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Found 13 results

  1. Hello .. I have programmed the battleground [PUBG] gamemode, and I opened a server .. but I'm busy and I can not take care of the server ! So, I decided to sell the game mode. Some Characteristics - Login/register panel. - Battlepoints. - Lobby [home, character, shop for clothes, rewards, statistics] ~ you can buy clothes from shop. ~ you can receive rewards such as clothes and battlepoints. ~ In statistics tab you can see top 10 players. - Squad and solo mode. - Beautiful design and orderly - Loots [Note: The
  2. Welcome to my store If you want to buy from Turkey, please contact me on Discord (Hexon#0388) Contacts Discord: Hexon#0388 E-mail: hexondev@gmail.com YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/hexondev Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hexondev If you found a bug please ontat me on Discord (Hexon#0388) [MTA:SA] Fire system 0.2 (UPDATED AT 05/02/2021) [MTA:SA] WhatsApp messenger [MTA:SA] Animation system with custon anim support & anim circle [MTA:SA] Taximeter [MTA:SA] Car trailer [MTA:SA] Scratch
  3. Hi! I want to sell my drone system Contains: Model Images VIDEO: Use autumn coupon code to get 25% off! Coupon will expire at 30/10/2020 If you want to buy this script, please PM me or email: hexondev@gmail.com or use this link: BUY HERE Other scripts HERE
  4. Hi! I want to sell my hotdog seller job Contains: Images Sounds Infobox script VIDEO: Use autumn coupon code to get 50% off! Coupon will expire at 30/10/2020 If you want to buy this script, please PM me or email: hexondev@gmail.com or use this link: BUY HERE Other scripts HERE
  5. https://ibb.co/CJPTQ9h https://ibb.co/qFqtXXH https://ibb.co/0YPx87y https://ibb.co/1GH5RG6 https://ibb.co/sPX0KwH https: // ibb .co / 6bpKd9N HOUSE FOR SALE, 5USD O 300 PESOS ARGENTINOS. MERCADO PAGO - UALA ANY DOUBT, DISCORD: NotMarcos # 1700
  6. Hola a todos, tengo un largo tiempo sin publicar en dicho foro y es debido a mi disposición de tiempo. Sin embargo, el día de hoy les traigo 1 script para vender, el cual es un Sistema de Tienda de Comidas realistas, al puro estilo del Story Mode del GTA San Andreas, en todo sentido. Ya que tiene todas las animaciones y las interfaces. Si compras una cierta cantidad de comida (sin parar), el personaje vomitará y el vendedor hará las animaciones respectivas, al igual que si compras solo 1 y sales el jugador tomará la animación de comer y en todos los casos, comprado o no comprado comida, el ven
  7. Vendo modelos sacados del fortnite a 2.50$ aquí muestro algunos ejemplos de prueba, puedo sacar el modelo que ustedes quieran para su uso, skins, árboles, autos, muros, escaleras etc, solo lo unico que no se ofrece es riggear skins, más información contacten a https://www.facebook.com/angel.arango.1460693 si compran varios modelos les hagoda oferta para que no gasten tanto dinero o si quieren sacar de algun otro juego entonces contactenme y les ibformoy si es posible
  8. xRect

    about sell

    Hello Everbody ! how is it going , I have a question about * How to Sell Games server example ( mta , teamspeake .. etc.. ) * what are the requirements for creating this work business ? and thanks a lot
  9. Hello everybody! I have a server wich is considered a "big" server here in Brazil. So I started to sell VIPs and other things like exclusive cars and skins, police corporations, gang and etc. If I'm doing that, I am doing a illegal activity? Or can a continue doing that? Help me, please!
  10. I'm sell this unique soft. This program is for encryption, designed to protect your models on the server. This program excludes artifacts and memory overflow when using RAW-LOADING. * Benefits: 1. Minimally increases the weight of the file. 2. Everything works very quickly. 3. Great reliability. 4. Free updates. 5. A large number of settings. 6. Free help. 7. The password to the files, personally yours and not transmitted anywhere. Price: 12$ [FOREVER] Soon I will make a video on the use of the program.
  11. Olá Boa tarde galera, estou vendendo meus novos scripts que eu criei a uns tempos atraz, nele contem diversas coisas como Youtube, Musicas, MapShop,CustomShop,Stats, options enfim um painel de usuario NOVO e EXCLUSIVO para aquele que comprar, já esta integrado o sistema para conectar ao forum da sua equipe e um sistema de Avatar onde baixa as fotos do forum e as salva no server. Tudo construído usando OOP e Class, não existe nenhum componente que usa GUI no painel, sistema de salvamento eu uso SQL podendo se conectar a qualquer DB independente da localização dela. Foi feito o mais simples
  12. So i have few problems so first of all i can't find how to fix error : [16:46:04] ERROR: carsell\utils.lua:11: attempt to concatenate a boolean value next problem that i couldn't find how to make car worth according it's health and model for exampe infernus 100% health would give you 22k Shamal 100% would give you 30k rhino 100% 20k etc so what i need is just what to use code: local sellMarker = createMarker( -1545.0999755859, 126.80000305176, 2.5, "cylinder", 22, 255, 0, 0, 120) local myBlip = createBlip( -1545.0999755859, 126.80000305176, 3.5999999046326, 55, 1.5, 255, 0,
  13. Hello everyone, 1 month ago i started working on a script which will allow you to build using custom objects in a limited zone/area, more information bellow. And today i'm releasing the script! CITY ZONES About: City is a 100% player built system used in City zones.. Players can buy zones and then build stuff in their zone, like a house or group/team base. City also allows you to interact with some of it's objects, like programmable doors. City Zone Co
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