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Found 12 results

  1. Ola pessoal, sou novo no blog mas estou fazendo um server freeroam e queria uma ajuda para colocar um limite de contas registradas por serial ja tentei algumas funções mas ate agora nada, pfv me ajudem preciso muito dessa função funcionando no painel de login codigo server: addEvent("onRequestLogin",true) addEventHandler("onRequestLogin",resourceRoot, function(username,password,checksave) if not (username == "") then if not (password == "") then local account = getAccount ( username, password ) if ( account ~=
  2. foi banido por serial recentemente em um servidor de mta fiz de todo para poder entra novamente ate aformarei o pc e não funcionou vi vários tutoriais e metados da net mais nem um funciona quero muito voltar a jogar nesse server vim pedir ajuda aqui se alguém pode me ajuda fico muito grato
  3. Hello MTA Sa STAFF I Need Your Help I Have Problem In My Serial i want join in a servers when i want creat account it's saying you alreadly have account the problem that i don't have account yet so i can't play in the server i hope you change my server because the 90% of servers i can't play in it because the say you areadly have account my old serial : CAC8AC94A7799C062CA8F7FC131789A1
  4. -- Server-side addCommandHandler('vip',function() if getElementData(localPlayer,'isVIP') == 1 then triggerClientEvent(source,'PainelVIP',source) -- Para abrir o painel end end) addEventHandler("onPlayerQuit",getRootElement(),function() local account = getPlayerSerial(source) if account then setAccountData(account,'isVIP',getElementData(source,'isVIP')) -- Erro Aqui << end setElementData(source,"logedin",false) end) addEventHandler("onResourceStop",getRootElement(),function() for i,player in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do local account = getPlayerSerial(player)
  5. السلام عليكم ابي اسوي زر ينسخ سريال الاعب @#Bad_Boy, @NX_CI @KillerX @TOUNSI | ا̍ڸــڛۣــ؏ــٰٱ̍دہ
  6. Muy buenas noches a todos espero y la esten pasando de maravilla :3 Ya escribi el topico en ingles pero me expreso mejor en mi idioma asi que igual lo hare aqui Mi problema es este: Conoci mta hace recien dos semanas a lo mucho y me encanto, entonces le empeze a comentar a mis amigos para que lo descarguen y podamos jugar y asi, ninguno de nosotros lo conocia, el caso es que uno de ellos al querer entrar al server al que empece a jugar que es SAES RPG, no podia y decia que su serial esta baneado, empece a preguntar a los administradores y todo y me comentaron que era rarisimo p
  7. Good evening friends, I hope you are well. I have a problem that happened to me with a friend a few days ago that is the following: It turns out that I met MTA just two weeks ago, and I started to tell my friends to play with each other on a server called SAES RPG, all normal until one of them, when trying to enter the server, told him that his serial is banned, which is super weird because as we already commented we just started playing. Well the thing is that we tried to appeal to the ban on the page of the same server but we were denied because the admin is an idiot and thinks that it
  8. I have identityserial with my friend , what i need to do ? I reinstaled mta. We was have 1 my drive on two pc...
  9. Hi. I made a script, which is save player serial when they register to the server. I want to create script, for admins can change player serial when they reinstalled the windows and can't login their accounts. What i need? I saving the serial with setAccountData(getPlayerAccount(player),"account:protect",serial) Maybe what i need is looks like this: function changeserial(player,command,account, ...) local newSerial = table.concat({ ... }, " ") setAccountData(getPlayerAccount(account),"account:protect",newSerial) outputChatBox
  10. Hi. I'm trying to create script which doing outputChatBox when GUY from name/serial will say smth on chat box. My code: serialhaza = { ["2B2BEE3C8B7C95BA25F714E7867557F2"] = true } function nahaza(thePlayer) local hazik = string.find(getPlayerName(thePlayer), "Haze", 1, true) if hazik or serialhaza[getPlayerSerial(thePlayer)]then outputChatBox("haz ciapaty pedal",thePlayer) end end addEventHandler("onPlayerChat",root,nahaza)
  11. Hello! Here is my script: function serialCheck(thePlayer) local check = getPlayerSerial (thePlayer) if check == "CFCE0566CABAED4FDC72BD453130F5F4" or "295814D56EC67407443BFEA3D29D9193" then outputChatBox ("Hello!", thePlayer, 0, 255, 0, true) else outputChatBox ("Error!", thePlayer, 255, 0, 0, true) --or return nil (if possible do not do anything here) end end addCommandHandler ("check", serialCheck) Every time i type in check, it outputs the error message. My serial is the first, the second is my friend's one. If it would work, after hello, it would do mutch more. What i tried t
  12. Всем привет, возможно ли сменить серийный номер?
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