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Found 234 results

  1. Hello, We, the eXo-Reallife team, would like to release a module that is also used on our server. It is a pathfinding module developed by Jusonex and StiviK. The module uses the A * algorithm. (*_search_algorithm) We use this for our GPS: Why did we develop a module for this and did not simply write a script? This has a very simple reason. The module calculates the routes in your own threads, which has the advantage that it is much faster than a script, and secondly, you can calculate how much routes as you want side by side. This will not cause any lags etc.! What are the features of the module? The module can load several graphs / nodes side by side The module calculates the routes in its own threads Very useful API functions (such as findNodeAt or getNodeNeighbors) What are the main features? int loadPathGraph (String pathToGraphFile) This function loads the graph from the given file and returns a GraphId which you need for all other functions. If something does not work, false is returned. bool findShortestPathBetween (int graphId, float startX, float startY, float startZ, float endX, float endY, float endZ, function callback) This function finds the shortest route between the points. (Unfortunately, no vectors can be handed over!) The callback function is called when the calculation is finished. As an argument, either a table is returned that contains all nodes, or false if no route is found. bool unloadPathGraph (int graphId) You can use this function if you no longer need and want to unload the graph, it returns true if everything is fine, false if an error has occurred. You will find all the other functions that are included in our documentation. Why is the eXo team releasing all this? Well, that has the simple reason, we want to share our work with others and not just keep it for us! We hope we can enrich you with it and vlt. Even help! Where can I download the module? The whole module is open-source and can be viewed in our GitHub organization. It's released under the MIT License. GitHub organization: Repository: Download the module (Windows / Linux): Nodes of all roads in SA: If you find any mistakes or suggestions, you can simply create a new issue and we will look into it. So now that's it, have fun with the module! - StiviK and the eXo-Reallife team (Original thread in German:
  2. local image = dxCreateTexture( "tesztkep.jpg" ) local white = tocolor(255,255,255,255) addEventHandler("onClientRender", root,function() dxDrawMaterialLine3D( 2463.71143, -1658.97595, 15.31024,2463.55469, -1651.24609, 15.47028,image,7,white ) end) this is my code, and this is the problem: how to fix this rotation problem?
  3. آلسلاممء عليكممء و رحمههء اللههء وبركاتههء ! طبعاً اليوم ابي اقدملكم افضل سيرفر هجولة بالعالم العربي الافتتاح بيكون قبل رمضان ان شاء الله مميزات السيرفر .:. 1 - مواتر حصريه بالكامل موديلات 2017 و 2016 2 - المودات حصريه 3 - ماب التفتيش بالدايري 4 - السباون بالنخيل 5 - السيرفر شبه خالي من اللاق 6 - مود المسابقات اف9 .: صور بعض المواتر بالسيرفر :. طبعا وهذي بعض آلمواتر موكلها , لوتبي تشوف باقي المواتر تعال شوفها بالسيرفر حيآككء اللههء mtasa:// : رابط السيرفر حيآكم اللههء اللى جاي من طرفي يخش السيرفر ويكتب انه جاي من المنتدى عشان نعطيه رتبةةء ## ياريت لو تدخلو السيرفر و تكتبلولي رايكم بالسيرفر بالتعليقات , القاكم على كل خير @ برب , لاتعليق
  4. █№.1█DayZ Survival Z Server[Free Base=5 Members][Europe]█№.1█ ●IP: mtasa://● ●Ts³ IP:● ●New Gamemode● ●New Features● ●VIP Price=5 Eurs 3 Months● ●VIP Panel F7● ●Free Base 5 Members In Team● ●Clothing Skins● ●Weapon Skins● ●Active Admins● ●F6 Server Informations/Commands/Base/VIP Price● ●FB Page:● ●Owner's Skype: armin.gerina1● ●Owner: BlueBoy● ●Everyone is invited Join and have Fun●
