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  1. buenas ~ tengo un error con la gm de roleplay [ paradise ] es un error de mysql y no se mucho de mysql y ya cambie lo del sql [ lo del host y user, etc ] y tambien el settings, me crea todas las tablas menos la que dice characters [xx-xx-xx xx:xx:xx] ERROR: sql\layout.lua:91: Unable to create table characters [ soy nuevo en el foro ] ~gracias de antemano.
  2. there is a function to login to account: function login(username, password) local player = client if not (does_account_exist(username)) then create_error_message_dialog("Аккаунта с таким логином не существует!") return; else local handle = dbQuery(function (handle) --callback for the query selecting the user by username local results = dbPoll(handle, -1) if (#results == 0) then outputChatBox("Login Failed!") --triggerClientEvent(player, "loginFailed") return end passwordVerify(passwor
  3. Preciso de ajuda para conectar um inventario no meu banco de dados. Estou em duvida como coloco o ip da host no script para conectar. Script exemplo local sqlDatas = { ["host"] = "", < --- estou em duvida oq coloco aki na host ["user"] = "--", ["pw"] = "--", ["database"] = "--", } na host eu coloco ou (ip do server sem o port) lembrando que essa host é comprada não é local!
  4. Olá, estou criando um servidor com meus amigos que necessitamos de mysql para continuar o seu desenvolvimento, alguém pode me ensinar, fazer ou enviar um tutorial breve ou nem tanto mostrando como se faz? Agradeço desde então. Obrigado quem ajudar
  5. eu estou tentando programar um trabalho de leiteiro utilizando um inventario, e pra isso estou utilizando uma data base em uma host, a minha ideia pro trabalho do leiteiro é que primeiro o player tem que comprar um balde, depois ele tem que ir até uma vaca e tirar o leite dela, com isso o balde vazio é removido do inventario do player e um cheio é adicionado. só que tem um problema, se o player não tiver comprado o balde e executar o comando, ele irá conseguir tirar o leite da vaca do mesmo jeito, não tenho muita experiencia com MySQL aliás quase nenhuma, essa é a minha primeira vez A fot
  6. Hello. Use MySQL connection, all work perfect. But, how I can use dbQuery from another resource? Or I need always use dbConnect before dbQuery? local dbname = <Server DBname> local host = "" local username = <Server Username> local password = <Server Password> function connectToDatabase() DB = dbConnect( "mysql", "dbname="..dbname..";host="..host..";charset=utf8", username, password, "share=1" ) end addEventHandler("onResourceStart", getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()), connectToDatabase, false) Should I use exports and... ?
  7. Tell me, what is better: MySQL, SQLite or XML? (You need to save (and retrieve) many user settings)
  8. Login System Some Images of GUI: https://puu.sh/sJnRg/2928be4ec3.png https://puu.sh/sJnTw/cb57d4b9ce.png Features: Uses External MySQL Database for register/login Logs in user to MTA System if account exist. It is opensource Installation: Configure your database configurations in server.lua Export database.sql to your selected database. Add this resource to your ACL's admin group and boom! Finished! You can start the script and connect to the server! Download Links MTA Community Resource: https://communit
  9. This is my problem ERROR: dayzmode/lib/team/s_team.lua:1: call: failed to call 'dayzconnect:MySQL' ERROR: dayzmode/lib/system/player.lua:1: call: failed to call 'dayzconnect:players' Im using this call ( getResourceFromName ( "dayzconnect" ), "MySQL", 1, "2", "three" ) <export function="MySQL"/> <include resource="dayzmap"/> <include resource="dayzmode"/> <include resource="dayzbase"/> <include resource="dayzcache"/> <include resource="object_preview"/> I do not know what to do anymore
  10. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم سلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته ,, حبيت اطرح شرح executeSQLQuery مفصل وكامل ان شاء الله . لكثرة الاعضاء الغير فاهمين له او الجاهلين له بسم الله نبدأ .. executeSQLQuery = عبارة عن قاعدة في سيرفرك dbConnect = عبارة عن قاعدة متصلة بالخادم او بالملف اولاً بننشئ كود الاتصال لو كنت بتستعمل dbFunctions test_db = dbConnect( "sqlite", "file.db" ) -- عبر ملف test_db = dbConnect( "mysql", "dbname=frank;host=", "username", "password", "share=1" ) -- عن طريق الاتصال بالخادم .: ) فالنفترض انه عندنا القاعدة بهذا الشكل : { } فاضي صحيح ؟ طيب
  11. any problem this code ? pls help me handler = dbConnect("mysql", "dbname="..mysqldatabase2..";host="..mysqlhost2, mysqluser2, mysqlpassword2,";unix_socket="/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock, "autoreconnect=1")
  12. can anyone help me mysql problem when i try to fix i cant pfff hope you solve my problem [/] MTA: San Andreas :: 0/32 players :: 157 resources :: 151 fps (25) [02:07:13] ERROR: Couldn't find resource pwnage. Check it exists. [02:07:13] ERROR: Couldn't find resource cinema. Check it exists. [02:07:13] Creating new DB table vending_machines [02:07:13] ERROR: Couldn't find resource changename-system. Check it exists. [02:07:13] Querying MTA master server... success! (Auto detected IP:154.109.159. 190) [02:07:13] Authorized serial account protection is enabled for the ACL group(s): `Admin`
  13. So this is the function: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/DbExec bool dbExec ( element databaseConnection, string query [, var param1 [, var param2 ...]] ) And I have an SQL Query like: dbExec(connection, "INSERT INTO table_name VALUES('1','Bob','What\'s the time?')") The function think that the ?(question mark) should be replaced with the param1 value and not handle it as a string and this couse an error. How should I escape this?
