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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I am looking for TDM mapper will be payed fair price
  2. xRGamingx

    Help!! PAID

    Hello! Any friend who can operate the yacht of gta V in mta sa? Let him contact me and I can pay him I want to make it appear in an area and that it can not be use thanks
  3. I'm Gabriel also known as Simple01. I'm a teenage programmer that enjoys programming stuff just if that stuff worth's the effort because I don't like to program at high level without getting any benefit this being said I'm not a bad person which is only interested in money I also offer help when I see someone is trying really hard to do something and he/she can't accomplish it ( got tired of getting my skype messaged up with OWL mounts request ), I've got great communication skills which allows me to understand easily the thing is being requested but I also keep my customers updated of how the development progresses. About my experience in programming I've got 4 years programming and scripting in Lua, and a short way experience with C/C++ and C# having the knowledge of their basics. Why do I say my scripting services are high quality? First, I always make things as universal as possible so you can use those scripts with almost any gamemode requiring almost none configuration effort. Second, I always write the code in a structured way using comments which let you know what's the role of a section of code. Third, I keep code optimized as much as possible to make sure you will enjoy the scripts in game. Fourth, the scripts I make are easily editable so you can add on it new features easily. Fifth, my code is a great way to learn Lua and how to keep your code organized. I only accept payment via PayPal ( ask me for other payment methods ). ( If you are interested in SAMP development, you can contact me too ) All this being said my contact methods are the following ones. Skype killer.68x Email Forum Private Message @Uknown.
  4. Well, I'm moderating a facebook page, and I want to advert for it, so I need money I decided to work as a developer in some communities and earn money, I simply request 5$ for now, I mean, I'll work on what you want starting from 5$, if you want a hard work, price will be upper and so on.
  5. Hello, we are looking for an experienced scripter, for being a 2ndary developer at our hardcore roleplay server, wich aims to be next-gen, to be filled with alot of content, and next-gen features. All of our servers resources were made from scratch by us Requirements: - Be in the European time zone. - Be a teamplayer.Communicative. - Have good skills in Lua, has to write from scratch. - Have a facebook profile lol, and be easily reachable => be reliable and trustworthy We ofcourse offer money, if interested write me a PM, and Ill provide you with tons of other details.