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Found 170 results

  1. Why not see another players my messages? And how to add built-in, and addCommandHandler commands to this chat system? Client: Server: Thanks the help!
  2. I created some handling with handling editor script, and i want set some cars default handling to these handlings with a script, when a player spawn this car, the handling in the car automatic set to the edited hand.. But how can i do this?
  3. Have you ever experienced some lag while gaming ? We have some common issues between us ... like someone else is using your internet 😣, or you might be downloading some files ( like games 🕹️ or movies 🎥 ), or you might be streaming some music 🎶 or videos 📹 while playing or using another device like PS4 🎮 or your mobile phone 📱. Well .. those issues can be resolved since that person can leave your network ❌, or you can stop your downloading progress ❌, or stop using your browser to get the best ping and loss in your gaming 🤷🏾‍♂️. However, your permanent ping and loss cannot change easily because it depends on how far your location is from the server 📍, and the speed of your internet connection 📶, yet ... i discovered a software which can MINIMIZE and not entirely stop this lagging and i think its kinda effective 🤔. Its called WTFast , and i think it can somehow help in lowering your ping or at least disabling the effect of loss. You have to pay in order to have a subscription💸to this software, but there is a trial to see if this software is useful for you or not and its important to know how to use it because its different in every game ( according to the location of the server ), and for MTASA you MUST follow this tutorial in order to know how to use it in the game. so if you're interested .. go on and download the trial of this software How to use it in MTASA ? For other games, you can search Google or YouTube 🔍for tutorials on how to use it on those games. For MTASA ( idk if it works for SAMP ) you just have to follow this tutorial and i hope it will help 🤓 1. You have to download it from 2. install the software and then launch it 3. login to your trial account ( might be already logged in ) 4. In the picture below, when this screen appears for you ( my version is 4.12, you have to search for a way in order to reach custom games if you have a TOTALLY different version ) the box in red that i drew shows the listed games, this is direct as the popular games can be directly accessed from this box, but MTASA is not a listed game now, for this step you have to press Manage Settings in the green box i drew and go to step 5. 5. Now that you reached the settings, press the checkbox Enable custom games and then press save 6. Now you should be back to the main panel, press Custom games 7. Press ADD 8. Now for the most important step i will just insert a photo to explain everything for it to be easier Only for those who don't know how to copy MTASA server address 9. After you clicked OKAY, follow this picture to know everything next 10. If you want to know the location of your MTA:SA server, just type the name of the server in and you will find the location of the server, then choose the nearest location of the server to your MTASA server " and this if the auto detection does not work " At the end I wish this tutorial helped you guys and feel free to ask any question in the replies 🎆 Good Luck 🍀
  4. client: local Admins = {} addEvent("updateAdmins",true) addEventHandler("updateAdmins",root, function(t) Admins = t end) function isPlayerAdmin(player) if(Admins[player]) then return true end return false end function asdi() for k,v in ipairs(Admins) do outputChatBox(k) end end addCommandHandler("asd",asdi) server: local Admins = {} function isPlayerAdmin(player) if(Admins[player]) then return true end return false end addEventHandler("onPlayerLogin",root, function() if isObjectInACLGroup ( "user." .. getAccountName ( getPlayerAccount ( source ) ), aclGetGroup ( "Admin" ))then if not(Admins[source])then Admins[source]= source triggerClientEvent("updateAdmins",source,Admins) end end end) addEventHandler("onPlayerQuit",root, function() if(Admins[source])then Admins[source]= nil triggerClientEvent("updateAdmins",source,Admins) end end) No errors, no warnings... What wrong?
  5. This is my code: local sp2 = getVehicleNitroLevel(car)*180 if sp2 ~= false and sp2 ~= nil and sp2 > 1 then dxDrawImage(x-w/1+36, y-h/1+260, 256, 256, "images/fuelindicator.png", sp2,0,0, 0xFFFFFFFF,true) dxDrawBorderedImage(x-180, y+45,245, 245, "images/fuelnum.png", 0,0,0, tocolor(colorR2, colorG2, colorB2,255)) dxDrawImage(x-105, y+110, 95, 95, "images/line.png", 0,0,0, tocolor(0,0,0,255)) dxDrawImage(x-105, y+110, 95, 95, "images/shadow.png", 0,0,0, tocolor(0,0,0,255)) end Working fine, but in debugscript flooding this error: the line 108 is the local sp2 = getVehicleNitroLevel(car)*180 how to fix this error?
