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Found 66 results

  1. i need solve for this problem i not use any hack or dll files last server play is vultaic i want help please can't join server local
  2. Mam problem z MTA , ponieważ gdy włączam gre i wybiore dowolny serwer jest narazie w porządku . Gdy zaczyna się pobieranie zasobów serwera albo logowanie się do serwera następuje crash albo bluescreen i tak mam za każdym razem . Bardzo proszę o pomoc Dodam , że kilkukrotnie próbowałem przeinstalować mta i gta ale to nic nie dało.
  3. Hello ! I have a problem on form that is related to 'Insert Existing Attachment' option. As you may know there is a button called 'Insert Existing Attachment' on every replying spaces and under that button, there are 02 options as 'insert image from URL' as well as 'Insert Existing Attachment'. When click on 'Insert Existing Attachment' a windows will display with 'You do not have any existing attachments' with 02 unusable buttons. So, how to add attachments to display in 'Insert Existing Attachment' window ?
  4. Emilia222

    trouble with turning on the game

    --------------------------- MTA: San Andreas [CL16] (CTRL+C to copy) --------------------------- Uruchomienie moda nie powiodło się. Upewnij się, że zainstalowano najnowsze pliki danych moda. Czy chcesz uzyskać pomoc dla tego problemu w trybie online? --------------------------- Tak Nie --------------------------- hello Guys! When turning on mtasa shows me a mistake ^, i tried opening, using administration and reinstall but not work, i turning off anti-virus and not work click no and not work my windows: 8.1 i have hope you help mi ;(
  5. Hello guys, i have a big problem. I created some object in interior, after the script was loaded, it did not create the objects. HERE THE SCRIPT pls help local mysql = exports.mta_connection:getConnection() local loadedRoulettePoints = 0 function createRoulettePoint(x,y,z,r,i,d,player) x = tonumber(x) y = tonumber(y) z = tonumber(z) r = tonumber(r) i = tonumber(i) d = tonumber(d) local insertQuery = dbQuery(mysql, "INSERT INTO roulettes SET position = ?", toJSON({x, y, z, r, i, d})) local insertResult, insertNumber, insertID, inti, dim = dbPoll(insertQuery, -1) local inti = getElementInterior(player) local dim = getElementDimension(player) if insertResult then temp = createObject(1978, x, y, z, 0, 0, r) if isElement(temp) then setElementData(temp, "dbid", insertID) setElementInterior(temp, inti) setElementDimension(temp, dim) setElementData(temp, "isRefill", true) for k,v in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do if getElementData(v,"acc:admin") >= 7 then outputChatBox("#7cc576[New - Network]:#0094ff "..getElementData(player, "char:anick").." #fffffflétrehozott egy rulett asztalt. ID:#7cc576 "..insertID,v,255,255,255,true) end end end end end addCommandHandler("createroulette", function(player) if getElementData(player, "acc:admin") >= 7 then x,y,z = getElementPosition(player) _,_,r = getElementRotation(player) i = getElementInterior(player) d = getElementDimension(player) createRoulettePoint(x,y,z,r,i,d,player) end end) addCommandHandler("delroulette", function(player) if getElementData(player, "acc:admin") < 7 then return end local id = getNearestRoulettePoint(player) local interiorka = getElementInterior(player) if id ~= -1 and getElementData(id, "isRefill") then id = getElementData(id, "dbid") interiorka = getElementData(interiorka, "dbid") end if id == -1 then outputChatBox("#D63F3E[New - Network]: #ffffffNincs a közeledben rulett asztal.", player, 0, 0, 0, true) return end local qh = dbQuery(mysql, "DELETE FROM roulettes WHERE id = ?", id) local removeResult, _, removeID = dbPoll(qh, -1) if removeResult then for k,v in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do if getElementData(v,"acc:admin") >= 1 then outputChatBox("#7cc576[New - Network]:#0094ff "..getElementData(player, "char:anick").." #fffffftörölt egy rulett asztalt.",v,255,255,255,true) end end for k,v in ipairs(getElementsByType("object")) do if getElementData(v, "isRefill") and getElementData(v, "dbid") == id then destroyElement(v) end end end end) function getNearestRoulettePoint(ep) local pe = {getElementPosition(ep)} local dis = 2 local dis2 = 0 local obj = -1 local type = "object" for key, value in ipairs(getElementsByType(type)) do local p2 = {getElementPosition(value)} dis2 = getDistanceBetweenPoints3D (pe[1], pe[2], pe[3], p2[1], p2[2], p2[3]) if tonumber(dis2) < tonumber(dis) then dis = dis2 obj = value end end return obj end function loadRoulettePoints(resource, object) if resource ~= getThisResource() then return end loadedRoulettePoints = 0 local loaderQuery = dbPoll(dbQuery(mysql, "SELECT * FROM roulettes"), -1) if loaderQuery then for key, value in ipairs(loaderQuery) do local id = tonumber(value["id"]) local position = fromJSON(value["position"]) local interior, dimension = getElementsByType("object") local inti = getElementInterior(interior) local dim = getElementDimension(dimension) for a, p in ipairs (getElementsByType("object")) do if p then local loadedRoulettes = createObject(1978, position[1], position[2], position[3], 0, 0, position[4]) setElementData(loadedRoulettes, "dbid", id) setElementInterior(loadedRoulettes, inti) setElementDimension(loadedRoulettes, dim) setElementDoubleSided(loadedRoulettes, true) local loadedPedPoint = createPed(123, position[1], position[2], position[3], position[4]+90) setElementData(loadedPedPoint, "dbid", id) --setElementInterior(loadedPedPoint, inti) --setElementDimension(loadedPedPoint, dim) end end loadedRoulettePoints = loadedRoulettePoints + 1 end outputDebugString(loadedRoulettePoints .. " rulett asztal betöltve.") end end addEventHandler("onResourceStart", resourceRoot, loadRoulettePoints)
  6. --------------------------- MTA: San Andreas [CL16] (CTRL+C to copy) --------------------------- Uruchomienie moda nie powiodło się. Upewnij się, że zainstalowano najnowsze pliki danych moda. Czy chcesz uzyskać pomoc dla tego problemu w trybie online? --------------------------- Tak Nie --------------------------- po kliknięciu nie, mta się nie włącza nic się nie dzieje próbowałam reinstalować mta sa parę razy wyłączać antywirusa, włączać za pomocą administratora, to pierwszy raz mi się tak zrobiło nigdy wczesniej nie było takich problemów windows 8.1 proszę o pomoc wczoraj działało dzisiaj już nie
  7. DeadthStrock


