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  1. Draw distance v1.0.2 This resource improves the draw distance of all your resources that make use of map files. It makes your maps 10x more beautiful in my opinion! Greatly improves the draw distance of map objects Maxed out the draw-distance for peds and vehicles. (See MTA settings > video: Render vehicles always in high detail + Render peds always in high detail ) Multi-resources support (this effect is applied on every mapRoot element) Parallel loading method is used, but the loading speed is in that case reduced to improve performance. The effe
  2. Hello dear community. I'm doing a Error Tooltip Resource, I created an Error Client File for all the Errors from my Main Register Resource, and I tried to call that resource by Functions on the same resource, How can I call a Function from the same resource and get The Object File that I want?... This is my code - Error File (InitTooltipMessage.lua) ---•---•---•---•---•---•---•---•---•---•---•---•---•---•---•---•---•---•---•---•---•--- ---| |--- ---| Script by "Kyonax - Pilar Perfeccionista" Syn
  3. Hi Guys, I have a question... I have this resource I want to use in my server. It is a car dealership, but what happens is, every car that a player buys disappear when the server or the resource is restarted. I was hoping that someone could help me with this. or at least give me a clue on how to prevent this to happen again. Thanks
  4. So I have a question, I have a model to import but I would like this object was only visible in a specific dimension. How can I do this?
  5. I have a problem with this script will someone help me? function Resource() local res = getResourceFromName("ResourceTest", true) startResource(res) end addCommandHandler("res", Resource)
  6. Hola hago este mensaje para ver si alguien me puede ayudar pasandome o vendiendome un resource de creacion de bases para un servidor de DayZ de mta desde ya muchas gracias
  7. Hola abro este foro para ver si alguien me puede ayudar mandandome un pack de jobs o algunos en singular para un servidor RPG de mta ya que en internet no hay muchos que funcionen correctamente no importa el idioma en el que esten ya que yo se traducirlos
  8. Olá a todos, iniciei um projeto recentemente de uma screen loading, a minha ideia é que nesta screen irá conter uma barra de progresso com uma porcentagem dos resources baixados, porém eu não sou muito familiarizado com essa parte de download do MTA. para eu estar fazendo esta conta eu preciso de dois valores, o valor total que eu já consegui obter, e o valor atual. É ai que me encontro sem saída, qual seria o melhor método de eu descobrir quantos resources faltam para serem baixados? Acredito eu que tem como, caso contrário não existiria a progress bar do MTA correto? De alguma forma o M
  9. Hace tiempo atrás existía como un sistema de SLOTHBOT si mal no recurdo o script de tipo SILENT HILL, y lo ando buscando como loco. ¿De casualidad alguién lo tiene o lo ha visto publicado?, recuerdo que el sistema de SILENT HILL estaba en la página resources mta, pero ya no lo encuentro. Lo único que veo es un sistema de SILENT HILL pero no trae los sonidos de sos monstruos y pieles (skines) que traita este viejo sistema. Si alguién me podría ayudar por favor se lo super agradecería!... Si no me comprendieron por favor pregunten sin problemas.
  10. i need a Moving Steering wheel script for imvehft vehicles. if someone have the script please give me link
  11. Does any one Have the script for a Turning Steering wheel in The Car ? i have Imvehft Vehicles that i'm sure it will work in. Can someone give me the Mod / Script ?
  12. Eu queria saber se existe algum mod que define as handings dos veiculos automaticas exemplo eu tenho o painel b do handing o jogador aperta f1 abre o painel freeroam ele pega um carro e o carro que ele pegar a handing do proprio servidor ja carrega automatica naquele carro no caso sem ter q usar o painel b obs: queria colocar uma propria pra cada tipo de carro por ID
  13. First, I began with this: When entering either marker, you are taken to the specified location. It works perfectly. Both markers take me to the desired location in San Andreas' map. I moved them around and changed the shape of the marker just to be sure. There were no problems. Then, I found this: This is supposed to teleport you into the specified interior (nº0), and the coordinates next to the interior (x, y, z) The chatbox outputs the expected message. However, there is no teleporting to the specified place. The function 'setElementInterior' looks good, judging by wha
  14. --meu sistema de level local recompensa = 100 -- quantidade= function experience () for i, p in ipairs( getElementsByType( "player" ) ) do local exp = getElementData(p, "Exp") local exps = tonumber(getElementData(p, "Exp")) local lvls = tonumber(getElementData(p, "Level")) if lvls and exps then local needexp = lvls * 1500 if not exp then setElementData(p, "Level", 0) setElementData(p, "Exp", 0) else if exps >= needexp then setElementData(p, "Level", lvls + 1) setElementData(p, "Exp", 0) givePlayerMoney(p, recompensa) outputChatBox ("
  15. Hello ! i'm back again with my first gamemode based on [PROTOTYPE] and [PROTOTYPE2] games. The context is simple. A secret government agency ( called Black Watch ) has to fight against a guy with superhuman skills in a post-apocalyptic place called 'The Red Zone'. The Black Watch Team has three ranks: Trooper - Commander - Pilot. Each rank has its own skills and respective vehicles as the black watch team, the superhuman (Prototype) has a wide variety of skills, attacks and transformations Also during the course of the gamemode,
  16. This is the dumbest question I've ever asked on this forum, but I have problem even not only with this. So, how can I add scripts from different folders in my meta.xml? And in these scripts, how can I load xml files from different folders, too? Any idea? If yes, please, show me example I know, that I would use xml = xmlLoadFile("filename.xml") But how to load xml in different folders? Same <script src="script.Lua" type="server"/> But how to tell MTA to load script from different folder?
