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Found 4 results

  1. Fala pessoal,baixei um mod de RG onde tem a opção de se colocar o nome completo,eu queria q esse nome fosse para o nink do jogador quando escrevesse no chat.Tenho uma pequena noção sobre database
  2. Hi there let me introduce you to Radical Gaming MTA:SA Roleplay. Radical Gaming MTA:SA Roleplay was founded back in 2008 After years of development we are ready to launch the server again. Radical Gaming was one of the first Roleplay servers on mta:sa and was quite populaire to the community of mta:sa Why us? Radical Gaming has the most advanced roleplay system in history. Radical Gaming has the best security if it comes to information. Radical Gaming has it own well Trained and active staff team to watch over you and help you when needed. Radical Gaming got his own UCP (User Control Panel) Radical Gaming has a high tech Forum where u can discus topics with your friends and community Features Radical Gaming comes with new features in the V6 NPC System Pet System New Shops New Factions New Cars New Menus New System Car Modification System Air Travel Taxi Travel Updated Food/Weapons System New Interiors Custom Interiors (200+) And A Lot More! Server Information IP: Forums: Discord:
  3. Hello everyone. After two years (2016 & 2017) I decided to release a map pack and share it with you. This pack consist of 40 exclusive maps made for the RACE Game Mode. All the maps where made by RG, more specifically Reiko and Gneis. So without further ado, our race map-pack will be availible to download free of cost. You all can freely use them in your server, but no re-releasing or claiming as your own. Anyways I hope you like them, and enjoy playing as well. Comments and rates are aswell welcome. DOWNLOAD HERE! TEASER: MAP LIST (2016): 1) RG - Buffalo Forest (Buffalo) - (download individual map) 2) RG - Buffalo Reloaded (Buffalo) - (download individual map) 3) RG - Cheetah Eater (Cheetah) - (download individual map) 4) RG - Ignis (Infernus) - (download individual map) 5) RG - Impaktado (Infernus) - (download individual map) 6) RG - InferNOS (Infernus) - (download individual map) 7) RG - Infernus Hardcore Jumper (Infernus) - (download individual map) 8 RG - Loudmouth (Phoenix) - (download individual map) 9) RG - Lunar Bike (FCR-900) - (download individual map) 10) RG - Night of the Comet (Comet) - (download individual map) 11) RG - NRG-500 A Minute of Glory (NRG-500) - (download individual map) 12) RG - NRG-500 Invincible (NRG-500) - (download individual map) 13) RG - Sanchez Fantasy (Sanchez) - (download individual map) 14) RG - Sandking Moonlight (Sandking) - (download individual map) 15) RG - Speed Scandal (Infernus) - (download individual map) 16) RG - Spirit Of Champion (NRG-500) - (download individual map) 17) RG - Sultan Enduro (Sultan) - (download individual map) 18) RG - The Way Home (Turismo) - (download individual map) 19) RG - TuBuffCheetahB (Turismo - Buffalo - Cheetah - NRG-500) - (download individual map) 20) RG - White Luster (Bullet) - (download individual map) MAP LIST (2017): 21) RG - Aquatic Ruins (Turismo) 22) RG - Arabian Gold (Buffalo) 23) RG - Botanic Garden (Bullet) 24) RG - Carnival Night (Comet) 25) RG - Crocus (Infernus) 26) RG - Dry Hard (Sultan) 27) RG - Dry Hard 2 (Phoenix) 28) RG - Dust Shower (Buffalo) 29) RG - Endless Vacation (Cheetah) 30) RG - Fast Doctor (Cheetah) 31) RG - Infernus Avenue (Infernus) 32) RG - Larix (Turismo) 33) RG - Morning Glory (Comet) 34) RG - Night Glory (Cheetah) 35) RG - Nuclear NRG (NRG-500) 36) RG - Offroad System (Sandking) 37) RG - Power Plant (Infernus) 38) RG - Runway Cop (Ranger) 39) RG - Shaire (Buffalo) 40) RG - Sultan Waltz (Sultan) Thanks and have a nice day! MORE RACE MAPS HERE: Reiko's RACE MAPS 2016
  4. Hi there! We are introducing the Radical Gaming Roleplay V6! this is not the standard roleplay server everyone has. like Radical Gaming back in 2008 was unique and we will be unique again our dev team is scripting whole new levels of roleplay experence! you can visit our UCP And forum at: the server is still in devlopment and cant show any details yet. Whats different about this one like others? Well Radical Gaming has some new scripts what is never been used before like: Automatic NPC Roleplay script Automatic Driver Instructor Road Maintance Script New Real Life Interiors House Marketing Script Vehicle Import Shop Vehicle Mod Shop Vehicle Sell Script Character Glothes for all Character New Login Panel User Friendly UCP New Drugs / Drinking Script Air Travel Boat Travel Islands Peds New Faction Abbilitys Is the server Stable for hackers? Yes the server we have is stable for hackers and ddoss attacks like radical gaming has 10,000+ registrations before and we hope of a big wave of players again we got the best server host for your guys. Where can i see the server updates / join the community? you can visit our UCP / Forum @ Regardz, Radical Gaming Entertainment Group