    So, I just created below code. Client Side Code :- local screenW, screenH = guiGetScreenSize() local marker = createMarker( 0, 0, 2, "cylinder", 2, 255, 255, 0, 255 ) function drawAlert() dxDrawText("You Hit The Marker", (screenW - 340) / 2, (screenH - 53) / 2, ((screenW - 340) / 2) + 340, ( (screenH - 53) / 2) + 53, tocolor(255, 0, 0, 255), 3.00, "default", "left", "top", false, false, false, false, false) dxDrawLine(296, 358, 719, 358, tocolor(32, 222, 55, 255), 1, false) dxDrawLine(296, 411, 719, 411, tocolor(32, 222, 55, 255), 1, false) end function onMarkerHit() addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, drawAlert) end addEventHandler("onClientMarkerHit", marker, onMarkerHit) function onMarkerLeave() removeEventHandler("onClientRender", root, drawAlert) end addEventHandler("onClientMarkerLeave", marker, onMarkerLeave) The problem is that, since onClientRender event use root, when one player hit the marker, alert [ drawAlert function ] will draw on all players' screen ! How to draw that alert [ drawAlert function ] only on marker hit player's screen ??
  8. az20fx

    MTA Menu Lag

    Since the new update I cant Play without trouble and lag Always lagging Lag in Menu ...
  9. Reducere2.0

    Un prost de admin

    am facut ceva gresit si am recunoscut pe sv, si ma intraba adminu "avoid sau inchisoare, alegi" eu am ales jail si ala la care am greșit un spus si la fel, si adm a facut ca el, mi-a dat avoid E cinstit?
  10. AhmadMohamedAhmad


    Welcome Support I have a problem I am expelled from the game without a possible reason Tfco package and thank you
  11. MRThinker

    Saving problem in my server

    Hi Guys There is a problem with my server. Please give me a resource to help me make the player skin unchanged! I'm killing when I'm done. Skin is converted to CJ Please help P
  12. MRThinker