  5. Background Hello everybody, I'm here to present you my brand new and updated race server but first some information about how I got to make it. It all started around august 2015 when I read a tutorial on these forums on how to open my own server as back then I needed it to train some maps alone and restart them as many times as I wanted. But in time I got interested in how all those other servers I play on are actually made and little by little I started learning LUA. At first I just used ready scripts from the community, a bit later I started to edit small parts of them and soon after I started to recreate community resources, meaning that I use the base idea/code but adapt it for my needs. And not long after I made my first standalone script. Since then I've learned a lot about how MTA works and actually that was what got me interested in programming and at the moment I'm first year in university, studying informatics and working on a few MTA servers A Glimpse Of What's Included If you wish to have a look at some of the features on the server, screenshots are available at the following link (not all are included in the screenshots): click me Server Information I won't give an IP here because there's no telling when it might change since I'm on a free hosting service (which has premium quality by the way)( You can either search for the server by it's name (Classic Racing) or you can see the current IP on it's forums at Other than that below you will see some more information about the server if you want to know more about it: Server Location: France Server Version: 1.5.4 First Download: Around 50 MB Maps: There are around 2000 racing maps each of which was reviewed and had it's details edited if needed. My main goal is to offer that old classic feeling of race which sadly most other servers have just forgotten and they started accepting any kind of maps in their race arenas/rooms, even DM maps or ones which are kindly put - horrible to play in any gamemode. If a map on the server is bad, you can report it to be deleted on the forums and it actually will be deleted. I hope you give the server a go when you have some free time. There are a lot of features (some quite unique and not seen in other servers) not included in the screenshots above. I have used open-source servers' resources as well as a lot of community ones but everything that was not made by me was edited or recreated mainly by me and a few of my MTA friends so that there are zero bugs or incompatibility between scripts. See you on the roads of San Andreas
  6. Hello Fellow Players , Dear admins and Modders, Im Here today cause i wanted to Ask for a little Help with MTA, i Updated it today Cause my server (which i play on most) Updated and i only get a Crash Joining any Server i try to connect to. I already done all steps on The MTA:Diag site describet but nothing changed. Hope for fast response. I got a Fresh and Clean install of MTA and GTA but it doesnt work either , and exact same error Code and Offset. DXdiag MTAdiag
  7. Hello guy, i have this problem in my server, In a random moment, regardless of the number of players appears and the machine freezes with the MTA using 16GB of RAM (dedicated 16GB). What can it be? [Network] InResultQueue > 200000 msgs. This is due to server overload or script freeze Temporarily suspending incoming sync packets
  8. السلام عليكم المشكلة هيا من اعمل رستارت لمود اي مود مش مود معين او ماب بتختفي السيارت من الزوار ارجوكم الحقوني الزوار طفشو و انا تعبت مش عارف احلها
  9. settings

