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  1. tengo una duda he creado este panel para cambiar de team es decir que yo le cambie el team a un jugador pero cuando le doy "CONTRATAR" me cambia el team a mi que hago? Client function empre() local screenW, screenH = guiGetScreenSize() contrataciones = guiCreateWindow((screenW - 628) / 2, (screenH - 430) / 2, 628, 430, "NOMBRE DE LA EMPRESA", false) guiSetProperty(contrataciones, "CaptionColour", "FF0036FE") jugador = guiCreateGridList(44, 43, 233, 338, false, contrataciones) guiGridListAddColumn(jugador, "Jugadores", 0.9) for _, player in ipa
  2. I am a beginner regarding the Lua language, the problem is very simple actually when I enter the server the panel to change the weather overrides the login panel I wanted to make it be activated only by bind ie when starting the server it would be set to off and pressing bind appears .. GUIEditor = { button = {}, label = {} } addEventHandler('onClientResourceStart', resourceRoot, function() wnd = guiCreateWindow(812, 300, 301, 423, "Painel Clima", false, wnd) guiWindowSetSizable(wnd, false) guiSetAlpha(wnd, 0.97) guiSetProperty(wnd, "CaptionCol
  3. I made this: -- All other functions and GUI creation. -- [...] -- Created button called "fbumper". local function setFBumper() local theVeh7 = getPedOccupiedVehicle(localPlayer) if theVeh7 then setVehicleComponentVisible(theVeh7, "bump_front_dummy", false) end end addEventHandler("onClientGUIClick", fbumper, setFBumper, false) -- Everything else... It works. Then I wanted to have the button switch between true to false when clicked. Something like: local function setFBumper() local theVeh7 = getPedOccupiedVehicle(localPlayer) if theVeh7 then setVehicleComponentVi
  4. Hello, everybody! I'm following this tutorial to make a GUI with a car spawning function. Copy/pasting everything works up until the gridlist. The click doesn't. Could there be a mistake? I recreated the script on my own following step by step: - Client-side - And here is the problematic part: The GUI elements are the same. The only thing that changes are the names. Naturally, it should work by simply replacing the names. However, I believe there might be a mistake on the original script. With everything as it is, I can show and hide the GUI, and click on any v
  5. Today, I was testing my policeman job (that I will surely post) on my server, because I wanted to know, if other players (not from one XML file) can access to be policemans. Suddenly, I saw, that on other nickname, I can open F1 panel. So what can I do? Thanks everybody for advance. Here is my part of acl.xml for proof, that only me and my friend are in Admin group: <acl> <group name="Everyone"> <acl name="Default"></acl> <object name="user.*"></object> <object name="resource.*"></object> </group> &l
  6. Hello these days i made a pretty beginner handling panel but unfortunately i got stuck as i can't load my handling.who can help please thx [Im noob :(] Script: local hand1 = "#1 Drift" local hand2 = "#2 Drift" local hand3 = "#3 Drift" local hand4 = "#4 Drift" local hand5 = "#5 Drift" local hand6 = "#6 Drift" local hand7 = "#7 Drift" local hand8 = "#8 Drift" local hand9 = "#9 Drift" local screenH, screenW = guiGetScreenSize() local x, y = (screenH/1366), (screenW/768) local Font = dxCreateFont("gfx/Roboto-Condensed.ttf", 13) ---<< Criando a fonte ..
