw
  5. All Credits Goes to First developer team in PTPM This is the Protect the Prime Minister server created earlier by the ptpm open source project. What is the PTPM Protect the Prime Minister(PTPM) is a team based gamemode that promotes teamwork and strategy over the conventional deathmatch tactics. It was first created in SA-MP in mid 2006 and ran as a successful server for several years, but later migrated and was reimplemented in the more powerful Multi Theft Auto engine. The aim for the Good Guys is to protect the (PM) for the duration of the round. The aim for the Bad Guysis to kill the PM before the end of the round. General PTPM gameplay can be thought of as an open world attack and defend. Often, the Good Guys will choose a location in the map to defend and the Bad Guys will assault it and attempt to kill the protected Prime Minister. If the PM leaves the hideout and heads out into the roads, the Bad Guys will hunt him down while the Good Guys attempt to keep them away. Rounds usually last for 15 minutes, depending on the map. You can see the time left on the timer in the top center of the screen. The round will end if one of the following happens: The round timer reaches 0:00 Prime Minister is Killed Once the round is over you will be able to vote on the next map, and after a short transition period the new map will begin. How to play The game has several character classes Prime Minister Bodyguards Police Terrorists Psychopaths All classes in the same team spawn in the same "base". Within each team the different classes have different weapons, and some classes have special "abilities" that will help their teammates. You can chat privately with your teammates by pressing Maps There are many maps in the PTPM mode, each with different locations and features, requiring tactics to be varied depending on which map is being played. Some are very close quarters and play out like a traditional TDM mode, while others are larger open worlds with more options for strategies. Within the map you are blocked from going too far away by the map boundaries, shown as red lines on the F11 map or on the radar Objectives Some maps also have a series of objectives for the PM to complete, marked on the map by red blips. In these maps, rather than simply staying alive the PM must complete all the objectives within the round time or he will lose. The current objective will be shown on the radar as a red blip and announced on the screen. Unlike tasks, no information about the time needed to complete the objective will be shown to the Terrorists so they must act fast to stop the PM. once an objective is completed, an additional3 minutes will be added to the round timer and the next objective will activate. Pickups Most maps will have weapon and armour pickups hidden around the world. These are often different to the weapons that you spawn with, and allow you to gain an advantage that you would not otherwise have. Some weapons are good for specific purposes and will help to counter well coordinated enemies. For example, Grenades are good against large groups of players, especially inside interior buildings. Sniper riflesare good against a PM that is well defended in a hideout, that cannot be assaulted easily in the normal way. ome maps contain Heavy Weapon pickups (minigun, rocket launcher) as well as regular weapons. These are usually heavily limited by long respawn timers and well hidden. They will offer a significant advantage to anyone that can find them. Safe Zones Some maps have Safe Zones represented by blue blips on the map and blue markers in the world. Dangerous vehicles cannot enter the safe zone (e.g. Hydras, Tanks), so they can be used to keep away from their powerful weapons. However, safe zones are hard to defend on the ground and will act as a focus point for Terrorist attacks. Teams Prime minister - The Prime Minister is the primary class in PTPM. He is the VIP that all the other Good Guys (Bodyguards and Police) must protect, and the Bad Guys (Terrorists) must kill. He has very little firepower and relies on the protection of his loyal team. To play the Prime Minister well you will need a strong knowledge of the map, knowing good hideout locations and how best to escape and avoid Terrorist attacks. You will need to be a good communicator, and you should instruct your team in where you will be going, what you will be doing and how they can best protect you. Body Guards - his is the primary protection force for the Prime Minister. Bodyguards should stick close to the Prime Minister wherever he goes, riding in the same car if possible, and be willing to put themselves in danger to protect the Prime Minister's life. They are not well suited for hunting down Terrorists, and will often have a less substantial weapon loadout. Police - This is the primary attack force for the Prime Minister. The Police are more heavily armed than the Bodyguards and should assault Terrorists as they come close, chasing them down and ensuring they do not make it through to the Prime Minister. If the Prime Minister has laid out