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Found 19 results

  1. Hey guys, I would like to know how I can add the name of my server to the scoreboard, besides this, change the colors of the columns and add players to teams when starting a job. I would really appreciate a help. Thanks
  2. Iae rapaziada, seguinte estou usando o resource Object_Preview para fazer um scoreboard, porém estou com um certo problema. O resource cria o ped atrás da imagem de fundo, vou mandar as fotos para deixar mais cla que estou falando... Sem o Fundo: Com o Fundo: Partes do code: imgs/fundoP.png = ao fundo(azul) dxDrawImage(x*135, y*93, x*796, y*538, "imgs/ScoreFundo.png", 0, 0, 0, tocolor(255, 255, 255, 255), false) dxDrawImage(x*623, y*123, x*269, y*480, "imgs/fundoP.png", 0, 0, 0, tocolor(255, 255, 255, 255), false) fun
  3. I was bored and long time without do any script so I started looking in the wiki some functions what I not used yet and I found dxDrawMaterialLine3D. You have a video and code about a scoreboard what I made for test this function. Maybe this can be useful for you ( take scrollbar, etc ). Client-Side code:
  4. This is the code: local normalScoreGorget = 0 local maxMegjelenit = 1 -------------------- for i, row in pairs(scoreboard_rows) do if (i > normalScoreGorget and elem < maxMegjelenit) then elem = elem + 1 if getElementType(row) == "player" then ---DX things here........ elseif getElementType(row) == "team" then ---DX things here........ end end end end bindKey("mouse_wheel_down", "down", function() if normalScoreGorget < #scoreboard_rows - maxMegjelenit then normalScoreGorget = normalScoreGorget + 1 end end ) bindKey("mouse_wheel_up", "down
  5. I created a scoreboard script, and the playerlist working fine, but i dont know how to insert teams, and team players after the playerlist, like in the default scoreboard script.. :s Anyone can help me?
  6. I created a scoreboard system, but when i make a team, the team does not show in scoreboard.. how can i add this after playerlist?
  7. Więc jak w temacie TAB nie pokazuje listy graczy, jest zbindowane, byl reconnect, reinstalacja. Dopiero kiedy wlasciciel zmienił tablice na podstawową to zadziałało. Oczywiscie innym graczom działa normalnie. prawdopodobnie po prostu moje mta nie czyta skryptu czy coś to są (chyba logi z błędu): [2019-05-12 23:22:25] ERROR: community-scoreboard\dxscoreboard_client.lua:1190: attempt to perform arithmetic on a boolean value [2019-05-12 23:22:31] WARNING: community-scoreboard\dxscoreboard_client.lua:1190: Bad argument @ 'dxGetFontHeight' [Expected dx-font at argument 2, got boolean] [DUP
  8. Hi I started a few days ago lua scripting, my first project is an scoreboard. But i have an issue. I can't test my job, because don't have enought players on my custom server. I can join from my laptop, but this is just 2 player ( my pc and laptop). My question, that how can i set scoreboard bots (just a few, example 10) for the test?
  9. Encontrei depois de muito tempo um sistema de Patentes bem bacana, só que gostaria de saber como faço pra aparecer no scoreboard. alguém pode me ajudar ??? Se for necessário posto o script aqui com todos os créditos ao criador. Me ajudem !
  10. This is my first time creating a MTA.SA Server, and I'm having trouble to find out how to add player's drift points to the scoreboard. I wanted it to show a "drift" column on the scoreboard, in a way that when a player get drift points it is added to the points he's got in other days too. The player would not lose the points when he logs out of the server, it would always keep adding the points, and showing them on the scoreboard. Could someone please help me to do that? I deeply thank you!
  11. I want create a custom scoreboard.. But, how to add players to it with rectangle, and dxdrawtext(s), and when there are xy players, how to make scrollable?? Sorry for my bad english.. :c
  12. How to make the country flag of a player in scoreboard? Country flag countryNames = { ["IT"]="Italy", ["MX"]="Mexico", ["SA"]="SAUDI ARBIA", ["PK"]="Pakistan", ["AF"]="Afghanistan", ["DZ"]="Algeria", ["AS"]="American samoa", ["AU"]="Australlia", ["AO"]="Anqola", ["AI"]="Anquilla", ["AQ"]="Antarctica", ["AG"]="Antigua and Barbuda", ["AR"]="Argentina", ["AM"]="Armenia", ["AW"]="Aruba", ["AT"]="Austria", ["AZ"]="Azerbaijan", ["BS"]="Bahamas", ["BH"]="Bahrain", ["BD"]="Bangladesh", ["BB"]="Barbados"
  13. so hello so i tried adding days and weeks but all i got was error and i can't figure way how to make days from hours and then weeks from days code: exports.scoreboard:addScoreboardColumn('time') local t = { } function checkValues( source,arg1,arg2) if (arg2 >= 60) then t[ source ][ 'min' ] = tonumber( t[ source ][ 'min' ] or 0 ) + 1 t[ source ][ 'sec' ] = 0 end if (arg1 >= 60) then t[ source ][ 'min' ] = 0 t[ source ][ 'hour' ] = tonumber( t[ source ][ 'hour' ] or 0 ) + 1 end return arg1, arg2 end setTimer( functio
  14. Can anyone edit this script i lost mine, please im new member :DD
  15. Hola buenas a todos, por favor me podrían ayudar con un problema que tengo con un script, es el de banderas en el scoreboard, y es cierto que está en la comunidad, pero al momento de ejecutar no aparece la bandera solo el nonbre del país, de antemano muchas gracias... aquí el script... -- ScoreBoard Country Script by ToXiiC -- Skype: toxiic_eu countryNames = { ["IT"]="Italy", ["MX"]="Mexico", ["SA"]="SAUDI ARBIA", ["PK"]="Pakistan", ["AF"]="Afghanistan", ["DZ"]="Algeria", ["AS"]="American samoa", ["AU"]="Australlia", ["AO"]="Anqola", ["AI"]="Anquill
  16. Accidentally in the setting of the scoreboard I put a scale of 4 And now when I press tab the scoreboard Is larger than the screen and the settings button no longer appears.
  17. Hello, I'm having a slight problem which I'm really hoping to find an answer for. I'm using lil_toady's admin panel on my server, associated with it's "team-system". When a team is created, it's also sent to the scoreboard (TAB BUTTON). The problem is, I'd want to hide the team when none of it's members are online. Currently, when nobody is online from the team, all it does is shows the team name and then "0 players" at the end. Is there a way to fix this? Thank you in advance.
  18. Estaba aburrido y llevaba bastante tiempo sin scriptear así que me puse a buscar por la wiki funciones que nunca usé y encontré dxDrawMaterialLine3D. Aquí os dejo un vídeo y el código de un scoreboard simple que he hecho para probar la función, por si os es útil el tema del scroll y lo que podáis encontrar. Código Client-Side:
  19. Hola, buenas noticias para todos, espero que estés muy bien. Quiero que me ayude con esto estoy editando un marcador y cuando lo activo y entro en mi servidor con mi seudónimo por ejemplo, # FF0000Akranes el código se ve en el marcador Quiero que me ayude con ese pequeño error por favor, no sé cómo hacer que se vaya sin los códigos -- -- Update the scoreboard content -- local currentTick = getTickCount() if (currentTick - scoreboardTicks.lastUpdate > scoreboardTicks.updateInterval and (scoreboardToggled or scoreboardForce
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