  7. function SetCorpFT(player) if player and not isGuestAccount(getPlayerAccount(player)) then if isObjectInACLGroup("user."..getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(player)), aclGetGroup("BOPECMD")) then setElementData (player,resname..":soucmd", true) setElementData (player,resname..":gerenciar", true) setElementData (player,resname..":promover", true) setElementData (player,resname..":expulsar", true) setElementData (player,resname..":recrutar", true)
  8. والصلاة والسلام علي سيدنا محمد خاتم المرسلين وعلي اَلي وصحبه وسلم أجمعين @HassoN كيفكم إخواني أتمني لكم الخير من كل قلبي وما بمل بشكر أخواني وأعزائي الكرام وخاصة أخي والباقي في القلب - : اليوم طلبان وليس أمر ألا وهم :طلب اللوحة الأدمانية وهو عايز كود يخلي الأسل ما يتفتح إلا لرتب معينة بس :طلب مود الساعات وهو مود الساعات أبي أسوي له داتا باس بمعني السيرفر طفي او سويت ريستارت للمود ساعات الاعبين ما تروح بس كذا ذا الي أحتاجه وأسف لو أكون مأثر علي بعض المطورين هذي الأيام ظروفي ما تسمح لي أني أكون مستوعب والله وحده يعلم وشكرا لكل أحبائي ومسانديني ويكون الإنسان في عون ربه
  9. So i have a shop script wich pretty much allows to buy items/weapons from this shop, the shop sells with "K.B.K Points" which is the player money but with another name to fit the server. The problem i have is when player buys one of the item they get all of them. I want to make them get the item they buy ONLY and get the right amount, for example if you buy a MK 48 Mod 0 Mag, you should get 100x of this item in your inventory because the mag itself is 100, otherwise wich ive tested it only gave 1x. But the problem is when i add more lines which i have shown below, it gives the player all the i
  10. GalaxyExx

    clan panel

    hey , i want make a clan list that are showed in panel ( each clan has informations like xp , leader , kills , members , online , members .. ) can anyone help me ?
  11. Quisiera como pudiera hacer que mi panel cuando muera alguien se abra automaticamente ya que solo abre cuando entras al sv x,y = guiGetScreenSize() JobsWin = guiCreateWindow(x/3 - 170,y/3 - 20,200,320,"Selecciona Tu Equipo",false) teamsList = guiCreateGridList(0,22,186,255,false,JobsWin) column = guiGridListAddColumn( teamsList, "Teams", 0.85 ) for id, team in ipairs(getElementsByType("team")) do local row = guiGridListAddRow ( teamsList ) guiGridListSetItemText ( teamsList, row, 1, getTeamName ( team ), false, false ) guiGridListSetItemColor ( teamsList, row, 1, getTeamCo
  12. where is located tuning panel/tuning menu in resources??? pleasee help i have owl gamemode
  13. Hi guys we all know how to make gates and open them with commands or colshape hit etc.. I just replaced same trick with panel I added 2 buttons open the gate & close the gate !this will be help full for team base ,houses or any restricts area ! Hope you like it watch the video from here https://youtu.be/_VjlhdCV-74
  14. Guys, I have a problem with my login panel. I set to play a song but the wind is still in the background. Help me
  15. Hello guys! I have a Ped on serverside, and a Panel on clientside. How can I open my panel on serverside just for the localplayer?
  16. Personally, I'm posting in this category, in case this post can not be here I remove. Well, I'm putting together a "Vip Panel" for my server. The problem I'm having is that when I set up the position with the DX for example: Skin 1 - Skin 2 Vehicle 1 - Vehicle 2 Life / Armor - Weapons Destroy vehicle Skins 1 and 2 work perfectly when you click Vehicles 1 and 2 are also working properly But when I click either on Life / Armor or on Guns he gives me the cars I set for the buttons on vehicles Can someone help me? Below are the codes server.lua
