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Found 4 results

  1. حاب اضيف روابط تانيه يعني لما تخلص الأغنيه الأولى تشتغل الأغنيه التانيه ولما يخلص يرجع من الأول كود function onResourceStart() sound = playSound3D('https://g.top4top.io/m_1598i8jrg1.mp3', 144.89999, -1939.3, 3.5) setElementDimension(sound,0) setSoundMaxDistance(sound, 100) end addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", resourceRoot, onResourceStart) addCommandHandler("sound", function () if isElement(sound) then destroyElement(sound) outputChatBox("تم اقاف الأغاني") end end) وشكرا
  2. Hello dear ! I'm trying to play some musics with the function 'playSound3D'. The sound URLs are provided to the function [ not files ]. So, that this musics are started to play according to the internet speed of the client. Some will start earlier than others. My problem is in stopping the sound. When current music ends, the next one should play. For that I need to know how long that the current sound will play. Therefore, how to return the left playtime of the sound?
  3. The essence of the script: The player enters the /say1 command and the sound is played inside the player. But when I enter this command, the sound does not play. There are no warnings and errors in the log. What could be the problem? Script: function say1(source) if (source) and x and y and z then local x,y,z = getElementPosition(source) if x and y and z then sound = playSound3D('say1.mp3',x,y,z) attachElements (sound,source) setSoundMaxDistance(sound,25) end end end addCommandHandler('say1',say1) meta.xml: <meta> <scrip
  4. Good'm creating a tuning shop for my RPG server. most did not want to use files files to decrease the MB script ... so I had the idea of creating music using random using playSound3D URL .. but I have two errors. ERROR 1 = Table does not work. ERROR 2 = He is not changing the interior or the size of the element. can anyone point me a correct direction or point out the error in my script? Client Sid local URLMusics = { {'https://albireo1.sscdn.co/palcomp3/2/a/b/9/equipeinsanos-tribo-da-periferia-mussoumano-convida-6ec60699.mp3'}, {'https://japeto.ssc
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