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Found 10 results

  1. السلام عليكم و رحمه الله و بركاته مطلوب اداري لسيرفر حرب العصابات يكون يمتلك المواصفات التاليه : 1 - يكون عمره فوق الـ17 سنه 2 - له خبره بسيرفرات حرب العصابات 3 - يكون فاضي و تواجدو يكون عالي 4 - تكون مهاراته الأداريه كويسه -------------------------------------------- الي شايف نفسه معه الامكانيات دي يكلمني خاص و السلام عليكم و رحمه الله و بركاته
  2. Hi, i like to request a Resource, TOP-Kills for MTA:DayZ! PLS HELP :C
  3. Hello! I wanna buy an Inventory system for my server. I wanna it like this: I want it to be 2 screens. One for the items in the ground and another for the player's items. And I also want a scroll bar (like a gridlist with the items) EVERYTHING ON DXDRAW. Send me your price on a PRIVATE MESSAGE or on my STEAM: steamcommunity.com/id/erknnetobr Sorry for my bad english. I can pay with PAYPAL or a Steam Game.
  4. I am looking for someone to give me a script for a donation system, basically I want to make a VIP system, the idea is.... you go to PayPal, you donate a price, then it gets the player from a box (on PayPal) and triggers an event to give $100,000 dollars * the money they payed to the players name from the box on PayPal. So say the player that wanted to get the money had an account name "john". He'd enter the amount on PayPal box he wants and then his account name into the box, it'd then trigger a script to get his name and amount he payed and multiply it by money he payed, so 1 euro =
  5. Please, if someone has 50p's map exporter tool, post the download link here ( official link is dead )
  6. Hello, i am searching for a water creator plugin/edf for map editor( i want to create water elements in map editor, not scripting them because it saves alot of time )
  7. Hello, I need help! Can someone make a script that will make minigun not overpowered. I mean that I need minigun that will do low damage, because it sucks So please , please help me guys
  8. Help, I can't find gamemode - FREEROAM with ranking system and no deathmatch mode (green shirt). I see every server has that new gamemode. For example when teleporting in to a destination you will land with parachute.... etc... In that freeroam gui (F1) there is also walking and fighting styles..... I really need that gamemode , I dont know how to get it, please ! I can't insert photo here for example...
  9. I need script that will increase drawdistance of effects ,players ,objects. PLEASE !!
  10. Can someone make me a script that on explode for example - plane wont disappear , but just on explode plane will become wreck....
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