  6. for index, info in ipairs(blips) do dxSetRenderTarget(MiniMap["RenderTarget"], true) local bx = info.x local by = info.y local actualDist = getDistanceBetweenPoints2D(playerX, playerY, bx, by) local dist = actualDist/(worldMaxSize/((worldWidth+worldHeight)/2)) local rot = findRotation(bx, by, playerX, playerY)-camZ local blipX, blipY = getPointFromDistanceRotation( (MiniMap_x+MiniMap["width"]+MiniMap_x)/2, (MiniMap_y+MiniMap_y+MiniMap["height"])/2, math.min(dist, math.sqrt((MiniMap_y+MiniMap_y+MiniMap["height"])/2-MiniMap_y^2 + MiniMap_x+MiniMap["width"]-(MiniMap_x+MiniMap["width"]+MiniMap_x)/2^2)), rot ) local blipX = math.max(MiniMap_x, math.min(MiniMap_x+MiniMap["width"], blipX)) local blipY = math.max(MiniMap_y, math.min(MiniMap_y+MiniMap["height"], blipY)) local color = 255 dxDrawImage(blipX - blipSize/2, blipY - blipSize/2, blipSize, blipSize, "blips/".. info.blipID ..".png",0,0,0,tocolor(255,2555,255,255)) dxSetRenderTarget() end Why not working? No errors/warnings..
  7. I enabled in config file the voice chat, and started the script, but some players does not hear the voice chat. How to fix this?
  8. I want draw a dxdrawtext to a object, but how can i do it this?
  9. Hi, Because we have an atmosphere called winter, why is it only in reality? Abo, because you do not have this script that will add a winter climate to your server and its players. Together with the team, we have created another project! F7 - turning off the snow on the screen Download: Video:
  10. When i write a message to chatbox the picture appears in the right place, but when a another player output something in chatbox, the picture jumps up more than my message.. How to fix this bug?! Client: emotes = {} function showEmotes(originaltext,emote,emoteID) local totaltextwidth = getImageOffsets(originaltext) local chatwidth = getChatboxLayout()["chat_width"]*317*scaleX local originalmultiplier = math.floor(totaltextwidth/chatwidth) local text,_ = string.gsub(originaltext,tostring(emoteID..".*"),"") local width = getImageOffsets(text) local multiplier = math.floor(width/chatwidth) local width = width-multiplier*chatwidth table.insert(emotes,{emote,width,lines-(originalmultiplier-multiplier),false}) local _,index1 = string.gsub(originaltext,emoteID,emoteID) if index1>1 then local text,index = string.gsub(originaltext,emoteID,"-00",1) showEmotes(text,emote,emoteID) end end addEvent("triggerChat",true) addEventHandler("triggerChat",root,showEmotes) function getImageOffsets(text) lines = getChatboxLayout()["chat_lines"] local chatboxscale = getChatboxLayout()["text_scale"] local fontint = getChatboxLayout()["chat_font"] scaleX = getChatboxLayout()["chat_scale"][1] scaleY = getChatboxLayout()["chat_scale"][2] if fontint == 0 then font = "default" end if fontint == 1 then font = "clear" end if fontint == 2 then font = "default-bold" end if fontint == 3 then font = "arial" end fontheight = dxGetFontHeight(chatboxscale,font) local width = (dxGetTextWidth(text,chatboxscale,font)+chatxoffset)*scaleX return width end local screenWidth, screenHeight = guiGetScreenSize ( ) chatxoffset = screenWidth * 0.0145 chatyoffset = screenHeight * 0.0145 function createText ( ) for index,item in ipairs(emotes) do local line = item[3] local width = item[2] local height = (chatyoffset + (line-1)*fontheight)*scaleY if (item[3]<1) then table.remove(emotes,index) else dxDrawImage(width,height,20,20,"a.png",0,0,0,tocolor(255,255,255,255),true) end end end function emotesOnOff() if emotesVisible then removeEventHandler ( "onClientRender", root, createText ) emotesVisible = false else addEventHandler ( "onClientRender", root, createText ) emotesVisible = true end end function HandleTheRendering ( ) addEventHandler ( "onClientRender", root, createText ) emotesVisible = true addCommandHandler ("emotes", emotesOnOff ) end addEventHandler ( "onClientResourceStart", resourceRoot, HandleTheRendering ) function onClientChatMessageHandler(text) local width = getImageOffsets(text) local chatwidth = getChatboxLayout()["chat_width"]*317*scaleX local multiplier = math.floor(width/chatwidth)+1 for index,item in ipairs(emotes) do if item[4] then item[3] = item[3]-1*multiplier end item[4] = true end end addEventHandler("onClientChatMessage", getRootElement(), onClientChatMessageHandler) Server: emotes = { {"a","-23"} } function playerChat(text, messageType) if (messageType ~= 0) then return end local accName = getAccountName ( getPlayerAccount ( source ) ) if isObjectInACLGroup ("user."..accName, aclGetGroup ( "tesztr" ) ) then local originalText = removeColorCodes(getPlayerName(source)) for index,item in ipairs(emotes) do text,item[3] = string.gsub(originalText,item[1],item[2]) end for index,item in ipairs(emotes) do triggerClientEvent("triggerChat",source,"[HU]"..originalText,item[1],item[2]) end for index,item in ipairs(emotes) do originalText,item[3] = string.gsub(originalText,item[1]," ") end end end addEventHandler("onPlayerChat", root, playerChat) function removeColorCodes(str) return (string.gsub(str, "#[0-9a-fA-F][0-9a-fA-F][0-9a-fA-F][0-9a-fA-F][0-9a-fA-F][0-9a-fA-F]", "")) end
  11. A simple script of dressable characters and deformable faces. You can move every vertex of the head with a simple displacement shader. The script is in test state right now, I'll create a new editor later. Hope you like it.
  12. I want attach images to my message in default mta chat with a word, but i dont know how to attach the image to the message.. Anyone can help, and show me a example?
  13. CLIENT: function cancelTazerDamage(attacker, weapon, bodypart, loss) if (weapon==24) then -- deagle local mode = getElementData(attacker, "handTaser") if (mode==true) then cancelEvent() end end end addEventHandler("onClientPlayerDamage", localPlayer, cancelTazerDamage) local cFunc = {} local cSetting = {} cSetting["shots"] = {} cSetting["shot_calcs"] = {} local last_shot = 1 cFunc["draw_shot"] = function(x1, y1, z1, x2, y2, z2) table.insert(cSetting["shots"], last_shot, {x1, y1, z1, x2, y2, z2}) local lastx, lasty, lastz = x1, y1, z1 local dis = getDistanceBetweenPoints3D(x1, y1, z1, x2, y2, z2) cSetting["shot_calcs"][last_shot] = {} last_shot = last_shot+1 end cFunc["wait_shot"] = function() toggleControl("fire", false) setTimer(function() toggleControl("fire", true) end, 15000, 1) end cFunc["shot_check"] = function(wp, _, _, hitX, hitY, hitZ, element, startX, startY, startZ) if(wp == 24) and (getElementData(localPlayer,"handTaser"))then cFunc["shot_weapon"](hitX, hitY, hitZ, startX, startY, startZ) cancelEvent() if(source == localPlayer) then cFunc["wait_shot"]() end end end cFunc["anim_check"] = function(attacker, wep, bodypart,loss) if(wep == 24) and (getElementData(localPlayer,"handTaser"))then local playerX,playerY,playerZ = getElementPosition(localPlayer) local targetX,targetY,targetZ = getElementPosition(source) if getDistanceBetweenPoints3D(playerX,playerY,playerZ,targetX,targetY,targetZ) <= 12 then triggerServerEvent("tazerFired", getRootElement(), source) end end end addEventHandler("onClientPlayerWeaponFire", getRootElement(), cFunc["shot_check"]) addEventHandler("onClientPedDamage", getRootElement(),cFunc["anim_check"]) addEventHandler("onClientPlayerDamage", getRootElement(),cFunc["anim_check"]) addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart",resourceRoot,function() setElementData(localPlayer, "tazed",0) end) addEventHandler("onClientRender",getRootElement(),function() if