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Found 749 results

  1. First, I began with this: When entering either marker, you are taken to the specified location. It works perfectly. Both markers take me to the desired location in San Andreas' map. I moved them around and changed the shape of the marker just to be sure. There were no problems. Then, I found this: This is supposed to teleport you into the specified interior (nº0), and the coordinates next to the interior (x, y, z) The chatbox outputs the expected message. However, there is no teleporting to the specified place. The function 'setElementInterior' looks good, judging by what the wiki says. What am I missing? Something tells me it's a very obvious error I'm failing to see.
  2. I'm daring myself to add more little things to the tutorials shown here. It's of great pleasure to announce that the following code works. ☺️ I know it is not much, but it's one more step closer to my dream server. So, function joinHandler() spawnPlayer(source, 2023, 1008, 10.83, -90, math.random (1,288)) fadeCamera(source, true) setCameraTarget(source, source) outputChatBox("¡Bienvenido!", source) end addEventHandler("onPlayerJoin", getRootElement(), joinHandler) You can skip the spanish words. The result is as expected: when the player joins, the chatbox shows the text, the player is looking at the east, and the skin is randomized between 1 and 288. However, the camera is aiming at its default value: 0. The result has a rather inconvenient detail: the camera is looking at the right side of the character's body. UPDATE: I added setPedCameraRotation. There are no errors being detected, but the camera is not changing at all. function joinHandler() spawnPlayer(source, 2023, 1008, 10.83, -90, math.random (1,288)) fadeCamera(source, true) setCameraTarget(source, source) setPedCameraRotation(source, 90) outputChatBox("¡Bienvenido!", source) end addEventHandler("onPlayerJoin", getRootElement(), joinHandler) How can I modify where the camera is looking at when a player joins, so that way it looks at the same place the character is looking?
  3. Scrolling through the tutorials, I found a script that displays players in the server when joining and quitting. function playerCount ( ) outputChatBox("#ff8800[server]: #ffffffPlayers: #ffffff(" .. getPlayerCount() .. "#ffffff)" , root, 255, 0, 0, true) end addEventHandler ( "onPlayerJoin", getRootElement(), playerCount ) addEventHandler ( "onPlayerQuit", getRootElement(), playerCount ) What would I have to add to trigger it with a command, such as "/players"?
  4. I'm having trouble translating the scripts into colloquial language (to build the concepts in my head and understand what happens and what triggers the events). My ultimate objective is to add a help window that shows the functions of my server. This is what I researched so far: *I know some things may be obvious to the experienced developer. My intension is to "think out loud" so, if I'm mistaken, the reader(s) will point out my errors. With a stock MTA, pressing 'F9' (resource: helpmanager) opens a help window that shows two tabs: 'votemanager' and 'freeroam'. Respectively, each are run by their own resource that go by the same names. This means that if I stop one, the tab will be gone; If I stop both, there will be no tabs visible. Therefore, it is safe to say that both tabs are being added by a script (the window elements creation, the text, the size, etc), into the 'helpmanager' help window. While I can edit either tab to show the desired info, if I plan on stopping both resources (votemanager and freeroam) from starting in the near future, they will not be visible. Thus, the only path left I have is to add a script of my own that will only show the desired info in a new tab on the 'F9' help window. My questions are: - How can I create a text inside new tab inside the window of another script? *I know how to create a window. My issue is creating an uneditable text inside the window of a different resource. - How can I stop 'votemanager' and 'freeroam' from starting when the server.exe is ran. *I've tried looking for the resource in mtaserver.conf, but I can't find any trace of a resource that's related to freeroam. I do want to keep 'play', for the moment.
  5. Xwaw

    GuiEditor IMAGE

    I just want to know how you can import images into this "dxDrawImage" GUIEDITOR
  6. Hello, i'm working on editing IFP animations from GTA San Andreas, using Blender and the GTAToolsForBlender Addon, but I have a enoying problem. When I try to export my IFP file, an error message appears to me: It's an error from the addon or there is a step that I'm not seeing?
