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Found 2 results

  1. Hello Community, first of all, i have searched for any fortnite battle royal gamemode or server on MTA:SA but i didn't find, and i can be wrong, well, today i'm making a Fortnite Battle Royale game mode and i will release it when i complete it, and if you have any suggestions you can post it down, you know its a hard work and it will take a little time because actually i'm working alone on my local server. - Regards xMKHx Here is some screenshots
  2. [SBG] STINGRAY'S BATTLEGROUNDS [Battle Royale] GAMEPLAY: - Server: Hosted on VPS, 100mbit up and 100down connection. Dedicated file server for very fast download speeds. 1000 player limit. - Throwing mechanics: Are you tired of selecting a grenade then holding a mouse 1 button hoping to get the throw right? Well I know I am, so I designed a custom throwing mechanic and it's pretty simple to use. Hold "G" + Mouse1 to build up the throw force, control the throw angle with your mouse, when you're happy release the Mouse 1 button and off she goes. Example video: - Dynamic Lobby: Depending on amount of players that are connected to the server, the amount of players needed to start the match will automatically change. So if there are only 8 players on a server, the minimum needed to start the match will be 4. If there are more than that or less, the lobby will adjust. Also Lobby area is filled with things to do, so in case you are bored waiting for players, you can wander around the playground. P.S: There is a rocket launcher on the highest part of the lobby. - Dynamic gameplay: Because of the dynamic lobby, games will start with a lower player count than ideal. If that does happen, the gameplay will adjust to suite the amount of players currently in match. For example: Reduce the timer between circles. - Dynamic sounds: Ahh yess.. getting shot from 300 meters and not hearing a thing must be real fun... well except it isn't. To counter this boring problem I had to develop a "Sound engine" which means custom sounds. You might be thinking well thats good and all but there are servers already with custom weapon sounds. Yes of course but these sounds are dynamic, they change depending on the environment and the distance between you and the origin of the sound. You can actually hear distant gunfights( 500 - 800 meters away) and give yourself a tactical advantage(knowing roughly where the enemy is). Amongst all of this, there is speed of sound which means your bullets will reach the target first then followed by the sound of your weapon, meaning making those first shots connect is crucial. Each weapon has it's own distinctive sound, so as time passes you can actually learn and recognize what other player is using. Here are some examples for environment dynamic sounds: 1) Shooting a weapon in the open: 2) Shooting a weapon in a city: 3) Shooting a weapon indoors: - Gunfights: All of the weapons were tuned to ensure longer and more adrenaline rushed encounters. No fancy RNG to decide where your perfectly aimed shot goes, nothing like that. Point and shoot, my advice for receiving party: Get cover and good luck. - Weapon selector: Scrolling through your inventory has never been simpler. Just use your scroll wheel, select the weapon you want ( left click ) and there you go! Very precise. To cancel the selection just press right click or don't scroll for a while. - Inventory system and loot: Inventory and picking up items in your vicinity has been tuned towards faster gameplay. Picking up items doesn't require drag&drop or anything fancy like that, just click on an Item you want to drop or pickup and it's done. Items are displayed in textual and symbolic form for easier understanding. -- View of inventory system - Loot: Loot is scattered throughout San Andreas along with vehicles. Loot is displayed in boxes with red glowing top side and is completely randomized. - Healing: There's not much to talk about here, you have bandages and med kits. For quick heal use H + Left Click (heal with bandage) or H + Right Click (heal with med kit). You can also heal from inventory by clicking a desired heal type. - Circles: The playing area is optimized on the environment, the last stages of circles are custom defined for better experience. - Main Menu: There few options in the main menu, you can select your skin for example ( if you have an account) - Rank system: There is a scoreboard which you can access in Lobby by pressing "Tab", you can then sort the players by their rank. The higher the rank the more reputation that player has. You wouldn't really want to be too confident going into a match with a player few ranks above you. - List of controls: G (hold) + Mouse1 (hold) = Throw force + G (hold) + Mouse1 (release) = Throw H (hold) + Mouse1 = Heal with bandage H (hold) + Mouse2 = Heal with med kit Tab (in lobby) = Scoreboard Tab (in match) = Inventory E (in match) = Eject from plane F1 (in lobby) = F1 menu Keys 1, 2, 3 and 4 = Quick select a weapon slot. SERVER INFORMATION: IP/PORT: Admins: StingRayNFB, DakiLLa Contact StingRayNFB at Discord: #3486