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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all ! I downloaded the gamemode MTA: DayZ 0.7r6 and put some cars on it and when I want to spawn a patriot or other vehicle I no longer see the top hud with engine pulls and parts! Can anyone help me with this problem please! Look here the files maybe I did something wrong! If you read this message it means that you are a good person who can help me with this problem! Thank you in advance !
  2. Hi. I'm Balrog, a programmer from the UK and the owner of WyeSoft. WyeSoft began as a software development company, but eventually became involved with running game servers and this turned into our main focus. We run multiple servers for several different games, including 3 MTA servers with lots of unique features, the most popular of which is our MTA:DayZ server . . . Videos | Screenshots 1 | Screenshots 2 Server address: Server name: GTA:SA DayZ Version [UK] | WyeSoft | Interiors | VIP Houses | Levelling/RPG System (Optional) WyeSoft server list: Community forums: Server features: Small download when connecting, even for the first time (no compulsory added skin/graphic downloads) Many game mode bugs fixed and features improved Enterable interiors containing loot, etc. VIP houses to store loot in More vehicle types (including aircraft) and more vehicle spawns More loot spawns in the outside world More player spawns New items, including bigger backpacks, EMPs to knock out vehicles and tactical insertions that set the location of your next respawn Lots more player skins available (built-in skins rather than added skins), including a zombie disguise that makes you invisible to zombies Optional level progression / RPG system with spawn item unlocks Shop point currency system - can be traded with other players or spent in the item shop Automated events with shop point and item rewards - war zones, zombie invasions and demolition derbies Demolition derby stadium that can be used at any time, even when there is no event running YouTube cinema theatre that appears on certain nights during the week Optional replacement zombie skins and zombie groan sounds (can be turned on and downloaded after logging in) Ability to take parts from vehicles Ability to glue to vehicles Mini-games - Video Poker, Tetris and Copter, plus several browser-based games Stunt and drift displays Lots of recorded player stats and leaderboards (with daily shop point rewards) for various features Achievement system Unlockable player titles Global chat with separate channels for English and non-English speakers (non-English channel can be hidden) Added anti-cheat system that detects many game mode-specific cheats Friendly and helpful admins Sarcastic chat bot, "Clarice" - answers frequently asked questions and provides occasional entertainment Lots of elaborate secret features and areas