    Boa noite, novamente eu estou com varios projetos em mente, e estou criando eu mesmo por isso venho aqui no forum pedir ajuda, por que eu nao gosto de pega coisa feita, gosto de aprender com meus erros... Bom mais vamos la OPS: FIZ ESSE SISTEMA DO ZERO (AGORA MESMO FIQUEI 3 HORAS FAZENDO) Fiz esse Painel de radio, nele vai ter varios IP de radios.. o jogador seleciona a radio que quer e clica em Escutar Musica (botão), e a musica começa a toca e se quiser pausar ele clica no botão (Pausar Musica)... Só que no sistema se vc fica varias vezes clicando em "escutar musica" com ip selecionado começa a toca varias vezes a radio e buga, e nao da para pausar mais, outro bug é que ele seleciona todos os IP que esta na tabela da gaveta dele ["","",""] ai começa toca varias radio junto Podem me ajudar? GuiOpen = guiCreateWindow(60, 197, 400, 470, "", false) GuiTable = guiCreateGridList(21, 34, 358, 304, false, GuiOpen) Guiesta = guiGridListAddColumn(GuiTable,"Estação da Radio",0.60) Guilocal = guiGridListAddColumn(GuiTable,"Localidade",0.35) GuiButtonPlay = guiCreateButton(21, 355, 170, 54, "Escutar Radio", false, GuiOpen) GuiButtonStop = guiCreateButton(205, 355, 170, 54, "Pausar Radio", false, GuiOpen) TbaleMusic = { ["Radios"] = { {"Sound POP","Brasil",""}, {"Jovem Pan","Brasil",""} }, ["Generos"] = { {"RAP","Brasil",""}, {"RAP 2","Brasil"," "}, {"Funk","Brasil",""} }, } addEventHandler("onClientGUIClick",getRootElement(),function(Guiesta) if source == GuiButtonPlay then if SpamTime and SpamTime + 7000 > getTickCount() then return else SpamTime = getTickCount() end local Lists = guiGridListGetItemText(GuiTable,guiGridListGetSelectedItem(GuiTable)) if Lists ~= "" then for i,music in ipairs(TbaleMusic["Radios"])do sound = playSound(music[3]) setSoundVolume(sound,1) alert("Você esta escutando: "[3]) end for i,music in ipairs(TbaleMusic["Generos"])do sound = playSound(music[3]) setSoundVolume(sound,1) alert("Você esta escutando: "[3]) end end elseif source == GuiButtonStop then local ListsStop = guiGridListGetItemText(GuiTable,guiGridListGetSelectedItem(GuiTable)) if ListsStop ~= "" then for i,music in ipairs(TbaleMusic["Radios"])do sound = playSound(music[3]) setSoundVolume(sound,0) end for i,music in ipairs(TbaleMusic["Generos"])do sound = playSound(music[3]) setSoundVolume(sound,0) end end end end) function refreshList () if(Guiesta) then row1,column1 = guiGridListGetSelectedItem(GuiTable) guiGridListClear(GuiTable) local rows = guiGridListAddRow(GuiTable) guiGridListSetItemText(GuiTable,rows,Guiesta,"- Radios",true,false) for id,Radioss in ipairs(TbaleMusic["Radios"])do local Radiosssss = guiGridListAddRow(GuiTable) guiGridListSetItemText(GuiTable,Radiosssss,Guiesta,Radioss[1],false,false) guiGridListSetItemText(GuiTable,Radiosssss,Guilocal,Radioss[2],false,false) end local rowss = guiGridListAddRow(GuiTable) guiGridListSetItemText(GuiTable,rowss,Guiesta,"- Generos",true,false) for id,Radio in ipairs(TbaleMusic["Generos"])do local Radios = guiGridListAddRow(GuiTable) guiGridListSetItemText(GuiTable,Radios,Guiesta,Radio[1],false,false) guiGridListSetItemText(GuiTable,Radios,Guilocal,Radio[2],false,false) end if row1 and column1 then guiGridListSetSelectedItem(GuiTable,row1,column1) end end end Obrigado desde de já
  10. Hello everybody! I want to offer you a new language for writing scripts for MTA: SA. By the tags in the topic, you've already seen that it's Puthon 3. Many will say that Python 3 is bad for scripting, but it's not! It is similar to lua but has a wider OOP, and has the ability to connect modules. In the Internet very little material on lua, it is available but only in English, and what to do to the Russian community? The Russian segment in the MTA is very large, and lua materials are very small. Of course, the small amount of materials on the Internet for lua is not the reason for switching to Python 3. I understand that I will have to rewrite all functions from scratch, but this can prolong the life of the MTA. Python 3 is not one language that can be used as scripting under MTA: SA, there is also a wonderful language JavaScript v5. Many multiplayer use it as a language for writing scripts. This is just my opinion. I just suggested that the idea is not bad. Decide for you, dear multiplayer developers. Oh, sorry for my bad English!
  11. Esse script eu fiz tentando Para o guiCreateEdit quando tive-se chegado a 20 caracterios no text.. so que nao bloqueia o text quando chega a 10 caracterios pode me ajuda?