  14. [2018-03-11 23:43:59] ERROR: ****/source_s.lua:8: dbConnect failed; Can't connect to MySQL server on '**host**' (110) Во время выполнения подключения ужасно лагает сервер. После пишет в консоль эту строку. Код: function dataBaseConnect() dataBase = dbConnect( "mysql", "port=порт;host=хост;dbname=имя_базы", "логин", "пароль"); end addEventHandler("onResourceStart",resourceRoot,dataBaseConnect)
  15. Greetings People! I have a little problem with my Login Panel, because if i click on the Register button then nothing happens. I just tested my MySQL connection too , but its shows that the Connection is good and nothing comes out in the Debugscript either. If anyone can help me with this then Thank you! --Here is the Code for the Register function Server Side function registerReq(player, username, password, email) local password = md5(password) local regQuery = dbPoll(dbQuery(connection, "SELECT * FROM accounts"),-1) if regQuery then for _, rows in ipairs(regQuery
  16. The connection is okay but dbQuery and dbPoll first argument got nil. ( sorry for my bad english ) ERROR: MYSQL CONNECTION CODE: "felhasznalo" SCRIPT:
  17. [2018-01-12 14:55:12] ERROR: Could not load /home/gameservers/mta/turbo1/x64/./dbconmy.so - /home/gameservers/mta/turbo1/x64/./dbconmy.so: symbol __cxa_pure_virtual, version libmysqlclient_16 not defined in file libmysqlclient.so.16 with link time reference[2018-01-12 14:55:12] ERROR: san_mysql/server.lua:19: dbConnect failed; Could not connect [2018-01-12 14:55:12] INFO: [mysql]: Sikertelen MYSQL csatlakozás! please help me, how to fix this?
  18. howdy.i just hosted my server "RP" and i dont know why i cant connect with Mysql.i tired to put Mysql.so and lib in Modules but it didnt work on windows works. If u dont know how to help me i can give my PHP because anything i have there ist special
  19. Help me, how to add donat balance mysql (gamemode DayZ 0.9.9a) and shop donation balance, items, vehicle all mysql. I do not understand how to implement this system?
  20. So, first of all greetings. These days, i was trying to make a script that would allow you to create custom blips and save them to a database. The creation and saving (in the DB) part went well, but i am having problems when trying to load them back into the game. Here's part of the code that handles that: function loadOneBlip( ) local result = mysql:query_fetch_assoc("SELECT x AS x1, y AS y1, z AS z1, icon AS icons, size AS sizes FROM `blip`") --loading the data from the DB if result then while true do local row = mysql:fetch_assoc(result) --make it so i can select t
  21. Hello! I'm creating a character selector using MySQL and I have some troubles. I use this to get the account players: local accData = singleQuery("SELECT * FROM players WHERE account=? LIMIT 3",string.lower(account)) for i=3,1,-1 do if(accData.username) then outputChatBox(accData.username,source,255,0,0, true) -- used to check results end end I'm using simple MySQL functions, these is the singleQuery function: function singleQuery(str,...) if (connection) then local query = dbQuery(connection,str,...) local result = dbPoll(query,-1) if (type(result == "table")
  22. connection = dbConnect( "mysql", "dbname="..mySQLDetails["db"]..";host="..mySQLDetails["host"].."", ""..mySQLDetails["acc"].."", ""..mySQLDetails["pass"].."", "share=1" ) function dbQuery(query, values) qh = dbQuery(connection, query, values) end Hi! I am making a mysql script, and i would not like to do the dbConnect stuff and things like this everytime. But after the query, there might be values, not only just one. So for example in the query, i want to insert 2 things, and it would look like this: -------------------------------------------------string query---------
  23. Hi guys, i was trying to load some korean strings from mariadb like "소말리아", "중국" and when it's loaded with dbPoll and look at it with outputChatBox its characters are replaced with question marks ( "소말리아" -> "????", "중국" -> "??" ) and when it's saved to mariadb, it also displays it as question marks i tried changing collation and connection collation of mariadb to both utf-8 and euckr(korean charset) but it didn't work i would be really gratefull if someone can solve this for me here's the code i used function loadNations() local qh = dbQuery(dbc,"selec
  24. Hello I have, going to do a ranking of players where considered to be, and their quantity. The entry points I made to the MySQL database, there is written the number of points, the player and continuously updated. 3D GUI also I have done, I give the code below. I would like to make in this GUI was displayed ranking 10 or 5 players with the most points. I have no idea how I make such a ranking. This is beyond my skills. Here is the code for 3D GUI: local renderTarget = dxCreateRenderTarget(1000, 1000, true) local X, Y, Z = -345.5341796875, -1031.6298828125, 59.296432495117 local title_
  25. Dear users, I created a test resource called "prova". When I try to start it, I get this error: [12:50:25] start: Requested by Console [12:50:25] Resource 'prova' changed, reloading and starting [12:50:25] Starting prova [12:50:25] WARNING: [mie]/prova/mysql.lua:4: Bad usage @ 'dbConnect' [Can't connect to local MySQL s erver through socket '' (111)] [12:50:25] start: Resource 'prova' started As it appears, the problem is in the mysql.lua file, executed serverside, this is the code: db = nil function conn() db = dbConnect('mysql', 'dbname=mtasa;host=localhost;port=3306;', 'mta
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