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Found 1 result

  1. How can i make the indicator have a sound of the Indicator when pressing "mouse1" or "mouse2" and the sound Stops when there is no indicator flash --[[ //\\ Script by CarlRayanitch //\\ ]] local left = false local right = false function Blinker_Left() if isPedInVehicle(getLocalPlayer()) == true then if left == false then outputChatBox(" ") left = true local occupiedVehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle(getLocalPlayer()) local x,y,z = getElementPosition(occupiedVehicle) Blinker_vorne = createMarker(x,y,z,"corona",0.3,238,154,0) Blinker_hinten = createMarker(x,y,z,"corona",0.3,238,154,0) attachElements(Blinker_vorne,occupiedVehicle,-0.8,2.3) attachElements(Blinker_hinten,occupiedVehicle,-0.8,-2.8) blink = setTimer(function() if getElementAlpha(Blinker_vorne) == tonumber(255) and getElementAlpha(Blinker_hinten) == tonumber(255) then setElementAlpha(Blinker_vorne,0) setElementAlpha(Blinker_hinten,0) else setElementAlpha(Blinker_vorne,255) setElementAlpha(Blinker_hinten,255) end end,500,0) else killTimer(blink) destroyElement(Blinker_vorne) destroyElement(Blinker_hinten) left = false end end end bindKey("mouse1","down",Blinker_Left) function Blinker_Right() if isPedInVehicle(getLocalPlayer()) == true then if right == false then outputChatBox(" ") right = true local occupiedVehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle(getLocalPlayer()) local x,y,z = getElementPosition(occupiedVehicle) Blinker_vorne1 = createMarker(x,y,z,"corona",0.3,238,154,0) Blinker_hinten1 = createMarker(x,y,z,"corona",0.3,238,154,0) attachElements(Blinker_vorne1,occupiedVehicle,0.8,2.3) attachElements(Blinker_hinten1,occupiedVehicle,0.8,-2.8) blink1 = setTimer(function() if getElementAlpha(Blinker_vorne1) == tonumber(255) and getElementAlpha(Blinker_hinten1) == tonumber(255) then setElementAlpha(Blinker_vorne1,0) setElementAlpha(Blinker_hinten1,0) else setElementAlpha(Blinker_vorne1,255) setElementAlpha(Blinker_hinten1,255) end end,500,0) else killTimer(blink1) destroyElement(Blinker_vorne1) destroyElement(Blinker_hinten1) right = false end end end bindKey("mouse2","down",Blinker_Right)