  12. script

    I have a gun sight system, but it keeps warning me when I click to aim ('Mouse2') I did a function to see if the error was going to go I'm going to put the old script and what I did PLEASE WHAT SHOULD I DO? old bindKey("mouse2","down",function() Crosshair_table = {} if getElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"sight") then if oldSight and oldSight == getElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"sight") then return end defaults = dxCreateTexture(getElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"sight")) oldSight = getElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"sight") Crosshair_table = dxCreateShader("utilitarios/painel/texreplace.fx") engineApplyShaderToWorldTexture(Crosshair_table, "siteM16") dxSetShaderValue(Crosshair_table, "gTexture", defaults) end end) I did bindKey("mouse2","down",function() Crosshair_table = {} if getElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"sight") then if oldSight and oldSight == getElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"sight") then return end if default then default = getElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"sight") else default = "utilitarios/painel/images/false.png" end local defaults = dxCreateTexture(default) local oldSight = getElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"sight") Crosshair_table = dxCreateShader("utilitarios/painel/texreplace.fx") engineApplyShaderToWorldTexture(Crosshair_table, "siteM16") dxSetShaderValue(Crosshair_table, "gTexture", defaults) end end) Warning that this is the one: bad argument @'dxcreateTexture' [expecte mumber at argument 2, got none] Thank you in advance;)
  13. لدى سيرفر واريد احدثه الى الاصدار الاخير 1.5.4 فى لوحة اوبن قيم بانل .. ياريت يكون شرح مبسط ليستفيد غيرى ..
  14. Hello! I'm struggling with very annoying (at least for me) problem. Text in menu is blurry and there are strange curves around cursor. Also chat in-game is unreadable screenshot: Additional info: Windows 10 PRO 64bit I have DirectPlay turned on I have directx 9.0c I have newest GPU drivers GPU R9 390 CPU i5 6600
  15. Hello I have been trying to get skins to work in multiplayer for quite some time now. I have followed tutorials but nothing seems to be working. The model is always the same as it was. I am trying to replace a ped. Any help would be appreciated. I can upload the file to show you what i did if you need it. Thanks!
  16. Olá, Bom dia galera, eu estou querendo montar um servidor RPG, porém com script criados por mim, nada pego da internet, e tipo não sei muito ainda de script sou novato consigo criar coisas simples. Exemplo do servidor rpg, criar uma central de trabalhos como se fosse no SA-MP e trabalhos por nível do jogador, para ser lixeiro precisa ter nível 5 se tu for nível abaixo de 5 não consegue pegar o emprego, e ai quando tu pega o emprego tu sempre spawna na empresa e com a skin etc... Como se fosse SA-MP só que no MTA, alguém poderia me apoiar? Me ajudar fazer scripts mais avançados e por esse projeto para frente? Obrigado.
  17. Code: Website: IP: Slots: 350 Discord: A Need For Speed: San Andreas valójában NFS az MTA-ban. Ez egy olyan játékmód ami a NFS UG/UG2 alapján készült. Ez itt a garázsod. Erről a helyről tudsz a versenyekre jelentkezni,szabad módban bejárhatod a várost,tuningolhatod/testreszabhatod az autódat,talákozhatsz a barátaiddal illetve a többi játékossal, lecserélheted a kocsidat bármelyikre amelyiket már megvetted,nézd meg a statisztikádat és a helyezésedet és más emberek/barátaid helyézéseit,nézd meg a kocsid jelenlegi állását,kihívásaidat/napi kihívásaidat. A Need For Speed: San Andreas-ban 5 féle verseny található: A Sprint versenyek egyszerü egykörös versenyek ahol ponttól pontig tart a verseny. Az győz aki elsőnek halad át a célvonalon A Circuit versenyek hasonlóak a Sprint versenyekhez csak