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Found 14 results

  1. Hello, I would like to know how to set npc rotation towards the player (To NPC just look at the player) preferably using the command "getElementPosition" (client resource)
  2. Here's the script: inFourD = createMarker (2019.76953125, 1007.0116577148, 9.7203125, "cylinder", 1, 255, 0, 0, 153) function inFourDragons (player, matchingDimension) if (source == inFourD) and (getElementType(player) == "player") and (isPedInVehicle(localPlayer) == true) then outputChatBox("#D2691E[#FF7F50INFO#D2691E]#FFFFFF: No se permiten vehículos dentro.", hitPlayer, 0, 0, 0, true) elseif (source == inFourD) and (getElementType(player) == "player") and (isPedInVehicle(localPlayer) == false) then outputChatBox("#D2691E[#FF7F50INFO#D2691E]#FFFFFF: Ingresaste al casino
  3. I've found six issues so far. Being alone, everything seemed fine; with players, these issues are visible. For the sake of organization and to avoid overwhelming, I'll be going through each issue (if possible), instead of throwing everything at once —unless asked otherwise—. First in the list is about client.Lua's 'outputChatBox' showing to everyone in the chatbox: I've got two scripts in this moment that are causing said inconvenient: a quick ATM system and a teleport system. The ATM is a simple marker that, when hit, gives you $500, and outputs that information. The teleports
  4. This is the code: requestBrowserDomains({"www.convertmp3.io"}) local browser = createBrowser( 0, 0, false ) local currentSound = {} function start(_,link) fetch(link) end addCommandHandler("play",start) function fetch(url) if (url) then fetchRemote("http://www.convertmp3.io/fetch/?format=JSON&video="..url, callback) end end function callback(data, error) if (error ~= 0) then return outputChatBox(error) end if (data == "ERROR") then return outputChatBox("data error") end local data = fromJSON("["..data.."]") if (data) then
  5. I want get online player count from my secondary server, and show with a label.. But how is it possible?
  6. Hello there. Me and my friend tried to make a script that makes a spoiler on a vehicle moving. If the vehicle is going above 100km/h the spoiler will change its position. We are using setVehicleComponentPosition. The problem is that only the player who's driving the car can see it moving. Is there any way that it will be visible for everybody on the server?
  7. hello ! please help me for hide players on Radar and map players is show on radar how to hide players ?! fast answer me please !
  8. When i press the F11, just the local player blip displayed, and the other players are not.. How to fix this?
  9. Hello guys, lemme explain about my problem.. I bought a new laptop, and when I installed MTA all worked fine, but when I join in a server I can't see players name.. I only see life bar and ''TAG'' like ''Admin'' or ''Police Officer'' it's a RPG server, but I can't see the name of those players.. PLEASE HELP ME GUYS :c I'm using Windows 10 and settings of Radeon in a laptop.. Thanks all
  10. Hoping that they are well, it turns out that I have a problem with my script, I want to make it work counting the players in an area and not the server to start the game. It gives me the global attempt to call countPlayersInRange (a nil value). function chekin( player )--CHECK INICIO local alive = countPlayersInRange(4754.6508789063, -2038.6687011719, 2.3671875, 40) if alive >= 8 and royale == false then -- mudar para 3 outputChatBox ( "#FFFFFF[ROYALE]:#FF0000INICIANDO PARTIDA BATTLE ROYALE", root, 0, 255, 0, true ) counter() elseif alive == 1 and
  11. Me pareció buena idea hacer un pequeño script para reservar slots por serial, así los dueños de los servidores siempre podrán entrar a administrar en caso de tener un gran público o simplemente disponer de pocos slots. Esto es muy útil en servidores Roleplay. Screenshot Descarga el recurso: https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=14452 *TODAS LAS INSTRUCCIONES EN EL ENLACE DE DESCARGA*
  12. I don't understand whats up with players on mta ,There are more server owners than players in community. It wasn't like this 3-4 years ago when people really enjoyed playing the game.Now everyone is starting a server and result is that there are more servers than players that doesn't make sense Most of these 'server owners' are kids .MTA should introduce a verification process for starting new server to reduce unoriginal servers from list , like you could only start a server if you have actually created something unique or maybe charge money for starting a server because the way it is now
  13. local screenW, screenH = guiGetScreenSize() local online = #getElementsByType("player") addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, function() dxDrawRectangle(screenW * 0.0069, screenH * 0.7144, screenW * 0.2188, screenH * 0.0289, tocolor(0, 0, 0, 178), false) dxDrawText("#00FF00Online #FFffffkockák: #00bafF"..online.."/32", screenW * 0.0097, screenH * 0.7144, screenW * 0.2257, screenH * 0.7422, tocolor(255, 255, 255, 255), 0.90, "pricedown", "center", "center", false, false, false, true, false) end ) will not charge players only if resource restart, why? /sorry
  14. i used this in my script: toggleControl ( 'fire', false ) but players can shoot with pressing tab, how to fix this?
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