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Found 620 results

  1. Boa Noite, to fazendo um painel de blip para mostrar no mapa, ativar / desativar para cada player so que to tendo problema na hora de destruir o blip de determinado ID, nao todos os blip´s -- CLIENT PARA CRIAR O BLIP blips = { {960.29791259766,2070.4409179688,10.8203125, 42}, {-2652.4165039063,636.17047119141,14.453125, 22}, } blipsRad = {} addEvent("blipsMaps",true) addEventHandler("blipsMaps",getRootElement(),function(BlipType) if blipsRad then for i,blip in pairs(blipsRad)do destroyElement(blip) end blipsRad = false end if tonumber(BlipType) then if not blipsRad then blipsRad = {} end for i, blip in ipairs(blips) do if BlipType == blip[4] then blip2 = createBlip(blip[1],blip[2],blip[3],blip[4]) setBlipVisibleDistance(blip2, 800) table.insert(blipsRad,blip2) end end end end) PRECISAVA SABER QUAL PRECISO CRIAR PARA DESTRUIR A BLIP DE DETERMINADO ID.
  2. Olá comunidade tudo bem?. Estou com um problema pois estou usando um script client que usar o object_preview, eu desejo que ao criar o ped adicione a roupa que eu estou usando no meu CJ a função que faz o ped é essa: function creatPedProjection() if panelState then if (getElementData(localPlayer, "Tab") == false) then x1, y1, z1 = getCameraMatrix() myElement = createPed (getElementModel(localPlayer), x1, y1, z1) myObject = exports.object_preview:createObjectPreview(myElement, 5, 5, 0, x*250, y*150, x*330, y*410, false, true, true) exports.object_preview:setRotation(myObject,-0, 0, 160) setElementData(localPlayer, "Tab", true) end end end function resetPedProjection () exports.object_preview:destroyObjectPreview(myObject) myElement = nil myObject = nil end ja tentei várias formas mais n muda a roupa dele.
  3. Bom Dia, Queria saber qual é a função que usa para atravessar um objeto criado, um exemplo o corpo ped. você passa e atravessa o personagem
  4. Thisdp's DirectX Graphical User Interface System ( MTASA 2D+3D DxLIB ) This dxlib provide dx gui functions and events to make it easier to use and alternative to change the style more flexibly. Warning: Old function name like dgsDxGUI*/dgsDx* are no longer supported after 3.4, please change your functions and events name 'dgsDxGUI*'/'dgsDx*' have been changed to 'dgs*' Final Version: 3.99 Features: 1. Update Check(DGS will notice you if there is a higher version, and you can choose to ignore it or disable it in the config file) Update Command: "updatedgs" 2. Dx GUI Types: Window Edit Box Button Grid List Image Scroll Bar Scroll Pane Text Label Tab Panel Ellipse Detect Area (EDA) Detect Area Radio Button Combo Box Check Box Memo 3D Interface 3D Text Media Browser Browser 3. Edit/Memo rewrite ( You can no longer find the problems in dgs, the problems which exist in cegui) 4. Detect Area is efficient when checking whether your cursor is in a complicated shape. 5. Debug Mode , Command: "debugdgs" 6. You can apply shader to the dxgui ( Compatible with some resources like Objec tPreview ). 7. Include CMD, Command: "cmd" ( For more help, please input "help" in the CMD ) 8. Memo rewritten. 9. OOP Class. 10. Render Target Failure Check ( Warns when there's no enough video memory to create render target ). 11. DGS assembles cegui, you can find the similar feeling when scripting with dgs. 12. 48-hour-response service, your suggestions and bug report will be dealt with in 48 hours ( or less, like 12 hours ? ) 13. Custom Style system 14. Built-in shader plugin 15. More properties 16. Built in multi-language support Notice:Do not close your server or stop the script when it is updating. Wiki: ( Still Working In Process ) Auto Completion For N++ (Thanks To Ahmed Ly): Discord Server: Download DGS : Notice: Need acl rights to call fetchRemote. To Contact Me , Get into the discord server. I have abandoned skype. My server is based on DGS , if you want to see the exact effect of dgs ( not best, my design is bad ). Please have a look. IP: If you want to sell your script which involves DGS, please exclude DGS from your price. HurtWorld Backpack Panel(Example) DGS Network Monitor(Built-in)
  5. Como Fasso Para torna um script liberado somente por acl? ex: somente admins podem usa o f2
  6. Preciso de um script para quando a pessoa entra no server pela primeira vez ela spawnar em um local determinado. Urgente
  7. When a player create car with the freeroam panel, the cursor does not disappear, i removed all showCursor from the script, and the players show the cursor with another script, when press M, but the cursor does not disappear too.. then how can i fix this bug?