  17. Hi Please i need function if checkbox checked txd will be remplaced if unchek Return Normal
  18. I want create a help panel, with html, but i don't know how to make this.. Anyone can help?
  19. Buenas tardes, me podrían ayudar a cómo hacer para solucionar el siguiente problema, cuando realizo un panel y creo un Edit Box, al intentar ingresar texto en el Edit Box existe problemas con las teclas que tienen bind, por ejemplo con la t(para el say) o p(para el panel de admin). Este es el código de un ejemplo simple (Client): function asd() Panel = guiCreateWindow(216, 166, 942, 231, "", false) guiWindowSetSizable(Panel, false) Ingreso = guiCreateEdit(51, 41, 858, 68, "", false, Panel) showCursor (true) end addCommandHandler ("cp", asd) A
  20. i have a loginpanel, and i added this lines: time = getTickCount() x = 1000 y = 200 z = 20 function anim() x = x+0.31 y = y+0.32 setCameraMatrix(x,y,z, 0, 0, 0) if (getTickCount() - time >= 5000) then removeEventHandler("onClientPreRender", getRootElement(), anim) end end addEventHandler("onClientPreRender", getRootElement(), anim) but when i log in, how to set camera to the player? because when i login, the loginpanel disappear, and the camera stay there sorry for my bad english :c
  21. Mi problema es que obviamente no se scriptear bien jaja, pero tengo la idea de como hacerlo, es a partir del panel, (AL PULSAR > "ABOTON1" en el panel(Ventana2) empezar un recorrido, y hacer que se cree 1 marker, y asi apenas llega, que espere 3 segundos, se destruya el marker, y se cree 1 nuevo en otra parada y asi. Al llegar que le de dinero, no veo que sea algo dificil de hacer, pero intente de todo, por eso recurro a la comunidad... Espero que no sea mucha molestia, gracias por leer! ----------------------------------------------------- -- Esto seria la parte del panel para que em
  22. السلام عليكم شباب انا عندي vps Debian GNU/Linux 8 مطلوب برمجة لوحة Open Game Panel ومقابل vps Windows او Linux البرمجة راح تتم عن طريق TeamViewer للتواصل مع اصاحب الاستضافة عن طريق Skaype https://join.skype.com/l6WJnoXTBrsi
  23. client: function asdasd111() removeEventHandler("onClientRender",root,a123) guiSetVisible(buttonLogin,false) guiSetVisible(buttonRegister,false) guiSetVisible(buttonGuest,false) guiSetVisible(editPassword,false) guiSetVisible(editUsername,false) guiSetVisible(G1,false) guiSetVisible(G2,false) showCursor(false) end addEvent ( "onClientPlayerLogin", true ) addEventHandler ( "onClientPlayerLogin", root, asdasd111 ) server: function triggerLogin ( player, username, password ) triggerClientEvent ( player, "onClientPlayerLogin", player, username, password ) end what wrong?
  24. Buenas!, este script está muy bueno, basicamente lo que hace es darte la posibilidad de seleccionar tu personaje con unos blink para moverte y a su vez decidír el sexo del mismo. El problema deviene cuando has seleccionado a tu personaje? este al iniciar se quita el skin que te pusiste y automaticamente se pone el skin inicial, no sé si me doy a entender?. Lo que quiero es saber como hago para qu el skin pretederminado de mi server Day-Z no reemplaze el de panel menú selección, aquí el script!: femaleSkins = {179, 93} maleSkins = {73, 287} --------**-------- -------//\\-------
  25. __ السلام عليكم__ -:واما بعد .اولا: ياريت اللى مايفهم بالبرمجة شى اصلا نصيحة لاتضيع وقتك هون* . بردو لاتضيع وقتك هون mta ثانيا : اللى هيقلى انا ابرمج فى* شى اساسى طبعا! linux ثالثا : نبداء بالشى المهم اول شى لازم يعرف فى نظام* .ip,tcp,udp,ports,other.....وثانى شى لازما يعرف فى مجال الشبكات يعنى مثال& . ثالث شى يالحلوين يحط فى حسابة انة مايشتغل على فى بى اس عادى يعنى بختصار فى مودم منجر& رابع شى الوقت مهم ولله بسبب تكالف الباهظة الفى بى اس يعنى يخلص الاستضافة فى يوم اقصى& .شى 24 مفهو م ماعم امزح نرجع بقى لعنوان الموضو
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