  7. [SOLVED] Hello, MTA community. Recently, I've started practicing setting up a server and building it. I've been dowloading seemingly simple resources to get the hand of .Lua, .xml, the admin panel, and whatnot. I found this compass, which adds the compass from PUBG. It is a horizontal scrolling ruler on the top center of the screen. North and south show as they should, but the east and west are inverted; not because of the text, it's because of the scrolling being inverted. In other words, if the player turns the camera to the right side of the character, the compass scrolls to the right (it should be the opposite of where the player is turning the camera). Similarly, if the player turns the camera to the left side of the character, the compass scrolls to the left. It's my first time posting about server development. If you wish to see the .Lua or .xml files, don't hesitate on asking. UPDATE: After trying to read and understanding a few items of the client.Lua, I realized that the solution would be to invert the value. If the compass moves along with the camera, I need to invert the movement, so it moves contrary to the camera's X axis. Line nº40 is <local _, _, r = getElementRotation(getCamera())>. Is this the one I need to invert? How can I do so?
  8. Estoy siguiendo este tutorial. Al momento, tengo esto: El script está ubicado dentro de una carpeta ("client"), y el archivo se llama "gui.Lua". El meta.xml está editado de tal manera que vaya a buscar el script a cliente/gui.Lua. He reducido el script a elementos más simples para testear las partes. Al momento, solo tengo habilitada la ventana; todo el resto está removido. No funciona. No tengo errores en la consola, pero tampoco tengo una ventana en el juego. ¿Es posible que el tutorial tenga errores o esté desactualizado? ¿El error lo estoy cometiendo yo? ¿Cómo lo puedo arreglar? Descubrí que tengo muchos errores y elementos faltantes. No pude encontrar alguna función para eliminar el post.
  9. Kanala abone olup beğenirseniz çok mutlu olurum I'll be happy if you like it and subscribe
  10. [SOLVED] This will certainly be a beginner's subject. The folder [gameplay], located in "Resources", is filled with .rar files. I want to edit 'help.xml', which is inside "freeroam.rar". I tried extracting everything into a new folder called "freeroam", but my server is not detecting said folder. I'm sure I'm ignoring a command somewhere that's failing to locate the folder (might be written to only locate "freeroam.rar"). What can I do to reach the file, modify it, and keep the freeroam files working?
  11. RellatryX Clan War Gameplay. Thanks for watching. Do not forget to comment like and subscribe my channel :)
  12. Bom dia! Tô com esse problema de não aparecer os escritos dos layouts, estava fazendo testes e encontrei algo sobre "DxCreateFont" ao tentar criar a fonte, e o meu pode estar dando falhas e por isso algumas DX não aparecem... Alguém já passou por isso? Este problema é em todos servidores que tento jogar e tenha que baixa/criar alguma fonte! (o que eu notei) Segundo a wiki, diz que pode ser problema de alguma limitação de hardware ou memoria. Quando um servidor utiliza DxCreateFont para criar uma nova fonte em um painel, e acaba que o PC não carrega essa fonte, e por este motivo acaba não aparecendo dxDrawText que utilizam esta nova fonte, porquê da erro ao carregar... Alguma solução pra isso?