  8. if key == 'backspace' and ePress then chat.input = string.sub(chat.input, 0, string.len(chat.input) - 1) end The backspace working with default characters (a,b,c,d...), but when i type a special character, for example: á, é, ű, ő, ü...etc., the backspace not working, what wrong?
  9. Boa Tarde, Pessoal queria saber se tem como eu modificar o HP do rino para perder dano e desativar a opção de explodir o carro quando encosta nele
  10. Bom Dia, Alguém me ajuda, meu servidor quando passa uns 4 dias ligado direto, do nada ele pega e cai ontem mesmo no dia [2019-11-30 00:51:39] , e não aparece erros no logs, só esses aqui 019-11-30 00:46:02] DIAGNOSTIC: LeoNarDo #1011 External HTTP file mismatch (Retrying this file with internal HTTP) [admin\conf\interiors.xml] [2019-11-30 00:46:02] DIAGNOSTIC: LeoNarDo #1011 External HTTP file mismatch (Retrying this file with internal HTTP) [admin\conf\weathers.xml] [2019-11-30 00:46:02] DIAGNOSTIC: LeoNarDo #1011 External HTTP file mismatch (Retrying this file with internal HTTP) [admin\conf\upgrades.xml] [2019-11-30 00:46:28] LOGIN: (Everyone) LeoNarDo successfully logged in [2019-11-30 00:47:17] CONNECT: Coelo connected [2019-11-30 00:47:32] QUIT: Coelo left the game [Timed out] [2019-11-30 00:48:03] KICK: |IRM|~X~ was kicked from the game by Console (PingFPSKick: Your FPS(10.1) was too low!) [2019-11-30 00:48:20] CONNECT: |IRM|~X~ connected [2019-11-30 00:48:22] JOIN: |IRM|~X~ joined the game [2019-11-30 00:49:18] CONNECT: Sr^~[P]assos connected [2019-11-30 00:49:22] JOIN: Sr^~[P]assos joined the game [2019-11-30 00:49:28] CONNECT: Coelo connected [2019-11-30 00:49:28] LOGIN: (Everyone) |IRM|~X~ successfully logged in [2019-11-30 00:49:33] JOIN: Coelo joined the game [2019-11-30 00:49:35] CONNECT: theVaderxd connected [2019-11-30 00:49:36] JOIN: theVaderxd joined the game [2019-11-30 00:49:47] DIAGNOSTIC: Sr^~[P]assos #1011 External HTTP file mismatch (Retrying this file with internal HTTP) [admin\conf\interiors.xml] [2019-11-30 00:49:47] DIAGNOSTIC: Sr^~[P]assos #1011 External HTTP file mismatch (Retrying this file with internal HTTP) [admin\conf\weathers.xml] [2019-11-30 00:49:47] DIAGNOSTIC: Sr^~[P]assos #1011 External HTTP file mismatch (Retrying this file with internal HTTP) [acpanel\c_joiner.Lua] [2019-11-30 00:49:53] DIAGNOSTIC: Coelo #1011 External HTTP file mismatch (Retrying this file with internal HTTP) [acpanel\c_main.Lua] [2019-11-30 00:49:53] DIAGNOSTIC: Coelo #1011 External HTTP file mismatch (Retrying this file with internal HTTP) [acpanel\_common.Lua] [2019-11-30 00:49:53] DIAGNOSTIC: Coelo #1011 External HTTP file mismatch (Retrying this file with internal HTTP) [acpanel\c_joiner.Lua] [2019-11-30 00:50:55] QUIT: #000000Smash left the game [Quit] [2019-11-30 00:51:12] DIAGNOSTIC: theVaderxd #1011 External HTTP file mismatch (Retrying this file with internal HTTP) [admin\conf\interiors.xml] [2019-11-30 00:51:13] DIAGNOSTIC: theVaderxd #1011 External HTTP file mismatch (Retrying this file with internal HTTP) [admin\conf\weathers.xml] [2019-11-30 00:51:13] DIAGNOSTIC: theVaderxd #1011 External HTTP file mismatch (Retrying this file with internal HTTP) [admin\conf\upgrades.xml] [2019-11-30 00:51:35] QUIT: |MY|MeRE left the game [Quit] [2019-11-30 00:51:39] CONNECT: |MY|MeRE connected [2019-11-30 00:51:39] JOIN: |MY|MeRE joined the game
  11. This is the code: local now = getTickCount() local x,y = interpolateBetween(one, one1, 0, two, two1, 0, (now - start) / ((start + 2500) - start), "Linear") local now2 = getTickCount() local x2,y2 = interpolateBetween(asd, asd1, 0, fgh, fgh1, 0, (now2 - start2) / ((start2 +2500) - start2), "Linear") if right == false then dxDrawRectangle(x, (sy_/2-20) * ym, 3* xm, 40 * ym,tocolor(255,255,255,255)) else dxDrawRectangle(x2, (sy_/2-20) * ym, 3* xm, 40 * ym,tocolor(255,255,255,255)) end -- if x >= 1063 and x <= 1073 and right == false then test = true elseif x >= 1089 and x <= 1099 and right == false then test = true elseif x >= 1158 and x <= 1172 and right == false then test = true elseif x >= 1212 and x <= 1232 and right == false then test = true elseif x >= 1276 and x <= 1293 and right == false then test = true elseif x >= 1423 and x <= 1433 and right == false then test = true elseif x >= 1476 and x <= 1487 and right == false then test = true else test = false end i want change the test to true when the rectangle is in the granted position, but how can i get the momentary position of the dx rectangle?