több körösek A Drift rendszer a saját script rendszerünk szerint működik. Teljesen új irányítás,pontszorzó és kritikus zónák. A Drag rendszer teljesen új. Ugyan olyan mint a UG/UG2-ben. Drag-ban manuális a sebesség váltás a + al fel illetve a - al le tudsz váltani. A Drag lényege, hogy a legjobb pillanatban váltsunk. Válthatsz: korán,jókor,tökéletesen,későn. Törekedj arra hogy mindig a lehetőleg legjobban válts az az tökéletesen. Street-X versenyek rövid versenyek Drift pályákon ahol nem használhatsz nitrót. A Szabad módban tuningolhatod/testreszabhatod az autódat,talákozhatsz a barátaiddal illetve a többi játékossal. 5 különböző tuning bolt/műhely van: kaszni bolt,festő műhely,tuning műhely,kiegészítő bolt,autó kereskedés. Kaszni Bolt Itt testreszabhatod a kocsid kaszniját. Leválthatod a lökhárítód,tehetsz rá spoilert,leválthatod a felniket. Hogy feloldj dolgokat mint például a lökhárítót,testcsomagokat,spoilereket szükséged lesz Body pontokra. Ezeket a pontokat véletlenszerűen kapsz versenyek után. Festő Műhely Itt testreszabhatod a kocsid kinézetét. Megváltoztathatod a kocsid színét,felnik színét,rakhatsz rá matricákat illetve fóliákat (Ezek mind ingyenesek). Tuning Bolt Itt növelheted a kocsid teljesítményét. 3 különböző féle tuningcsomag van: motor, kezelhetőség, gyorsulás. Minden csomagnak 3 szintje van: Utcai, Verseny, Profi. Akkor növelheted a teljesítményed miután elég reputation-t az az Hírnév Pontot szereztél (az első utcai csomaghoz nem szükséges Hírnév). Kiegészítő Bolt Itt tehetsz a kocsidra neont, leváthatod a lámpáid színét, ablakok színét illetve a sebességmérőd és annak színét. Autó Kereskedés Itt megveheted az alap illetve a Hírnév pontból feloldott kocsikat. Úgy mehetsz vissza a garázsodba ha elmész a Garázshoz . Ha megakarod változtatni a kezdőhelyedet elmehetsz egy másik Garázshoz és legközelebb onnan fogsz indulni. Az Előrehaladás a reputation-ön az az a Hírnévpontokon alapszik. Hírnévpontokat bármilyen versenyben szerezhetsz. Következő Autó ez a Sáv mutatja, hogy mennyi hírnév kell még, hogy felold az adott kocsit. Sáv belső ez a sáv azt mutatja hogy mennyi hírnév kell hogy felold a következő teljesítmény csomagot. Kétféle különböző feladat tipus létezik: GGlobális és Napi. Globális a feladatok egyszerűek amiket a versenyek során illetve szabad módban teljesíthetsz. Minden globális feladatért Task point az az Feladat Pont jár. Napi ezek a feladatok naponta csak egyszer teljesíthetőek valamint jutalmul Vinyl Pontot az az Fólia Pontot kapsz. Jutalmak itt feloldhatsz dolgokat Feladat Pont és Fólia Pont ból. Minden Feladat Pont beváltható a következőkre: Kártya,2 Kaszni Pont,Véletlenszerű Sebességmérő,1000$,vagy egy Fóliára. Mi van a kártyákkal? Nos a kártyák különböző dolgokat oldanak fel minden autódra: Festés Tipusokat: Metál,Matt. 6 Féle felnit, fényes és villogó neonokat, sötét és gyöngyház ablakokat, fényes lámpákat, egyéb fóliákat, tető nyílásokat vagy carbon részeket.Fólia Pontok Beválthatod őket Fóliákra. Az autók különböző osztályokra vannak beosztva. Jelenleg 6 osztály van: E, D, C, B, V és U. Ezek az autók találhatóak az osztályokban: E: Intruder, Bravura, Primo, Manana, Washington D: Vincent, Emperor, Previon, Cadrona, Fortune C: Sentinel, Uranus, Blista Compact, Euros, Flash B: ZR-130, Sultan, Jester, Elegy V: Hermes, Broadway, Hustler U: Futo, Buggy, Monroe, Mamba E-től V-ig Osztály Hírnévpontokkal elérhető. Az U Osztály csak különleges módon érhető el mégozzá autórészek gyűjtésével. A szerveren egy különleges feloldó rendszer van az U Osztály autóihoz. Hogy felold őket meg kell találnod 10 alkatrészt hogy felold ezeket az autókat. 