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  1. A simple script of dressable characters and deformable faces. You can move every vertex of the head with a simple displacement shader. The script is in test state right now, I'll create a new editor later. Hope you like it.
  2. local SCREEN_X, SCREEN_Y = guiGetScreenSize() local resourceName = getResourceName( getThisResource( ) ) local ONE_HOUR = 3600 local SERVICES_SECTION = 1 --Places to offer services such as house cleaning or mechanics and whatnot local CARS_VEHICLES_SECTION = 2 --Offer to buy or sell a vehicle in this section local REAL_ESTATE_SECTION = 3 --Houses for sale go in this section local COMMUNITY_SECTION = 4 --Advertisements about communities can go here, for example, palomino creek. local JOBS_SECTION = 5 --Advertisements about hiring people or looking for work will go in this section local PER
  3. function StandardWep() local x, y, z = getElementPosition(getLocalPlayer()) wep = createWeapon("m4", x+5, y, z) setWeaponFlags(wep, "shoot_if_blocked", false) setWeaponFiringRate(wep, 35) setWeaponProperty(wep, "damage", 25) setWeaponClipAmmo(wep, 35) setWeaponAmmo(wep, 100) end addCommandHandler("OnStandardWep", function(command, state) local s = string.upper(state) if s=="ON" then setWeaponState(wepM16, "firing") elseif s=="false" then setWeaponState(wepM16, "ready") else outputChatBox("There is no such condition of the weapon, you c
  4. Is it possible to change the model for one person so that this person has a different model visible to others? In the sense that I change the model of the M4 weapon and how I hold it, it is visible to others that I have this model, but when they pull out their M4, they do not have this model. It is possible?
  5. I have a problem with setElementTarget recently, because I would like to make a script in which when I aim at something, "CreateWeapon" will shoot in that direction, but no matter what I do, it shoots too close or crooked. Anyone got any idea for this?
  6. How to get the weapon position we are currently holding?
  7. setPedAnimation(getLocalPlayer(), "shop", "shp_gun_aim") I would like my character to move with this animation, which means that when I aim a normal weapon, e.g. M4, I can move, but I can't move with this animation. Please help!
  8. I have a question, I would like to know if it is possible to make a shot effect, it means that when I hold the M4, it shoots and you can see where these bullets are falling and at what speed, and I would like to recall these bullets. If it is not known what is going on, I did the "M1" weapon model and I would like to make this model as a new weapon, and if the player was holding this M1 then it would have to shoot and the bullets would fall out of the weapon. At the beginning I was thinking about the "CreateWeapon" function but it is possible that there is another option because on average I k
  9. My goal is that when the player clicks on the first button, the function for this button is to change for each player in his team, but unfortunately the function changes only for the person who clicked. --client side local Button1 = guiCreateButton(--There are no valid arguments ) addEventHandler("onClientGUIClick", Button1, OnTeamPlayerClickLVL1) function OnTeamPlayerClickLVL1() for i, v in pairs(getPlayersInTeam(getPlayerTeam(getLocalPlayer()))) do outputChatBox("U bought level 1 for your TEAM ^^", 0, 255, 0) removeEventHandler("onClientGUIClick", Button1, OnTeamPlayerCli
  10. I would like to know how I could get ElementData from server to client and vice versa -- server side marker = createMarker(0, 0, 1.5, "cylinder", 2, 255, 0, 0) setElementData(marker, "Item", 5) addEvent("GetItem", true) addEventHandler("GetItem", root, function() ClientMarker = marker ItemOfClientMarker = getElementData(marker, "Item") end) addEventHandler("onMarkerHit", marker, function(hp) triggerClientEvent("Element", resourceRoot) setElementData(hp, "ItemTwo", ElementVariable+getElementData(marker, "Item")) end) -- client side function dxDrawText
  11. -- server side cylinder = createMarker(-712.09100, 967.01917, 12.33547-1, "cylinder", 1.5, 255, 50, 0, 255) setElementData(cylinder, "BoxWithPoints", 0) function TIMER() if getElementData(cylinder, "BoxWithPoints") >= 8 then setElementData(cylinder, "BoxWithPoints", 8) else setElementData(cylinder, "BoxWithPoints", getElementData(cylinder, "BoxWithPoints")+1) end if isElementWithinMarker(source, cylinder) then triggerServerEvent("givePointsToServer", root) PointsServer = getElementData(source, "points") BoxPoints = getElementData(cylinder, "BoxWithPoints") setEl
  12. what server-side getLocalPlayer looks like?
  13. I would like to know something about ElementData, the most about these two commands {getElementData, setElementData}, could someone help me understand these two things. For example, write a guide that would help me a lot and give me a heart
  14. So I have a question, I have a model to import but I would like this object was only visible in a specific dimension. How can I do this?