  13. Boa tarde gente, estou com um problema muito chato! Quando entro em algum servidor, funciona tudo normalmente, porém na maioria das vezes eu não consigo usar algumas funções do jogo/servidor, por exemplo o celular pois não aparece os escritos dos menus no jogo, apenas o layout... alguém já passou por isso? sabe como resolver? segue algumas fotos: Good afternoon guys, I have a very annoying problem! When I enter a server, everything works normally, but most of the time I am unable to use some functions of the game/server, for example: the cellphone because the menu scripts do not appear in the game, only the layout... someone has already gone through that? know how to solve? Here are some pictures:
  14. Eftelya Roleplay Ping olabildiği kadar düşürdük. Seni de aramızda görmek isteriz. Yüksek FPS, düşük pingin deneyimini yaşayın! 1) IEM ALIMLARI AKTİF Diğer yetkili alımları ve duyurular için; Discord: Mta: mtasa://
  15. Serwer Country jest serwerem RPG z elementami RP. Cały skrypt jest autorski i zoptymalizowany. Nie bazujemy na żadnym gamemodzie. Ekipa składa się z trzech osób - dwóch developerów i administratora. Rozgrywka toczy się w Fort Carson oraz w okolicznych wioskach, gdzie jest dobrze rozwinięta infrastruktura. Dzięki rozwijającemu się miastu Los Santos możemy stać się stróżem prawa, biznesmenem czy członkiem gangu. Wkrótce zostanie wdrążony system biznesów. Los Santos to także miasto służb mundurowych, do których zalicza się: - Los Santos Police Departament, - Los Santos Fire Dept, - Los Santos Medical Center. Przedstawiamy kilka zdjęć prezentujących nasz serwer: - panel logowania: - interakcja pojazdów: - prawo jazdy: - scoreboard: - system 911: - system dokumentów LSPD: - praca dorywcza kierowca betoniarki: Jeszcze kilka rzeczy mamy do zrobienia, ale start serwera planujemy na 31 stycznia 2020r (piątek) godzinę otwarcia podamy bliżej startu. W takim razie zapraszamy na nasze tymczasowe forum, aby być na bieżąco z serwerem. Przewidujemy beta testy przed startem serwera, dlatego chętnych zachęcamy do złożenia podania gdy otworzymy rekrutację. IP serwera: Przewidywany start: 31 styczeń 2020r. Tymczasowe forum: Nasz fanpage:
  16. A simple script of dressable characters and deformable faces. You can move every vertex of the head with a simple displacement shader. The script is in test state right now, I'll create a new editor later. Hope you like it.
  17. Olá pessoal. Eu ainda sou leigo nessa parte de script. Baixei um Mod de dominação e estou com uma duvida de como eu faço para não permitir que membros da corporação ou gang já dominada continuem dominando? Obs: eu peguei esse script na internet. local sql = { Query = executeSQLQuery }; addEventHandler( 'onResourceStart', resourceRoot, function() sql.Query( "CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS areas (`atualEquipe` TEXT NOT NULL)") local insert = true local busca = sql.Query( "SELECT * FROM areas" ) for i = 1, #busca do insert = false end if(insert == true) then sql.Query( "INSERT INTO areas (atualEquipe) VALUES ('CJ')") end sql.Query( "UPDATE areas SET atualEquipe = 'CJ'") end ); local marker = createMarker (1175.5581054688,-2037.2095947266,77.893753051758, "cylinder",2,125 ,38 ,205, 100) local entrar = createMarker (1175.5581054688,-2037.2095947266,77.893753051758 +1, "arrow", 0, 000,0, 0) local blip = createBlipAttachedTo ( entrar, 23 ) setBlipVisibleDistance(blip, 250) local entrar11= createMarker ( -1, "corona", 5, 0,0,0) local blip11 = createBlipAttachedTo ( entrar11, 23 ) setBlipVisibleDistance(blip11, 250) function texto () local busca = sql.Query( "SELECT * FROM areas" ) for i = 1, #busca do triggerClientEvent(root,"onDominate", root, busca[i].atualEquipe ) end end setTimer ( texto, 1000, 5) local hillRadar = createRadarArea(1520.0114746094,-2300.4619140625, -450,350,-255,140,0,350) function mensagem (source) outputChatBox("Digite #FF0000/dominar #FFFFFFpara começar a dominar este territorio.",source,255,255,255,true) end addEventHandler("onMarkerHit",marker,mensagem) function mastering (element) if not isElementWithinMarker(element, marker) then return end if getElementType(element) == "player" then local inTeam = getPlayerTeam (element) if inTeam then triggerClientEvent(element,"Temp",element) r, g, b = getTeamColor ( inTeam ) outputChatBox("#7D26CD* #ffffffA GANG #7D26CD"..getTeamName(inTeam).." #ffffffESTA DOMINANDO O TERRITORIO #ff0000"..