instructions for the round, such as defending a particular hideout, the Police are the ones that should act on those instructions. Terrorist - The Terrorists have only a single goal: kill the Prime Minister before the time runs out. They should work closely with the other terrorists to co-ordinate their attacks to achieve maximum impact. If the Prime Minister is defending a location on the map, Terrorists should think carefully about how best to assault. Often, hideouts used by the PM will have back entrances or weak spots that can be exploited if the Good Guys are distracted. If they are defending well, Terrorists should group together and assault as a team to ensure they can break through the defensive lines. Phychopath - Psychopaths have no team and no loyalty. They will attack anyone. Beware Clases Each team within PTPM has multiple classes (characters) that you can choose from. Each class will usually have a unique weapon loadout and a unique skin, while some will additionally have unique abilities. Medics - Most maps have a single Medic class per team, with special abilities allowing them to heal other players, and regenerate their own health. Usually they will spawn with less weaponry than standard classes, so they will need extra protection from their team. Medics have a slightly paler colour so you can identify them on the radar and in the chat.To heal another player walk up to them and type /heal This will transfer some health from the medic onto the target player. Medics will automatically passively heal nearby teammates that are hurt at a rate of 1hp/second. While inside an Ambulance, the passive healing rate is increased to 2hp/second for anybody else inside or very close by. When a medic has lost some health, they will slowly regenerate at a rate of 2hp/second. By coordinating with another medic and healing each other, medics can regenerate all their health very quickly. Maps There are many maps in the PTPM mode, each with different locations and features, requiring tactics to be varied depending on which map is being played. Each map is designed to have a unique feature, distinct from all the others. Current Map List Los Santos Los Santos with Hydras San Fierro Las Venturas Las Venturas with Objectives Area 51 Countryside Desert Factory Mt. Chiliad Bayside Air Assault Join the server IP- Teasmepak 3 - We Are eUNLOCK TEAM
  6. español Hola, inicie un seridor con un amigo y tenemos un problema con los markets, cuando un jugador entra a uno se le aparece el cartel a todos los demas jugadores (Por ejemplo: Un jugador entra al market del job de pizzero a todos los demas jugadores les salta el cartel para tomar el trabajo esten donde esten). Seria genial si alguien nos ayudase ya que si no lo solucionamos nos vamos a ver obligados a cerrar el servidor y no queremos eso, desde ya muchas gracias aqui dejo mi discord: Fede#7027 português Olá, comece um seridor com um amigo e temos um problema com os mercados. Quando um jogador entra em um, o pôster aparece para todos os outros jogadores (por exemplo: Um jogador entra no mercado de pizza para todos os outros jogadores. pule o pôster para aceitar o trabalho onde quer que esteja). Seria ótimo se alguém nos ajudasse, porque se não resolvermos, seremos forçados a fechar o servidor e não queremos isso, muito obrigado aqui deixo minha discórdia: Fede # 7027 english Hello, start a serer with a friend and we have a problem with the markets, when a player enters one, the poster appears to all the other players (For example: A player enters the pizza job market to all the other players skip the poster to take the job wherever they are). It would be great if someone helped us because if we do not solve it we will be forced to close the server and we do not want that, thank you very much here I leave my discord: Fede # 7027
  7. The case looks like this, I have a variable (Let's call it Ammo) that IS TO be in the giveWeapon function (source, 22, Ammo, true) but the problem is that this Ammo variable has the script type "client" and the function is the server script type, so how can I make this variable in this function? If someone has not understood what is going on, there is still a code to simplify... -- Client side local Ammo = 60 local AmmoMarker = createMarker(0, 0, 1, "cylinder", 2.0) local WeaponMarker = createMarker(0, 0, 1, "cylinder", 2.0) addEventHandler("onClientMarkerHit", AmmoMarker, function() Ammo = Ammo + 1 end) addEventHandler("onClientMarkerHit", WeaponMarker, function() -- Here I get a weapon, the variable "Ammo" is the number of bullets end) -- Server Side --??? Problem with importing variable "Ammo"
  8. Buenas, este server es argentino con algunas skins de autos Argentinos y es de rol, empezamos recién y vamos a estar agregando nuevas cosas al mapa, por ahora esta el mapa de montgomery, Palomery y creamos dos islas llamada Ushuaia y las Islas Malvinas Esta es la ip: mtasa:// espero que entren muchos a rolear.
  9. Hello, I wanted to change the game mode that appears when you search for the server but I don't know how to change someone can help me?