getElementData(localPlayer, "tazed") == 1 then toggleAllControls(false, false, false) toggleControl("fire", false) toggleControl("sprint", false) toggleControl("crouch", false) toggleControl("jump", false) toggleControl('next_weapon',false) toggleControl('previous_weapon',false) toggleControl('aim_weapon',false) end end) SERVER: local cFunc = {} local cSetting = {} function tazerFired(target) if (isElement(target) and getElementType(target)=="player") then fadeCamera ( target, false, 1.0, 255, 255, 255 ) setElementData(target, "tazed", 1) toggleAllControls(target, false, false, false) setPedAnimation(target, "ped", "FLOOR_hit_f", -1, false, false, true) setTimer(removeAnimation, 30000, 1, target) end end addEvent("tazerFired", true ) addEventHandler("tazerFired", getRootElement(), tazerFired) function removeAnimation(thePlayer) if (isElement(thePlayer) and getElementType(thePlayer)=="player") then fadeCamera(thePlayer, true, 0.5) if getElementData(thePlayer,"isAnim") then setElementFrozen(thePlayer,true) setPedAnimation(thePlayer,"sweet","sweet_injuredloop",-1,false,false,false) else setPedAnimation(thePlayer,nil,nil) toggleAllControls(thePlayer, true, true, true) end setElementData(thePlayer, "tazed", 0) end end I do not get any errors/warnings in debugscript 3, just simply does not working the script.. What wrong in this codes? :s
  14. Client.lua: function processLockUnlock(vehicle) if vehicle then local vehicleID = tonumber(getElementData(vehicle, "veh:id")) or -1 local vehFaction = tonumber(getElementData(vehicle, "veh:faction")) or 0 local vehOwner = tonumber(getElementData(vehicle, "veh:owner")) or -1 local vehJobID = tonumber(getElementData(vehicle, "veh:jobvehID")) or -1 local locked = isVehicleLocked(vehicle) local vehID = getElementModel(vehicle) local vehName = getVehicleRealName(vehID) if isPedInVehicle(localPlayer) then playSounds("lockin") else playSounds("lockout") end if locked then triggerServerEvent("vehicleLock", localPlayer,localPlayer, vehicle, false) else triggerServerEvent("vehicleLock", localPlayer,localPlayer, vehicle, true) end else outputChatBox("#FFFFFF Nincs kulcsod ehhez a járműhöz.", 169,139,101, true) end end local klikkTimer = false function setVehicleLockState() if klikkTimer then return end if isTimer(klikkTimerRun) then return end klikkTimer = true klikkTimerRun = setTimer(function() klikkTimer = false end,1000,1) local vehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle ( localPlayer ) if vehicle then processLockUnlock(vehicle) else local int2 = getElementInterior(localPlayer) local dim2 = getElementDimension(localPlayer) local mx,my,mz = getElementPosition(localPlayer) local interior = getElementData(localPlayer, "interior") or false if not interior then for k,v in ipairs(getElementsByType("vehicle")) do local x,y,z = getElementPosition(v) local int = getElementInterior(v) local dim = getElementDimension(v) local dist = getDistanceBetweenPoints3D(x,y,z,mx,my,mz) if dist <= 3 and int2 == int and dim2 == dim then processLockUnlock(v) return end end end end end bindKey("k", "down", setVehicleLockState) setTimer(function() if not bindKey("k", "down", setVehicleLockState) then bindKey("k", "down", setVehicleLockState) end end, 1000, 0) Server.lua: addEvent("vehicleLock",true) addEventHandler("vehicleLock",getRootElement(),function(player,veh,value) setVehicleLocked(veh, value) veh:setData("veh:status", value) end) No errors / warnings in debugscript... if i press the [K] button, nothing happens... what wrong in this code? how to fix?