50 különböző lelőhelyük van minden egyes autónak ami minden játékosnak teljesen véletlenszerű. Megtalálhatod az alkatrészeket a térképen amit a Különleges Autók fülön találsz és bizonyos kijelőlt pontokon vannak. Előrehaladás és Jutalmak. Web felhasználói panel egy teljesen új funkció. hozzákötheted a játékbéli accountodat/fiókodat a weboldalon lévő accountoddal/fiókkal hogy hozzájuss néhány exta tartalomhoz. megnézheted a versenyzőid statisztikáit,barátaid statisztikáit és a ranksorolásokat is. A játékbéli garázsban feltöltheted a kocsid fotóját amit megnézhetsz később a veboldalon. valamint megnézheted más emberek garázsait,megnézheted az autóikat illetve az előrehaladásukat is. Egy új funkció bemutatása - Kezdő Bónusz. ez a funkció segíteni fogja az új játékosokat Hírnévvel és Pénzel($). Valamint Csökkentettük a szükséges Hívrnévpontot minden autónál, hogy könnyebben elérhetőek legyenek mindenkinek hogy ne keljen túlontúl sokat játszania érte. Hogy a szervert életbe tudjuk tartani létrehoztunk egy szolgáltatást a Prémium Accountot. Jelenleg 2 módja van hogy Prémium Accountot vásárolj: Megveheted SMS-ben illetve Paypal-on keresztül,vagy megkaphatod mint jutalom szerver eseményeken/Event-eken amiket mi szervezünk . A Prémiumos felhasználók ezeket a bónuszokat élvezhetik: Hozzáadhatod a saját zene számaidat a lejátszási listához Bármennyi autód lehet a garázsodban Bármennyi versenyzőt kreálhatsz Segítség az autódarabok gyűjtésében a különleges autókhoz (U osztály) Testreszabható név szín Megvátoztathatod a versenyződ nevét illetve kinézetét (7 naponta 1x) +6 Fólia réteg(több matricát illetve fóliát tehetsz az autódra) +10% Hírnévpont(RP) és Pénz bónusz a versenyek után Mikor eladod a kocsidat a kocsi értékének 70% a helyett 85% ot kapsz Privát üzenet beállítások (spammerek blokkolása stb.) Találkozzunk Need For Speed: San Andreas..on Ezek a leírások több mint egy évesek,azóta rengeteget fejlődött a szerver,bármi kérdésetek lenne írjatok nyugodtan.
  18. Whenever any Egyptian player wants to join my server he keeps timing out unless he uses VPN, any solutions?
  19. Hi all! Hello to the host servers Arabs |Vps Al Arab|linux Vps - Windows VPS - Game Servers - Anti Doos Servers mta Offers MTA-1 Number of Players: 600 Duration: Month Protection: There Technical support: Available 24 hours Server space: to Amehdod paying • 3 Paypal / Monthly • 5 CashU / Monthly __ cashU thing for taking charge MTA-2 Number of Players: 1000 Duration: two months Protection: There Technical support: Available 24 hours Server space: to Amehdod ------------------------- paying Two months • 5 Paypal / 2Monthly • 10 CashU / 2Monthly cashU thing for taking charge MTA-3 Number of Players: Select the number you want Duration: petals months Protection: There Technical support: Available 24 hours Server space: to Amehdod paying Three months • 10 Paypal / 2Monthly • 12 CashU / 2Monthly cashU thing for taking charge Buy your offer ============= two months to twenty Sawa thing for taking Month Free Linux Vps Offers Linux VPS-1 2x2GHz CPU (Intel) ... 110GB HDD Disc space 2GB RAM Guaranteed Memory 1T bandwitch Anti DDoS Game paying • 15 CashU /Monthly • 13 Paypal /Monthly Linux VPS-2 3x3GHz CPU Processor (Intel) 150GB HDD Disc space Unmetered Data transfer 3GB RAM Guaranteed Memory Anti DDoS Game Paying • 20 CashU /Monthly • 15 Paypal /Monthly Lunix VPS-3 OpenVZ VPS Server 4GB RAM Guaranteed Memory 4x3GHz CPU Processor (Intel) 200GB HDD Disc space Unmetered Data transfer • 30 CashU /Monthly • 25 Paypal /Monthly VPS 30 GB RAM $55 10vCores 400gbStorage 30gbRam 1T Bandwitch VPS 60 GB RAM 12 vCores 500GB storage 60GB RAM UNLIMITED Bandwidth For $ 65 + protection from DDoS Attack How to buy Send via email such a message Hello I am the client I want to buy .... Way to buy ... It will be replied through Emile Windows servers Customer accounts Our account at PayPal Our Skype Elkihel.aassim Our Faecebook Aassim El Or Email Private Payment Methods servers Arabs CashU - PayPal - Western Union -Stc
  20. mtadayz