  10. Hey guys please help!!! I have been researching and researching for almost 8 hours now. And I am just stuck as to what I am fundamentally getting wrong here. Main goal: I would like when the person gets into a vehicle, read the license plates, send plates to the server, read a table in the DB, then send info from table back to the client to use in other functions. What works: I am OK server side, I am able to read from the database and pass that back to the client, but can only trigger server side with a RegisterCommand. Issue: Client side, when I start using triggers inside of an if statement it stops working, (yes I am sure conditions are met). I am currently only able to trigger the server function with a register command, when I try to send a trigger from the client to the server, it will not launch the server function. Working code: client.Lua RegisterNetEvent("servertest:output_status") --from server.Lua AddEventHandler("servertest:output_status", function(argument) TriggerEvent("chatMessage", "[Success]", {0,255,0}, argument) TriggerEvent("servertest:vehStatus", argument) end) Citizen.CreateThread(function() while true do Citizen.Wait(1000) local playerPed = GetPlayerPed(-1) if IsPedInAnyVehicle(playerPed, false) then AddEventHandler("servertest:vehStatus", function(vehstatus) TriggerEvent("chatMessage", "[LOOP]", {0,255,0}, vehstatus) end) end end end) server.Lua: RegisterCommand("get", function(source, args) --I dont want to trigger this way, I want to trigger from client side MySQL.Async.fetchAll('SELECT * FROM vehicle_data WHERE plate = @plate', { ['@plate'] = "TSTPLATE1" }, function(result) if result[1] then local vehstatus = result[1].status TriggerClientEvent("servertest:output_status", source, vehstatus) cb(true) else cb(false) end end) end) What I want to do: client.Lua: RegisterNetEvent("servertest:output_status") --from server.Lua AddEventHandler("servertest:output_status", function(argument) TriggerEvent("chatMessage", "[Success]", {0,255,0}, argument) --never receive message TriggerEvent("servertest:vehStatus", argument) --not used now, save for later use end) Citizen.CreateThread(function() while true do Citizen.Wait(1000) local playerPed = GetPlayerPed(-1) if IsPedInAnyVehicle(playerPed, false) then local playerVeh = GetVehiclePedIsIn(playerPed, false) local vehPlates = GetVehicleNumberPlateText(playerVeh) TriggerServerEvent("servertest:sendInfo", vehPlates) --this trigger never happens even though criteria is met end end end) server.Lua: RegisterNetEvent("servertest:sendInfo") AddEventHandler("servertest:sendInfo", function(plates) MySQL.Async.fetchAll('SELECT * FROM vehicle_data WHERE plate = @plate', { ['@plate'] = plates }, function(result) if result[1] then local vehstatus = result[1].status TriggerClientEvent("servertest:output_status", source, vehstatus) cb(true) else cb(false) end end) end) I guess maybe what I need to know is just how to trigger something server side from the client side without using a RegisterCommand. I don't know how to structure it in my code, do I need to do it outside the while loop? I've tried but haven't been successful.
  11. Hola !! Los invitamos a jugar en nuestro servidor Anime Network, acá podrán jugar libremente con los demás usuarios ya que contamos con un modo de juego freeroam. Dentro podrás encontrar diferentes recursos como Construcción Permite a los usuarios construir donde ellos quieran usando determinados objetos, seria como un map editor pero para cualquiera. Algunos de estos objetos cuentan con funciones, como por ejemplo las puertas con contraseña o los misiles anti-aereos. Dimensión caótica Es una dimensión llena de zombies, con el mapa de SA totalmente destruido, muy bueno para los roles. Zonas especiales -Zona Chernobyl ( una ciudad destruída donde debes tener un traje radioactivo para entrar ) -Warehouse ( Donde hacen duelos ) -Cine -Zonas de PVP -Mega Drop ( el clasico mega drop donde pueden escuchar musica o hacer pvp ) -Zonas de carreras -Zona de batalla pokemon Entre otras... Armas OP en venta Se venden armas OP como un Rifle Laser, RPG, Granadas, etc... Vehículos OP en venta Como en el mismo caso de las armas OP, se venden vehículos OP como el Hunter, el Hydra, etc... Skins variadas El servidor cuenta con una gran variedad de skins como: -Soldados -Anime -Videojuegos -Series Entre otros... Clanes El server cuenta con un buen sistema de clanes. Eventos Se hacen eventos todos los dias Guerras Ocurren muchas guerras entre clanes o jugadores. Para añadir más caos en ellas, el servidor cuenta con distintos recursos como: -Turfs -Torretas -Aviones rustler con bombas atómicas -Sistema de headshot -Artilleria pesada ( RPG, Granadas, Explosivos, Rifle laser, etc... ) -Coches Bomba Entre otros... Buen staff Lo más importante de un sv es el staff, en nuestro caso contamos con un buen staff y una comunidad limpia y sana. No aceptaremos ningún tipo de toxicidad en nuestro servidor. Gracias por leer ! Esperamos que entren al server y se diviertan. IP: mtasa://
