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Found 14 results

  1. function asdasdsas() playSound("") end addCommandHandler("test",asdasdsas) what wrong? the API working fine, but the playSound not.. how to fix?
  2. I wanna get remaining time from the video, but does not working.. Why? function callback(data, error) if (error ~= 0) then return outputChatBox(error) end if (data == "ERROR") then return outputChatBox("data error") end local data = fromJSON("[""]") if (data) then local minutes, seconds = convertTime(tonumber(data.length)) if seconds < 10 then seconds = "0"..seconds end outputChatBox("Title: " outputChatBox("Length: "..minutes..":"..seconds ) outputChatBox("Remaining: " loadBrowserURL( browser, ) end end
  3. Entre e divirta-se com seus amigos no servidor Nova Vida RPG. No servidor você pode entrar para corporações, gangues e clãns para travar confrontos épicos e ficar rico. Ou se preferir pode comprar vips falando com a staff. IP : mtasa:// Discord:
  4. I want play songs from youtube, but i don't know how to use a converter to this.. Anyone can send me a WORKING link like this: Sorry for my bad english...
  5. ╔─━━━━🔰 BRASIL STYLO MEC 3.0 🔰━━━━─╗📢 IP Do Server: mtasa://✔ Status ON✔ Modo: Role Play / Freeroam✔ Carros Brasileiros 🇧🇷✔ Motos Brasileiras 🇧🇷✔ Skins Modificadas✔ Mapas Modificados✔ Texturas Modificadas✔ Vagas: Corporação / Gangue / Staff✔ Servidor 100% Sem Lag✔ Download Acelerado✔ Download Compactado📤 Página Do Facebook: ☎ Raidcall: 546053╚─━━━━🔰 BRASIL STYLO MEC 3.0 🔰━━━━─╝
  6. Somehow i can make this possible? When a player connect, then he have to wait the end of download, then he can use the fr gui. I want make fr gui usable when player download the mods. Sorry for my bad english..
  7. client: function rtwjhrt() if isElement(ss) then stopSound(ss) return end local car = getPedOccupiedVehicle ( localPlayer ) local gettext = guiGetText ( GUIEditor.edit[1] ) local x, y, z = getElementPosition( car ) local ss = playSound3D( 'asd.mp3', x, y, z ) setSoundMaxDistance( ss, 85 ) attachElements(ss,car) end addEvent("asd123asd456",true) addEventHandler("asd123asd456",root,rtwjhrt) server: function trig() triggerClientEvent(root,"asd123asd456",root) end addEvent( "asjdlaj", true ) addEventHandler( "asjdlaj", root, trig ) Why not hear the sound another players?
  8. I want make a script, which plays sound from youtube.. But.. there is no one converter which would work.. How to use a converter as sound player? Anyone can help?? Sorry for my bad english..
  9. I want create a sound requester script, but how to convert yt link to mp3 with script? Sorry for my very bad english.
  10. Guys, I am setting up an RPG server, but we are having difficulty with GM Play, it creates the car spines, I already tried to disable it in meta.xml, but it continues, when I delete list of cars in broph.lua and start the server, the map does not load. Does anyone know how I can solve or has rpg folder to download?
  11. hellow ! i need to know how player spwan with parachute in sky like pubg player spwaning im use this for freeroam pls help me friends
  12. Witam, Poszukuje programisty znającego język LUA, w celu napisania Game Mode oraz tworzenia skryptów pod serwer Role Play MTA. Jeśli osoba się sprawdzi to mam nadzieje na dalszą współpracę. Poszukuje również map makera, który przygotuje mapę pod serwer, tj. przygotuje zupełnie świeży object pack, nie pobugowany. Wynagrodzenie: Jestem w stanie podzielić się zyskami ze skrypterem, w grę wchodzi również wykonanie przelewu bankowego z mojej strony. Co do mapera, również mogę zagwarantować wynagrodzenie w formie pieniężnej, jeśli Object Pack będzie godny uwagi. Poszukuje również pozostałej części ekipy, która pomoże mi w tworzeniu i rozwijaniu serwera. Kontakt: E-mail: Discord: Wal0#5502
  13. I searched on community, but i have not found
  14. fr_server.lua: function warpMe(targetPlayer) local interior = getElementInterior(targetPlayer) setElementInterior(source, interior) setCameraInterior(source, interior) if getElementData(targetPlayer, "IsWarpLocked") then outputChatBox("Ez a játékos nem engedte meg hogy rá warpoljanak", source, r, g, b, false) return end if isPedDead(source) then spawnMe() end local vehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle(targetPlayer) if not vehicle then -- target player is not in a vehicle - just warp next to him local x, y, z = getElementPosition(targetPlayer) clientCall(source, 'setPlayerPosition', x + 2, y, z) else -- target player is in a vehicle - warp into it if there's space left if getPedOccupiedVehicle(source) then --removePlayerFromVehicle(source) outputChatBox('Get out of your vehicle first.', source) return end local numseats = getVehicleMaxPassengers(vehicle) for i=0,numseats do if not getVehicleOccupant(vehicle, i) then if isPedDead(source) then local x, y, z = getElementPosition(vehicle) spawnMe(x + 4, y, z + 1) end warpPedIntoVehicle(source, vehicle, i) return end end outputChatBox("No free seats left in " .. getPlayerName(targetPlayer) .. "'s vehicle.", source, 255, 0, 0) end end addCommandHandler("warpki", function(player) outputChatBox("Nem tudnak rád warpolni", source, r, g, b) setElementData(player, "IsWarpLocked", true) end) addCommandHandler("warpbe", function(player) outputChatBox("Mostmár rád tudnak warpolni", source, r, g, b) removeElementData(player, "IsWarpLocked") end) fr_client.lua: function toggleWarponoff() local state = guiCheckBoxGetSelected(getControl(wndMain, 'warpkibe')) guiCheckBoxSetSelected(getControl(wndMain, 'warpkibe'), not state) server.IsWarpLocked(state) end {'chk', id='warpkibe', text='Warp', onclick=toggleWarponoff},