    Good Morning I need a help on a Crosshair system is a sniper aiming system, some must know it I want to put a blocking function to appear when the player jumps, why when he jumps the crosshair is in front. .. already tried putting a system isClientBindKey more did not work also the bug continues ... what should I do? What did i do wrong in it? can you help me? thank you function on_weapon_aimed(key,state) if (pressed) then return end outputChatBox("off") if getPedWeapon(getLocalPlayer())== 34 then if state == "down" then weap1 = getElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"currentweapon_2") for i,weaponData in pairs(weaponTable)do if weap1 == weaponData[1] then cross = CH[weap1] end end setPlayerHudComponentVisible("crosshair",false) addEventHandler("onClientHUDRender",getRootElement(),render_crosshair) else cross = false removeEventHandler("onClientHUDRender",getRootElement(),render_crosshair) end end end addEventHandler( "onClientKey", getRootElement(),function(button,press) if button == "lsfhit" then pressed = true outputChatBox("ON") setTimer(function() pressed = false end, 50000, 1) end end)
  21. I have this script: dxDrawRectangle(screenW * 0.7549, screenH * 0.6933 - 1 - (33*k), screenW * 0.2347, screenH * 0.0211, tocolor(0, 0, 0, 145), false) dxDrawText(v.text, screenW * 0.7535, screenH * 0.6933 - 1 - (66*k), screenW * 0.9896, screenH * 0.7144, tocolor(255, 255, 255, 255), 1.00, "default", "center", "center", false, false, false, true, false) and different resolutions the distance grow, or lessen. Picture: How to fix this problem? I want, that all resulotions distance the same. Thanks the help! And sorry for my very bad english!
  22. Rage Gaming Society is a multi-roam server that was and still underdevelopment since 2016. It was never published or officially launched yet but It will as soon as it is ready. The development team consists of only me currently but the process has not stopped and will continue in a stable pace. HOPEFULLY The server currently includes all of the main scripts needed in addition to some other secondary scripts that improve the game playing. But, It is yet - as I mentioned before - not ready to be launched because I am looking to launch it with high quality and with the least number of bugs and glitches so everyone can enjoy it from the beginning. - Resources -
  23. I have this: addEventHandler('onPlayerQuit', root, function(reason) Reasons = { ["Unknown"] = "Nem tudni", ["Quit"] = "kilépett.", ["Kicked"] = "kirúgva a szerverről.", ["Banned"] = "kibanolva a szerverről.", ["Timed Out"] = "kifagyott.", ["Bad Connection"] = "rossz internetkapcsolat" } local name = getPlayerName(source) triggerClientEvent(root, "createNotification", root, "#FFffFF"..Reasons[reason], "simple", name) end ) and the "Quit", "Kicked", and "Banned" msg working fine, but the "Timed Out" no.. does not show the timed out notification, but why? yeah, and i got this error: S.lua:12: attempt to concatenate field '?' (a nil value) thanks the help!
  24. i want add this mod: to my mta server, but i don't know, how to add. :c anyone can help me?
  25. Why not working this notification system? Client side: local notifications = {} function createNotification(text2, typ, name1, name2) if typ == "simple" then text = name1.." "..text2 data = { text = text, startTime = getTickCount(), endTime = getTickCount() + 10000 } elseif typ == "duble" then text = name1.." "..text2.." "..name2 data = { text = text, startTime = getTickCount(), endTime = getTickCount() + 10000 } end table.insert(notifications, data) end addEvent( "createNotification", true ) addEventHandler( "createNotification", localPlayer, createNotification ) Server side: addEventHandler('onClientPlayerChangeNick', root, function(oldNick, newNick, text2, typ, name1, name2) triggerServerEvent ("createNotification", root, text2, typ, name1, name2) end ) How to fix this problem in this script? Thanks the help!