  12. bueno quisiera pedirles ayudar quiero aser mi sv roleplay me ayudarian en esto quitar el spawn que cuando muera aparescan en un lugar quitar el spawn de autos solo eso epsero su ayuda
  13. Gostaria de saber como faço para adicionar grupos ACL nestes chat Help-me function MensagemTwitter(source, cmd, ...) local MessagemT = table.concat ( { ... }, " " ) local name = getPlayerName(source); for _,v in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do outputChatBox("#00BFFF[ Twitter ] #FFFFFF "" #FFFFFF: #00BFFF"..MessagemT,v, 255, 255, 255, true) --efeito no chat end end addCommandHandler("Twitter", MensagemTwitter) function MensagemAnon(source, cmd, ...) local MessagemANS = table.concat ( { ... }, " " ); for _,v in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do outputChatBox("#ffffff[ #696969 Anônimo #ffffff] #696969"..MessagemANS,v, 255, 255, 255, true) --efeito no chat end end addCommandHandler("Ans", MensagemAnon) function MensagemRP(source, cmd, ...) local MessagemFRP = table.concat ( { ... }, " " ); local name = getPlayerName(source); local getID = getElementData(source, "ID") or "n.a" for _,v in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do outputChatBox("#A9A9A9[ @Global ]#ffffff "" #A9A9A9(ID:"..getID..") #A9A9A9 ❱ #ffffff"..MessagemFRP,v, 255, 255, 255, true) --efeito no chat end end addCommandHandler("forarp", MensagemRP) addEventHandler("onPlayerJoin", getRootElement(), function() bindKey(source, "k", "down", "chatbox", "Ans")--bind end ) addEventHandler("onResourceStart", getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()), function() for index,player in pairs(getElementsByType("player")) do bindKey(player,"k", "down", "chatbox", "Ans") --bind end end ) addEventHandler("onPlayerJoin", getRootElement(), function() bindKey(source, "u", "down", "chatbox", "Twitter") --bind end ) addEventHandler("onResourceStart", getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()), function() for index,player in pairs(getElementsByType("player")) do bindKey(player,"u", "down", "chatbox", "Twitter") --bind end end ) addEventHandler("onPlayerJoin", getRootElement(), function() bindKey(source, "i", "down", "chatbox", "forarp") --bind end ) addEventHandler("onResourceStart", getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()), function() for index,player in pairs(getElementsByType("player")) do bindKey(player,"i", "down", "chatbox", "forarp") --bind end end )
  14. Hello, I'm new here: D So please don't judge me for not knowing anything, I just wanted a little help to know why when I add a mod to my test server (Panel-Event mod) it works perfectly even without additional acl , and when I add it to my real server it doesn't work, even adding it to the acl admin, which has all active permissions
  15. The Mini-Games server has for you great moments of fun and joy together. It is a server of different game modalities like those already mentioned in the title, however they will be mentioned once again: Race / Stealth / Gungame / CTF / Counter Strike / PTP / Barrels / Fallout / Hay / Manhunt / TDM / Among Others. It is a great honor for us that you belong to our server in which we guarantee hours and hours of absolute fun in the company of other players. On our server you can find: Endless maps in all modalities. Different game modes. Server Online 24/7. Achievement system. Level system. The entire server is in Spanish so you can enjoy the experience. We have trivia and even lottery systems. VIP system. Sometimes the staff team is in charge of giving some gifts and surprises to the users. Company of players from all over the world. Great fun atmosphere. Radio system. An infinity of scripts and / or resources that will make your experience on the server even better. We have our forum in the server community. Constant updates to improve the game method. WE STILL KEEP SOME MODES OF ORIGINAL MTA GAMES (HAY, FALLOUT, GUNGAME, CAPTURE THE FLAG, CAPTURE THE VEHICLE, ETC) WHICH YOU WILL NOT FIND ON ANY OTHER SIMILAR SERVER. We keep the original MTA voting to achieve a democratic coexistence. What are you waiting to meet us and play with us? Here we attach a series of photos and video so you can see the fun we had on our server: Images! You can see the video and more images on our Facebook! Visit us and we know: Ip del servidor: mtasa:// Community: We will wait for you!