  15. When i restart the script, good for a while then becomes black.. How to fix this? Image of the bug:
  16. here's a video about the bug..: How to fix this bug? I tried many things, but unsuccessfully.. :s Here the code: Client.lua: local sX, sY = guiGetScreenSize() setElementData(localPlayer,"name",nil) GUIEditor = { button = {}, edit = {} } GUIEditor.button[1] = guiCreateButton(0.72, 0.74, 0.03, 0.04, ">", true) kuldottpmek = {} fogadottpmek = {} GUIEditor.edit[1] = guiCreateEdit(0.38, 0.74, 0.34, 0.04, ".", true) guiEditSetMaxLength(GUIEditor.edit[1], 150) local dxfont0_gothic = dxCreateFont(":mta_wintertime/gothic.ttf", 14) local screenW, screenH = guiGetScreenSize() local players = getElementsByType ( "player" ) addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, function() local players = getElementsByType ( "player" ) local elem = 0 local fpm = 0 local kpm = 0 local uzenet = guiGetText(GUIEditor.edit[1]) dxDrawRectangle(screenW * 0.3722, screenH * 0.2722, screenW * 0.3833, screenH * 0.5100, tocolor(0, 0, 0, 162), false) dxDrawRectangle(screenW * 0.1757, screenH * 0.2722, screenW * 0.1896, screenH * 0.5100, tocolor(0, 0, 0, 162), false) dxDrawText("Játékoslista", screenW * 0.1764, screenH * 0.2722, screenW * 0.3653, screenH * 0.3167, tocolor(255, 255, 255, 255), 1.00, dxfont0_gothic, "center", "center", false, false, false, false, false) for id,player in ipairs(players) do local plname = getPlayerName(player) elem = elem + 1 dxDrawText(plname, screenW * 0.1764, screenH * 0.2500+(elem*70), screenW * 0.3653, screenH * 0.3578, tocolor(255, 255, 255, 255), 0.65, dxfont0_gothic, "left", "center", false, false, true, true, false) dxDrawRectangle(screenW * 0.1764, screenH * 0.2850+(elem*35), screenW * 0.1889, screenH * 0.0367, tocolor(0, 0, 0, 162), false) end dxDrawText(getElementData(localPlayer,"name") or "Válassz játékost", screenW * 0.3722, screenH * 0.2722, screenW * 0.7556, screenH * 0.3167, tocolor(255, 255, 255, 255), 1.00, dxfont0_gothic, "center", "center", false, false, false, true, false) dxDrawText(getElementData(localPlayer,"name") and "Elérhető most" or "", screenW * 0.5278, screenH * 0.3056, screenW * 0.6014, screenH * 0.3411, tocolor(255, 255, 255, 255), 0.65, dxfont0_gothic, "center", "center", false, false, false, true, false) dxDrawRectangle(screenW * 0.3722, screenH * 0.3467, screenW * 0.3833, screenH * 0.3844, tocolor(0, 0, 0, 162), false) for k,v in ipairs(kuldottpmek) do kpm = kpm + 1 dxDrawRectangle(screenW * 0.3722, screenH * 0.2775+(kpm*62), screenW * 0.3833, screenH * 0.0633, tocolor(94, 192, 254, 162), false) dxDrawText("Te:", screenW * 0.3729, screenH * 0.1430+(kpm*124), screenW * 0.7556, screenH * 0.4367, tocolor(255, 255, 255, 255), 1.00, "default-bold", "left", "center", false, false, false, true, false) dxDrawText(v, screenW * 0.3729, screenH * 0.3050+(kpm*62), screenW * 0.7556, screenH * 0.4733, tocolor(255, 255, 255, 255), 1.00, "default", "left", "top", false, true, true, false, false) for k,v in ipairs(fogadottpmek) do kpm = kpm + 1 dxDrawRectangle(screenW * 0.3722, screenH * 0.2775+(kpm*62), screenW * 0.3833, screenH * 0.0633, tocolor(255, 255, 254, 162), false) dxDrawText(getElementData(localPlayer,"name")..":", screenW * 0.3729, screenH * 0.1430+(kpm*124), screenW * 0.7556, screenH * 0.4367, tocolor(110, 110,111, 200), 1.00, "default-bold", "left", "center", false, false, false, true, false) dxDrawText(v, screenW * 0.3729, screenH * 0.3050+(kpm*62), screenW * 0.7556, screenH * 0.4733, tocolor(255, 255, 255, 255), 1.00, "default", "left", "top", false, true, true, false, false) end end end ) function onClientClick(button, state) local elem = 0 if button == "left" and state == "down" then for k, v in ipairs(players) do local plname = getPlayerName(v) elem = elem+1 if isInBox(screenW * 0.1764, screenH * 0.2850+(elem*35), screenW * 0.1889, screenH * 0.0367) then if plname == getPlayerName(localPlayer) then return end setElementData(localPlayer,"name",plname) kuldottpmek = {} fogadottpmek = {} end end end end addEventHandler("onClientClick", root, onClientClick) function