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Found 4 results

  1. How to call a lua script function from a site? I don’t know what POST request to send to the server to get a response! I'm trying to do it like this: [LUA] function MTACheck(user) account = getAccount(user) if account then return "OK" else return "ERROR" end end [PYTHON] import requests ipp = '4*.17*.4*.4*:3***2' # it's my IP:PORT server adress user = '6E860E******************8E0F65F2' #it's my login from server req = requests.post(f'http://{ipp}/payment/call/MTAPaymentCheck', data = {'user': f'{user}'}) print( str(req.text) ) Received from the server: Acces
  2. Hello, I present to you a simple monitoring script for your server written in Python 3. This script will be useful for your site, for example, if you are developing it using Django / AIOHTTP / Flask or for other purposes. This script provides simple server information: game (mta) port - server main port (UDP) ase_port - server All Seeing Eye port (main MTA:SA port + 123) name - server name gamemode - server mode map - server map version - mta:sa server version players - number of players on the server right now maxplayers -
  3. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته انا الفترة الاخيرة هذي صرت اتعلم على لغة ال Django ولكن واجهتني مشكلة في البيئة الافتراضيه الخاصة بالخادم عند استخدام الامر py manage.py runserver يضهر لي هذا الكود مع العلم انه كان يشتغل معي قبل بشكل جيد لكن اخونا بالله حب يتفلسف ويغير ملفات المشروع وخرب كلشي وحذفت كلشي ورجعته زي م كان وحذفت البيئة ورجعتها واعدت تنصيب الغة ومو راضي وشكرا
  4. Hello everybody! I want to offer you a new language for writing scripts for MTA: SA. By the tags in the topic, you've already seen that it's Puthon 3. Many will say that Python 3 is bad for scripting, but it's not! It is similar to lua but has a wider OOP, and has the ability to connect modules. In the Internet very little material on lua, it is available but only in English, and what to do to the Russian community? The Russian segment in the MTA is very large, and lua materials are very small. Of course, the small amount of materials on the Internet for lua is not the reason for switching t
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