  12. Help Me Please !! i'm making a script in some part of it, the character makes an animation but i don't know how i make the character stop the animation.
  13. ENGLISH: Hello, I need scripters to help me develop the servers in my community, there are 4 servers that will be hosted on December 25, for that reason I need a scripter to help me with the servers. I hope to have your help! SPANISH: Hola, necesito scripters que me ayuden a desarrollar los servidores de mi comunidad, son 4 servidores que se hostearan el 25 de diciembre, por esa razon es que necesito scripter que me ayuden con los servidores. Espero contar con su ayuda, gracias! Help Plis!
  14. This is the code: function getPlayerFromPartialName(name) local name = name and name:gsub("#%x%x%x%x%x%x", ""):lower() or nil if name then for _, player in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do local name_ = getPlayerName(player):gsub("#%x%x%x%x%x%x", ""):lower() if name_:find(name, 1, true) then return player end end else return false end end function payScript(player,cmd,other,amount) local name = getPlayerFromPartialName(other) local atg local rpm = getPlayerMoney(player) local err = {} local penz = getElementData(player,"char:money") or 0 if name == false then err[#err+1] = "#FFffFFA név nem található!" end if tonumber(amount) < 0 then err[#err+1] = "#FFffFFNegatív szám nem lehet!" end atg = tonumber(amount) if (penz-atg) < 0 then err[#err+1] = "#FFffFFNincs elég pénzed!" end if(player == name) then err[#err+1] = "# nem tudsz." end if #err == 0 then setElementData(player,"char:money",penz-atg) setElementData(name,"char:money",atg+penz) else for i=1,#err do end end end addCommandHandler( "pay", payScript ) the other and the local player's money changes to the same... how to fix this??
  15. Bom Dia, Pessoal alguem sabe me dizer como eu posso remover um bug que da na renderização dos objetos modelados? Esse erro de renderização é de longe o player ta numa torre mais vc mira nele e ele ta flutando no ar, nao renderizando o objeto, ai me falaram que precisa excluir as arvores do deserto que esse bug sai, pois essas arvores tem uma animação de se mexer ai queria saber como posso remover essas arvores do deserto
  16. Bom Dia, preciso de uma ajuda com um script to tentando fazer com que o player so pode digitar um comando se tiver dentro da marker, mais se tiver outra col perto ele acerta mesmo assim eu queria apenas se tiver dentro da "createColSphere" ---- SERVER.Lua modelX, modelY, modelZ = 1805.3284,-1131.8,23.1 modelX2, modelY2, modelZ2 = 1835.68,-1122.89,51.85 themarker = createMarker ( modelX, modelY, modelZ , "cylinder", 1.5, 254, 0, 0, 170 ) themarker2 = createMarker ( modelX2, modelY2, modelZ2 , "cylinder", 1.5, 254, 0, 0, 170 ) showLegend = createColSphere ( modelX, modelY, modelZ+1, 1.6 ) showLegend2 = createColSphere ( modelX2, modelY2, modelZ2+1, 1.6 ) addEventHandler("onColShapeHit",getRootElement(),function(hitElement,matchingDimension) if (themarker and showLegend) or (themarker2 and showLegend2) then if getElementType(hitElement) == "player" then outputChatBox("ENTROU",hitElement) setElementData ( hitElement, "playerMarkerBase", true ) end end end) addEventHandler("onColShapeLeave",getRootElement(),function(hitElement,matchingDimension) if (themarker and showLegend) or (themarker2 and showLegend2) then if getElementType(hitElement) == "player" then outputChatBox("SAIU",hitElement) setElementData ( hitElement, "playerMarkerBase", false ) end end end) addCommandHandler("pass", function(player,cmd,type) if getElementData(player,"playerMarkerBase") == true then if tonumber(type) == 4222 then ------- DENTRO DA BASE outputChatBox("ATIVO",player) setElementPosition ( player,modelX, modelY, modelZ) elseif tonumber(type) == 5222 then --- NO TET outputChatBox("ATIVO 2",player) setElementPosition ( player, modelX2, modelY2, modelZ2 ) end end end)
  17. como faço para desativar esse tiopo de função no servidor do MTA? tem alguma função? SetKeyDelay
  18. Good Morning! Can anyone help me how to force the player to make a command on the server side? Example: GUI> Click button> triggerServerEvent> Function Forces player to execute / time command I want to start a function from another resource. If you can help, I am grateful.