    Vehicle problem in my server

    Hello friends I have a server. When the vehicles blow up on the server, they will no longer be deleted and stayed exploded there. Help me fix this problem.
  13. louaye


    i have a problem when i want to instal i downlound the game then when it give me terms and contract i click next then i stop working
  14. BigSmoke

    [Fast Help Required! Big Problem]

    Hello There. Well my problem is really annoying. I downloaded MTA properly and after launching MTA everything was fine and when I click "Map Editor" a small window pops up "Starting local server.." Then nothing happens after that. I literally waited for 30 minutes. Thanks for your help!
  15. Revin

    MTA Crashing

    I was trying to play MTA like 3 days ago and im getting the same error in many servers (MTA is crashing) Version = 1.5.5-release-11999.0.000 Time = Wed Jun 6 19:37:34 2018 Module = C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\gta_sa.exe Code = 0xC0000005 Offset = 0x003C91CC EAX=0ED172C8 EBX=0ED172B8 ECX=0177FAA0 EDX=000A9518 ESI=00000000 EDI=00000001 EBP=0177FC50 ESP=0177FA80 EIP=007C91CC FLG=00010202 CS=001B DS=0023 SS=0023 ES=0023 FS=003B GS=0000 Anyone can help me?
  16. DeadthStrock

    Convert Time

    Hi There ! Below code draw a DX text with Real World Time. function time () local time = getRealTime() local hours = time.hour local minutes = time.minute dxDrawRectangle (112, 468, 134, 47, tocolor(0, 0, 0, 150)) dxDrawText (hours..":"..minutes, 146, 476, 304, 536, tocolor(255,255,255), 2) end addEventHandler ( "onClientRender", root, time ) This time is in digital clock [ ex :- 1.30 PM ==> 13:30 , 6.00 PM ==> 18:00 ] And how to convert it to analog clock ?? [ ex :- 13:30 ==> 1.30 PM , 18:00 ==> 6.00 PM ]
  17. hey guys i've made CJ Custom Clothes and it's working but there's a problem when a player reconnect or resource restart it back to original clothes i want save it any help ? screenshot :
  18. KingBC

    Wind sound in Login Panel

    Guys, I have a problem with my login panel. I set to play a song but the wind is still in the background. Help me
  19. salamk88

    problem CD20

    Hello Mta sa support I have a problem with mta sa The problem is CD20 The problem says Error downloading requested files. Timeout was reaches. [Connection timed out after 10000 milliseconds] [pb_moodels/data/757b40.pb] _____________________ photo and thanks a lot
  20. Ichitan

    MTA is suddenly crashed win.7 32bit

    Here is my computer space Here is MTADiag. Some clue : It happens when I get in a car and when map's rendering.
  21. Andy555

    Guys , help me

    Help me with this problem please.
  22. Guys, I am setting up an RPG server, but we are having difficulty with GM Play, it creates the car spines, I already tried to disable it in meta.xml, but it continues, when I delete list of cars in broph.lua and start the server, the map does not load. Does anyone know how I can solve or has rpg folder to download?
  23. Nerve

    [HELP] libmysql16 problem

    [2018-01-12 14:55:12] ERROR: Could not load /home/gameservers/mta/turbo1/x64/./ - /home/gameservers/mta/turbo1/x64/./ symbol __cxa_pure_virtual, version libmysqlclient_16 not defined in file with link time reference[2018-01-12 14:55:12] ERROR: san_mysql/server.lua:19: dbConnect failed; Could not connect [2018-01-12 14:55:12] INFO: [mysql]: Sikertelen MYSQL csatlakozás! please help me, how to fix this?
  24. Limited_man

    New with Linux

    howdy.i just hosted my server "RP" and i dont know why i cant connect with Mysql.i tired to put and lib in Modules but it didnt work on windows works. If u dont know how to help me i can give my PHP because anything i have there ist special
  25. Zgreedeek

    Map problem

    Hi, I've encountered a weird problem and I can't deal with it myself. Maybe you can help me. Im making a server with my friend. He's scripting and I'm doing maps. The problem is we run today server and the maps I made disappear. The thing is we both got separate servers. On my server where I make those maps in playmode everythings fine on the other one bad things happen. Do you got maybe idea whats wrong? He already reinstall his server. There some screens if you don't know what I'm saying It happen if you move your mouse in made map. ;/