  15. I have another question if it can be done so that people from the red team can shoot other players in the head (in the sense that it would kill other players) -- server side red = createTeam("RED", 255, 0 ,0) blue = createTeam("BLUE" , 0, 255, 0) -- client side function RedTeamHeadShotDamage(player, valuedamage, bodypart) if bodypart==9 then killPed(getLocalPlayer()) else cancelEvent() end end function SetRedTeamHeadShotOnly() local redPlayers = getTeamFromName("BLUE") local teamRed = getPlayersInTeam(redPlayers) for i, v in pairs(teamRed) do addEve
  16. I have a problem with this script will someone help me? function Resource() local res = getResourceFromName("ResourceTest", true) startResource(res) end addCommandHandler("res", Resource)
  17. Hola hago este mensaje para ver si alguien me puede ayudar pasandome o vendiendome un resource de creacion de bases para un servidor de DayZ de mta desde ya muchas gracias
  18. Hola abro este foro para ver si alguien me puede ayudar mandandome un pack de jobs o algunos en singular para un servidor RPG de mta ya que en internet no hay muchos que funcionen correctamente no importa el idioma en el que esten ya que yo se traducirlos
  19. redditing


    -- Client Side Button = guiCreateButton(0.45, 0.54, 0.10, 0.06, "Get Value", true) guiSetProperty(Button, "NormalTextColour", "FFAAAAAA") guiSetVisible(Button, false) EditBox= guiCreateEdit(0.41, 0.45, 0.18, 0.04, " chcesz tego kupić sztuk?", true) guiSetProperty(EditBox, "NormalTextColour", "FFFF0000") guiEditSetMaxLength(EditBox, 3) guiSetVisible(EditBox, false) addEventHandler("onClientGUIClick", Button function() local inputBox = tonumber(guiGetEdit(EditBox)) if inputBox==0 then outputChatBox("U set value input "..inputBox, 255, 255, 0) end end) -
  20. español Hola, inicie un seridor con un amigo y tenemos un problema con los markets, cuando un jugador entra a uno se le aparece el cartel a todos los demas jugadores (Por ejemplo: Un jugador entra al market del job de pizzero a todos los demas jugadores les salta el cartel para tomar el trabajo esten donde esten). Seria genial si alguien nos ayudase ya que si no lo solucionamos nos vamos a ver obligados a cerrar el servidor y no queremos eso, desde ya muchas gracias aqui dejo mi discord: Fede#7027 português Olá, comece um seridor com um amigo e temos um problema com os
  21. redditing


    Is there a function similar to ToogleControl but with Binds? I mean, there is such a function attached to BindKey (under the "k" key), and I would like to press the "k" function just like in ToggleControl, where we clicked eg left mouse button to shoot
  22. The case looks like this, I have a variable (Let's call it Ammo) that IS TO be in the giveWeapon function (source, 22, Ammo, true) but the problem is that this Ammo variable has the script type "client" and the function is the server script type, so how can I make this variable in this function? If someone has not understood what is going on, there is still a code to simplify... -- Client side local Ammo = 60 local AmmoMarker = createMarker(0, 0, 1, "cylinder", 2.0) local WeaponMarker = createMarker(0, 0, 1, "cylinder", 2.0) addEventHandler("onClientMarkerHit", AmmoMarker, function
  23. Map loader This is a map loader, which can let specific players download a map of choice. Maps will be generated clientside and the resource is capable of loading extreme large maps. Loading the map will be done with a speed the pc can handle. The code execution time will be reduced to circa 10 ms. Which is the frame time of a player with 100 fps. So technically when you have 100 fps you still have 98/100 fps when this resource is loading a map. But this is based on running only this resource and based on predictions/knowledge. Which you can't trust... The .map files are unloaded aft
  24. After I finished the first version of my character customization system i just realized its such a piece of crap, so i started writing a new version with a whole new concept. The first version worked with CJ skin and i just attached some custom head models to it. Conversely the new version is running with shaders and the skin is a custom dff. Here is a video of the head customization. The clothing is in progress yet, it takes a lot of time because i have to make custom cloth models. Hope you like it. Please don't ask for the source code, this script will never be released. Sorry.
  25. I'm creating a server with minigames, and I'll probably use dimensions to split the maps, and my question is this. If I have a script for a given mini-game, then in every dimension does this script change in its own way ?. I give an example. I have two maps ... the first one is in the first dimension, the name is attached, the script is attached after the player teleports to him and plays with other players who are in the first dimension. But there is also a second dimension with the same script. And this is about whether there will be no undesirable consequences between these two dimen
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