isInBox(xS,yS,wS,hS) if(isCursorShowing()) then local cursorX, cursorY = getCursorPosition() cursorX, cursorY = cursorX*sX, cursorY*sY if(cursorX >= xS and cursorX <= xS+wS and cursorY >= yS and cursorY <= yS+hS) then return true else return false end end end function trig1() if getElementData(localPlayer,"name") == nil then return end local nev =getElementData(localPlayer,"name") or "" local targetPlayer = getPlayerFromName ( nev ) if targetPlayer then local uzenet = guiGetText(GUIEditor.edit[1]) table.insert(kuldottpmek,uzenet) end end addEvent("uzenet",true) addEventHandler("uzenet",root,trig1) function trig2() if getElementData(localPlayer,"name") == nil then return end local nev =getElementData(localPlayer,"name") or "" local targetPlayer = getPlayerFromName ( nev ) if targetPlayer then local uzenet = guiGetText(GUIEditor.edit[1]) table.insert(fogadottpmek,uzenet) end end addEvent("uzenet2",true) addEventHandler("uzenet2",root,trig2) function test() if getElementData(localPlayer,"name") == nil then return end local uzenet = guiGetText(GUIEditor.edit[1]) triggerServerEvent("pmuzenet",localPlayer,getLocalPlayer(),uzenet) end addEventHandler("onClientGUIClick",GUIEditor.button[1],test,false) Server.lua: function privateMessage(thePlayer) local sendToName = getElementData(thePlayer,"name") local toPlayer = getPlayerFromParticalName (sendToName) triggerClientEvent(thePlayer,"uzenet",toPlayer) triggerClientEvent(toPlayer,"uzenet2",thePlayer) setElementData(toPlayer,"fogadott",true) setElementData(thePlayer,"fogadott",false) end addEvent("pmuzenet",true) addEventHandler("pmuzenet",root,privateMessage) function getPlayerFromParticalName(thePlayerName) local thePlayer = getPlayerFromName(thePlayerName) if thePlayer then return thePlayer end for _,thePlayer in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do if string.find(string.gsub(getPlayerName(thePlayer):lower(),"#%x%x%x%x%x%x", ""), thePlayerName:lower(), 1, true) then return thePlayer end end return false end
  17. I want create a dx private message system, like the fb messenger.. But how to make it possible? Or where can i download a script like this? sorry for my bad english..
  18. function asdasdsas() playSound("") end addCommandHandler("test",asdasdsas) what wrong? the API working fine, but the playSound not.. how to fix?
  19. i deleted a world object, and i mapped to the world object's place, but how to fix this bug: ?? :s
  20. What is the road object ID? I need this object for my map.. :s
  21. local redcircle = dxCreateTexture("teszt.png") addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, function() dxDrawMaterialLine3D(-1989.73804, 214.91431, 50,-1989.73804, 214.91431,43.1096496582031, redcircle, 6, tocolor(255,255,255),0,5,6) end) I change numbers, but i cannot rotate the image... how to rotate the image? sorry for my bad english..
  22. السلام عليكم جميعا اقدم لكم خدمات تحويل بطايق زين السعودي لبيبال بنسب ممتازة للجميع وانشاء الله راضية الاسعار:- 10ZAIN = $1.41 15ZAIN = $2.30 20ZAIN = $3.27 30ZAIN = $5.20 40ZAIN = $7 50ZAIN = $8.80 60ZAIN = $10.20 70ZAIN = $12.50 80ZAIN = $14 90ZAIN = $16 100ZAIN = $18 200ZAIN = $35 300ZAIN = $50 400ZAIN = $70 طبعا لي حاب يحول يتواصل معي عبر سيرفري بالديسكورد:- او واتس اب:- +966536407670
  23. if i create a table, and i insert datas with table.insert, the datas are deleted when i reconnect.. why? how to save datas? sorry for my terrible english :ss
  24. I want get online player count from my secondary server, and show with a label.. But how is it possible?
  25. I wanna get remaining time from the video, but does not working.. Why? function callback(data, error) if (error ~= 0) then return outputChatBox(error) end if (data == "ERROR") then return outputChatBox("data error") end local data = fromJSON("[""]") if (data) then local minutes, seconds = convertTime(tonumber(data.length)) if seconds < 10 then seconds = "0"..seconds end outputChatBox("Title: " outputChatBox("Length: "..minutes..":"..seconds ) outputChatBox("Remaining: " loadBrowserURL( browser, ) end end