  20. Bom dia / Boa tarde / Boa noite. Por este tópico venho pedir ajuda de vocês. Sou noob em script. Minha Ideia: Estou criando um servidor, nesse servidor estou na fase de criar os mecânicos. Tenho todos os script (feito por mim) em questão de reparo mapas etc. Só falta um: o de transporte. Minha Ideia é quando o mecânico (com a tag de Mecânico), detectar o último carro que o mecânico entrou (no caso o do player que pediu o reparo) e assim ele coloca o carro em cima do guincho (o mais próximo). E que este carro fique fixado lá. Depois um comando de retirar o veículo da "rampa" do guincho. Dúvidas: Quais funções posso usar? Eu sei que o script é bem avançado, mas não precisa ser muito completo o importe é que funcione. Desde já agradeço a atenção de todos, obrigado :3
  21. Boa noite, fiz um script quase completo, queria perguntar se existe algumas trocas que eu poderia fazer para deixá-lo mais curto e/ou otimizado. SERVER-SIDE: entrada = createMarker(1411.7902832031, -1699.7880859375, 14.1, "arrow", 1, 255,255,0, 50) saida = createMarker(-2029.7740478516, -119.3343963623, 1035.7, "arrow", 1, 255,255,0, 50) cnh = createMarker(-2033.0969238281,-117.43886566162,1034.2, "cylinder", 1, 255,0,0, 50) etapas = { (createMarker(-868.33447265625,-1079.029296875,94.109962463379, "checkpoint", 0, 255,0,0, 20)), (createMarker(-798.85778808594,-1009.9039916992,81.114715576172, "checkpoint", 0, 255,0,0, 20)), (createMarker(-623.44805908203,-991.40704345703,66.213768005371, "checkpoint", 0, 255,0,0, 20)), (createMarker(-526.03784179688,-904.98547363281,55.71215057373, "checkpoint", 0, 255,0,0, 20)), (createMarker(-385.86874389648,-837.59167480469,47.206745147705, "checkpoint", 0, 255,0,0, 20)), (createMarker(-298.58383178711,-875.92852783203,46.712970733643, "checkpoint", 0, 255,0,0, 20)), (createMarker(-342.224609375,-780.23712158203,31.194166183472, "checkpoint", 0, 255,0,0, 20)) } carro = createVehicle(402, 0,0,0) function marker() setElementInterior(saida, 3) setElementInterior(cnh, 3) end marker() function mensagem(hitElement) if getElementData(hitElement, "cnh-carro") == false then outputChatBox("| DETRAN | digite #ff0000/cnh #ffffffpara fazer a sua.", hitElement, 255,255,255, true) else outputChatBox("| DETRAN | você já possui a carteira de habilitação.", hitElement, 255,255,255, true) end end addEventHandler("onMarkerHit", cnh, mensagem) function inicio(thePlayer) if isElementWithinMarker(thePlayer, cnh) and getElementData(thePlayer, "cnh-carro") == false then fadeCamera(thePlayer, false) setTimer ( function ( ... ) setElementInterior(thePlayer, 0) setElementPosition(thePlayer, -876.94409179688,-1112.4317626953,98.609375) setElementInterior(carro, 0) setElementPosition(carro, -876.94409179688,-1112.4317626953,98.609375) warpPedIntoVehicle(thePlayer, carro) setMarkerSize(etapas[1], 3) end, 1000, 1, thePlayer) setTimer ( function ( ... ) fadeCamera(thePlayer, true) end, 2000, 1, thePlayer) end end addCommandHandler("cnh", inicio) function etapa1(hitElement) setMarkerSize(etapas[1], 0) setMarkerSize(etapas[2], 3) end addEventHandler("onMarkerHit", etapas[1], etapa1) function etapa2(hitElement) setMarkerSize(etapas[2], 0) setMarkerSize(etapas[3], 3) end