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Found 9 results

  1. local tag = -1 addEventHandler('onPlayerJoin', root, local tag = tag + 1 function(oldNick, newNick) name = getPlayerName(source) setPlayerName ( source, "Guest_".. tag ) end ) addEventHandler('onPlayerLogin', root, function () setPlayerName ( source, name ) end ) any idea how to make this work , i want to change the player name into guest_*** if he or she hasnt logged in , and when logged in i want the name to be changed back to name they joined from
  2. Hello guys, lemme explain about my problem.. I bought a new laptop, and when I installed MTA all worked fine, but when I join in a server I can't see players name.. I only see life bar and ''TAG'' like ''Admin'' or ''Police Officer'' it's a RPG server, but I can't see the name of those players.. PLEASE HELP ME GUYS :c I'm using Windows 10 and settings of Radeon in a laptop.. Thanks all
  3. I added this: to the nametag script.. but with 1-2 player working fine, and with more players, always show the chaticon.. How to fix this?
  4. ..this is not the full code from my nametag: when i press 'T', the chaticon appear on everybody.. how to fix this? i want, when a player, or me press 'T', the ballon show just on the player, or on me, not on everyplayers... sorry for my terrible english .. :c
  5. Hello I have a nametag script. And i have a chat-icon script too. But i want add the chat-icon thing to nametag script, above the player nametag. And do not appear for me, just another players. This is possible? If yes, how? Sorry for my bad english..
  6. Hello, i was making a blip event system, where the staff give a /eventoblip command, then a blip will be created above him on the MAP (F11), and when anonyone kills him it returns a message, then show the killer name for everyone in the server by outputchatbox, and give the killer items... I'm currently using mta dayz gamemode, the most part of the script is working perfectly fine, my error is: The script identify if the admin killed himself or if anyone killed the admin, but it doesn't identify the killer's name / account... It doesn't give the killer items and doesn't give the
  7. i added this to a nametag script: dxDrawColorText (getElementHealth(player).."%", sx-w- (offset*-10), sy - (offset*5), sx, sy - (offset*-15), tocolor(255,255,255,255), textscale*NAMETAG_TEXTSIZE or (textscale*NAMETAG_TEXTSIZE)/1.5, srfont2, "center", "center", false, false, false ) and for example when long the playername, the "100%" move to left direction. How to fix this? sorry for my very-very bad English:c
  8. i have a plugin which makes the nametag appear above the player and the own player and everyone too should be able to see it but it wont work heres the code addEventHandler("onClientRender",getRootElement(), function() local px,py,pz,tx,ty,tz,dist px,py,pz = getCameraMatrix() for k,v in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do if (v~=getLocalPlayer()) then tx,ty,tz = getElementPosition(v) dist = math.sqrt((px-tx)^2 + (py-ty)^2 + (pz-tz)^2) if dist < 30.0 then if isLineOfSightClear(px,py,pz,tx,ty,tz,true,false,false,true,false,false,getLocalPlayer()) then l
  9. Hi. I'm trying to create script which doing outputChatBox when GUY from name/serial will say smth on chat box. My code: serialhaza = { ["2B2BEE3C8B7C95BA25F714E7867557F2"] = true } function nahaza(thePlayer) local hazik = string.find(getPlayerName(thePlayer), "Haze", 1, true) if hazik or serialhaza[getPlayerSerial(thePlayer)]then outputChatBox("haz ciapaty pedal",thePlayer) end end addEventHandler("onPlayerChat",root,nahaza)
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