  17. Hello Community, first of all, i have searched for any fortnite battle royal gamemode or server on MTA:SA but i didn't find, and i can be wrong, well, today i'm making a Fortnite Battle Royale game mode and i will release it when i complete it, and if you have any suggestions you can post it down, you know its a hard work and it will take a little time because actually i'm working alone on my local server. - Regards xMKHx Here is some screenshots
  18. [PT-BR] Paineis identicos, apenas com as function diferentes, dando interferencia, como arrumar ? os paineis são separados por acl, mas quando aperto a bind key, ele abre os dois, mas não tem permissão para acessar os recursos, mesmo assim atrapalha, por que todos os paineis das corporaçoes, são o mesmo, alterando apenas as function e o grupo de acl script:
  19. function SetCorpFT(player) if player and not isGuestAccount(getPlayerAccount(player)) then if isObjectInACLGroup("user."..getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(player)), aclGetGroup("BOPECMD")) then setElementData (player,resname..":soucmd", true) setElementData (player,resname..":gerenciar", true) setElementData (player,resname..":promover", true) setElementData (player,resname..":expulsar", true) setElementData (player,resname..":recrutar", true)
  20. Identical panels, only with different functions, giving interference, how to fix? the panels are separated by acl, but when I press the bind key, it opens the two, but it is not allowed to access the resources, but it gets in the way, because all corporation panels are the same, changing only the function and the acl group script: function SetCorpFT(player) if player and not isGuestAccount(getPlayerAccount(player)) then if isObjectInACLGroup("user."..getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(player)), aclGetGroup("BOPECMD")) then
  21. local defaults = {} local function loadDefaults () defaults.luac = get 'luac', defaults.prep = get 'prep', defaults.prepa = get 'prepa', defaults.prepcache = get 'prepcache', defaults.luaccache = get 'luaccache', defaults.suffix = get 'suffix', defaults.extension = get 'extension', defaults.naming = get 'naming',--order is important, e=strip extension, s=add suffix, t=replace with target if target exists defaults.tgt = '', end loadDefaults() local function vali
  22. O que há de errado? Objetivo: o jogador que estiver no grupo acl "EB" tem acesso ao comando /skin que por sua função tem de setar a skin do jogador para a skin 287, caso contrário aparece uma mensagem para ele dizendo que apenas membros do exercito podem executar o comando. Quem poder me ajudar fico grato, sou novato em desenvolver scripts mas ja tenho uma noção, pois, eu edito bastante scripts por ai. Ah eu gostaria que no outputChatBox("") o comando da cor #FF0000 funcionasse. Obrigado. function darSkin( thePlayer ) local nomeAcc = getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(thePlayer)) if n
  23. So I wanted to use a zm server's resources to play it on local server. After downloading the resources, I copied them to the resources library. I'm talking about appr. 60 different resources belonging to this one zm server, however I only added meta to the 'zombies' resources to see whether it is working or not. After started the local, I noticed the server does not spawn any zombies. ' ERROR: Couldn't parse meta file for resource 'zombies' [Line 9: Error reading Attributes.] ' This was the error message I got. What should I fix? Or is it possible that its problem is I only loaded this one res
  24. Hi all. Saw the resource, start the resource with start name for example "game_" and all the resources with such a beginning, startovarius. I've been looking everywhere, but I can't find him. If you have good people to help me find or tell me how to implement it. Sorry for my English)
  25. How can I learn the command to set all school portfolios, can anyone help me?
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