addEventHandler("onMarkerHit", etapas[2], etapa2) function etapa3(hitElement) setMarkerSize(etapas[3], 0) setMarkerSize(etapas[4], 3) end addEventHandler("onMarkerHit", etapas[3], etapa3) function etapa4(hitElement) setMarkerSize(etapas[4], 0) setMarkerSize(etapas[5], 3) end addEventHandler("onMarkerHit", etapas[4], etapa4) function etapa5(hitElement) setMarkerSize(etapas[5], 0) setMarkerSize(etapas[6], 3) end addEventHandler("onMarkerHit", etapas[5], etapa5) function etapa6(hitElement) setMarkerSize(etapas[6], 0) setMarkerSize(etapas[7], 3) end addEventHandler("onMarkerHit", etapas[6], etapa6) function etapa7(hitElement) setMarkerSize(etapas[7], 0) outputChatBox("| INSTRUTOR DIZ: você concluiu o teste camarada, pegue sua carteira de habilitação.", hitElement) destroyElement(carro) fadeCamera(hitElement, false) setTimer ( function () setElementInterior(hitElement, 3) setElementPosition(hitElement, -2029.2668457031,-116.76811218262,1035.171875) setElementData(hitElement,"cnh-carro", true) fadeCamera(hitElement, true) end, 2000, 1, hitElement) end addEventHandler("onMarkerHit", etapas[7], etapa7) function aoSair(thePlayer) setMarkerSize(etapas[1], 0) outputChatBox("| INSTRUTOR DIZ: você saiu do veículo e não terminou a prova.", thePlayer) destroyElement(carro) fadeCamera(thePlayer, false) setTimer ( function () setElementInterior(thePlayer, 3) setElementPosition(thePlayer, -2029.2668457031,-116.76811218262,1035.171875) fadeCamera(thePlayer, true) end, 2000, 1, thePlayer) end addEventHandler("onVehicleExit", getRootElement(), aoSair) Depois pretendo fazer o CLIENT-SIDE em CEGUI. Obrigado pela compreensão
  22. Rapaziada eu to com um erro que ta atrapalhando no meu projeto, na parte do cursor, então o problema é que quando eu clico pra ir pra outra aba ele buga completamente function Clicando( button, state ) if Parte == "Comida" then if cursorPosition (x*569, y*355, x*40, y*20) then Parte = "Arma" end if cursorPosition (x*366, y*355, x*40, y*20) then Parte = "Droga" end end if Parte == "Arma" then if cursorPosition (x*569, y*355, x*40, y*20) then Parte = "Droga" end if cursorPosition (x*366, y*355, x*40, y*20) then Parte = "Comida" end end if Parte == "Droga" then if cursorPosition (x*569, y*355, x*40, y*20) then Parte = "Comida" end if cursorPosition (x*366, y*355, x*40, y*20) then Parte = "Arma" end end end addEventHandler("onClientClick", getRootElement(),Clicando)
  23. E ae pessoal,tem como deixar o ShowCursor ativado e continuar usando o W,S,A,D ?
  24. [PT-BR] Paineis identicos, apenas com as function diferentes, dando interferencia, como arrumar ? os paineis são separados por acl, mas quando aperto a bind key, ele abre os dois, mas não tem permissão para acessar os recursos, mesmo assim atrapalha, por que todos os paineis das corporaçoes, são o mesmo, alterando apenas as function e o grupo de acl script:
  25. Boa tarde, estou com uma dúvida. Quero fazer com que o jogador perca a arma após clicar em um botão CEGUI, mas não consigo utilizando takeWeapon, pois esta é uma função server-side. Queria saber como posso executar essa função em server-side. Sei que tem jeito, mas como sou iniciante não tenho conhecimento. Quem puder me ajudar receberá Thanks! Obrigado pela compreensão