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Found 5 results

  1. Port forwading is killing me. I've opened all 3 ports (I believe correctly, using my device's ip), I allowed MTA Server through the firewall (ESET Internet Security) I allowed the ports through the firewall, sometimes even disabled the firewall for testing. I restarted the router, twice, followed the guide, watched various open forwading tutorials, but whatever I do, MTA server always declares all 3 ports closed.
  2. Notă: Subiectul de mai jos reprezintă doar o traducere a ghidului realizat de către @Dutchman101, ghid ce poate fi vizualizat în formă originală aici. Toate meritele privind întocmirea prezentului ghid merg către acesta. GHID PORT FORWARDING (DESCHIDERE PORTURI) Pentru a vă găzdui propriul server de MTA veți fi nevoit să vă deschideți porturile (port forwarding) pentru ca ceilalți să poată să vadă și să se poată alătura server-ului vostru. Dacă porturile nu sunt deschise în mod corect, ceilalți jucători nu se vor putea conecta, iar server-ul vostru va părea gol. De asemenea, coman
  3. I did this weird port forward thing and still console says that ports are closed. Am I doing something wrong? Please, help! https://pasteboard.co/Jj0XL6Z.png
  4. PORT FORWARDING GUIDE In order to host your own MTA Server, you'll need to forward ports for others to be able to see your server, and join it. If ports are not forwarded properly, other players cannot connect, and your server will feel empty. Additionally, the output of "openports" command in server console would be: Testing ports... Port 22126 UDP is closed. Players can not browse! Port 22003 UDP is closed. Players can not join! Port 22005 TCP is closed. Players can not download! Instructions Locate your network's router or modem physically and look on the ba
  5. Hey Guys whats up .. This is my second post any how straight to the topic I REALLY NEED HELP for the past 1 month i have been trying to port forward my server And everytime i try it just says ports still closed Before you guys gimme the basic trouble shooting techniques lemme tell you what i did -Changed IP to Static -Port forwarded by seeing guides from trustworthy portforwarding webistes -Shut off firewall and router firewall Anyway so now with the screenshots so that you guys can get a detailed overview http://imgur.com/a/XTuz0
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