  16. BloodStason

    Fake servers

    Hello, I am an owner of S8 Team and S8 Servers for many years. I'm sorry about creating a new topic about this problem but I already posted a request in special topic but you didn't help me, so I have no choice since my server and our community lose players. My clan has its own public DD server called "[S8] Cross DD", here's a screenshot: SERVER IP: But some days ago someone opened a fake server called "[S8] Cross DD" and we can't do anything with it. Here's a screenshot: FAKE SERVER IP: When I joined the fake server I got this conversation (I used "justcheck" as nickname): [2016-10-31 22:23:23] [Output] : justcheck: Who's leader of this server? [2016-10-31 22:23:28] [Output] : =FoX=Jopy: MY mum [2016-10-31 22:23:31] [Output] : * xTs-S#ffffffcoot^ died. [2016-10-31 22:23:32] [Output] : eSport|GT-R: hehehe [2016-10-31 22:23:34] [Output] : Vote ended! [[DD] Cross NS] [2016-10-31 22:23:34] [Output] : Map '[DD] Cross NS' started. [2016-10-31 22:23:34] [Output] : [BET] Set your bet now! [2016-10-31 22:23:38] [Output] : =FoX=Jopy: [2016-10-31 22:23:43] [Output] : ------------- [2016-10-31 22:23:46] [Output] : [BET] xTs-Scoot^ bet $25 at player =FoX=Jopy. [2016-10-31 22:23:49] [Output] : =FoX=Jopy: [2016-10-31 22:23:56] [Output] : justcheck: but it isn't S8 Cross server [2016-10-31 22:24:00] [Output] : =FoX=Jopy: shut up I hope you can help me with it because you helped me many times before with same situations. Also there's a server which use our tag and many other tags to stole players: SERVER SPAM IP: There were two same server with such spam name but you removed only one of them before. I am sorry once again about creating this topic but we lose players cause of it. S8 is an old clan and some players wish to get players to their servers with using our reputation. Thank you very much!
  17. Quando eu inicio o mod "[-=Fuel=-]" junto com o servidor ou seja configurado na mtaserver.conf, fica flodando esse erro no console " [-=BVC=-]\[-=Script=-]\[-=Fuel=-]\server\main.Lua:16: attempt to compare string with number " factor = 0.03 function createVehicles(player) for i,v in ipairs(getElementsByType("vehicle")) do fuel = math.random(70,80) setElementData(v, "fuel", fuel) end end function processFuel(player) for i,v in ipairs(getElementsByType("vehicle")) do local fuel = getElementData(v, "fuel") or math.random(70,80) if (getVehicleEngineState(v) and fuel > 0 ) then fuel = fuel - factor end if (fuel <= 0.99) then fuel = 0 setVehicleEngineState(v, false) end setElementData(v, "fuel", fuel) end end createVehicles() setTimer(processFuel, 1000, 0) OBS: Só da esse bug se o mod for iniciado com o servidor, se for iniciado com o painel admin. obg pela atenção!!
  18. Price: 14,99 USD Include tree chop system Buy the script:
  19. Hello, I present to you a simple monitoring script for your server written in Python 3. This script will be useful for your site, for example, if you are developing it using Django / AIOHTTP / Flask or for other purposes. This script provides simple server information: game (mta) port - server main port (UDP) ase_port - server All Seeing Eye port (main MTA:SA port + 123) name - server name gamemode - server mode map - server map version - mta:sa server version players - number of players on the server right now maxplayers - the maximum number of players that can join Usage: from mta.monitoring import Server # pass server address and port s = Server('', 22003) # get current server online and max players print('{}/{}'.format(s.players, s.maxplayers)) Download & Source code: github
  20. I decided to dive into the world of rotations. I know this might be incomplete and even incorrect: function openCapo() local theVeh = getPedOccupiedVehicle(localPlayer) local value1 = guiScrollBarGetScrollPosition(caposcroll) if theVeh and value1 then setVehicleComponentRotation (theVeh, bonnet_dummy, value1, rY, rZ) end end I've a GUI already created, and the visibility key bound. The first scrollbar (caposcroll) should affect the bonnet_dummy. This was made with absolute basic thinking process: "if I want doors to open, I need to get the position of the scrollbar". However, I know I still need to tell the game what's the math.min, what's the math.max, and, I think, to also give the order to respond only when the scrollbar is moved. I would appreciate a finger to point me in the right direction.
  21. Hello, everybody! I'm following this tutorial to make a GUI with a car spawning function. Copy/pasting everything works up until the gridlist. The click doesn't. Could there be a mistake? I recreated the script on my own following step by step: - Client-side - And here is the problematic part: The GUI elements are the same. The only thing that changes are the names. Naturally, it should work by simply replacing the names. However, I believe there might be a mistake on the original script. With everything as it is, I can show and hide the GUI, and click on any vehicle. If I purposely trigger an output, nothing happens. So, waddaya think?
  22. Here's the script: inFourD = createMarker (2019.76953125, 1007.0116577148, 9.7203125, "cylinder", 1, 255, 0, 0, 153) function inFourDragons (player, matchingDimension) if (source == inFourD) and (getElementType(player) == "player") and (isPedInVehicle(localPlayer) == true) then outputChatBox("#D2691E[#FF7F50INFO#D2691E]#FFFFFF: No se permiten vehículos dentro.", hitPlayer, 0, 0, 0, true) elseif (source == inFourD) and (getElementType(player) == "player") and (isPedInVehicle(localPlayer) == false) then outputChatBox("#D2691E[#FF7F50INFO#D2691E]#FFFFFF: Ingresaste al casino '#DD0000Four Dragons#FFFFFF'.", hitPlayer, 0, 0, 0, true) setElementInterior (player, 10) setElementPosition (player, 2016.9376220703, 1017.0843505859, 996.875 ) setElementRotation (player, 0, 0, 90) end end addEventHandler ("onMarkerHit", getRootElement(), inFourDragons) Doing it client-side gives the invisible players. I read an old post that this had to be done server-side to fix the invisible players; however, I can't pinpoint the problem. As of this moment, with this script: - When in vehicle, player + vehicle is teleported to the same coords and interior 10, which results in an invisible world, player and vehicle, and it outputs "You've entered FDC.", when it should enter "Cars are not allowed". - When on foot, nothing happens. What could be the problem?
  23. I've made a server-type .Lua that should apply several 'setWeaponProperties' to the weapons. It works for some weapons, but not for others. For example, I've set the Deagle (replaced with a 6 bullet drum) to 'maxiumum_clip_ammo' = 6. This works correctly. However, with other weapons, it doesn't. Here's the script: function weaponProps () -- M9 -- setWeaponProperty(22, "pro", "maximum_clip_ammo", 14) -- Revolver -- setWeaponProperty(24, "pro", "maximum_clip_ammo", 6) -- Shotgun -- setWeaponProperty(25, "pro", "maximum_clip_ammo", 7) -- Uzi -- setWeaponProperty(28, "pro", "maximum_clip_ammo", 30) -- AKMS -- setWeaponProperty(30, "pro", "maximum_clip_ammo", 35) -- G36 -- setWeaponProperty(31, "pro", "maximum_clip_ammo", 40) -- Kar -- setWeaponProperty(33, "pro", "maximum_clip_ammo", 5) -- Mosin -- setWeaponProperty(34, "pro", "maximum_clip_ammo", 1) end addEventHandler ("onResourceStart", getRootElement(), weaponProps) Essentially, it runs as soon as the resource is started. As a beginner's test, I'm only modifying the max ammo clip. It works for: - Deagle (Revolver) - Shotgun - AK-47 (AKMS) - M4 (G36) - Rifle (Kar) - Sniper (Mosin) It doesn't work for: - Colt (M9) - UZI
  24. I recently dove into this simple thing called "scripting and building a server". Naturally —added to my already curious personality—, I always come up with a doubt, a question, or any sort of uncertainty. After a week of messing around with it, I noticed that 5 of the 10 last posts made in the Script section were from me. I was having so much fun —truthfully— that I just kept on finding new things to ask. I'm pretty sure they are common questions. I'm not asking to have a script from scratch, or to be taught absolutely everything. It is most commonly about errors and to help myself understand the colloquial language of the scripts. However, I can't help but think that maybe it's not the best approach. I always think to myself "try to find it on your own", but I frenquently find myself getting even more confused the more I tour into each command and function. Is there a certain tacit limit as to how many questions can be asked? Is there any way to get the necessary help without flooding the sections?
  25. I've been messing around with 'setWeaponProperty' in order to understand how it works. I changed how the deagle is handled. Decided to undo the changes and, upon resetting everything, the weapon bugged. Image Any script with 'setWeaponProperty' has been removed, and the resource has been stopped and removed from metaserver.conf. Fixed after several restarts and total wipe of downloaded resources.