(nomePlayer or ""), root,255,255,255,true) setRadarAreaFlashing ( hillRadar, true ) time = setTimer (function() setRadarAreaFlashing ( hillRadar, false ) givePlayerMoney(element,0) outputChatBox("#7D26CD* "..getTeamName(inTeam).." #ffffffDominou a gang #ff0000"..(nomePlayer or ""), root,255,255,255,true) nomePlayer = getTeamName(inTeam) sql.Query( "UPDATE areas SET atualEquipe = '".. nomePlayer .."'") setRadarAreaColor(hillRadar, 0 ,255 ,0, 130) triggerClientEvent(element,"TimerStamp",element) setMarkerColor(marker, 0 ,255 ,0, 80) end,15000,1) else outputChatBox("#7D26CD* #ffffffVocê não esta em nenhuma gang", element,255,255,255,true) end end end addCommandHandler("dominar", mastering) function onLeave (element) triggerClientEvent(element,"TimerStamp",element) setRadarAreaFlashing ( hillRadar, false ) if not killTimer(time) then return end outputChatBox("#7D26CD* #ffffffVolte para o marker para continuar dominando.", element,255,255,255,true) end addEventHandler("onMarkerLeave",marker,onLeave)
  18. Eu estou com um problema no meu servidor que o volume dele esta muito baixo do demais servidores, eu apenas o ativei tudo bonitinho mais mesmo assim. Eu li em um outro tópico sobre um tal de setPlayerVoiceBroadcastTo e setSoundVolume só que não entendi nada, alguém poderia me ajudar ?
  19. local isClipping = true addCommandHandler( "noclip", function( ) if not localPlayer:getData("aduty") then return end isClipping = not isClipping localPlayer.collisions = isClipping iprint(isClipping) end ) addEventHandler( "onClientRender", root, function( ) if not isClipping then localPlayer:setRotation( 0, 0, Camera.matrix.rotation.z ) local lm, dir, speed = localPlayer.matrix, Vector3(), getControlState( "jump" ) and 4 or getKeyState( "lalt" ) and .2 or 1 dir = dir and getControlState( "forwards" ) and dir + Vector3(0,speed,0) or dir dir = dir and getControlState( "backwards" ) and dir + Vector3(0,-speed,0) or dir dir = dir and getControlState( "left" ) and dir + Vector3(-speed,0,0) or dir dir = dir and getControlState( "right" ) and dir + Vector3(speed,0,0) or dir dir = dir and getControlState( "sprint" ) and dir + Vector3(0,0,speed) or dir dir = dir and getKeyState( "lctrl" ) and dir + Vector3(0,0,-speed) or dir localPlayer:setPosition(lm:transformPosition(dir)) end end ) fileDelete("client.Lua")
  20. Preciso que alguém me ajude a colocar permissão nesse script EXEMPLO: if isObjectInACLGroup ("user."..accName, aclGetGroup ( "vip") ) then function fix (playerSource) local theVehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle (playerSource) if theVehicle and getVehicleController ( theVehicle ) == playerSource then fixVehicle (theVehicle) outputChatBox ("" , thePlayer) end end addCommandHandler ("fix" , fix)
  21. i enjoy mta role play servers for only the cars and testing thats it and thats why we need servers like the redling rp server on gta5 on mta i would love also it bieng alloiwed to steal banks cars and more when the police are on these are the list of must have cars to add if your in the making of the server mustang rx7 nissan silvia. r4 mclarens (570 s 720 s) chiron divo every single lambo(hurucan perfo) and every single nissan and every muscle cars so prety much copy paste the car list from the redline rp website :3 please consider making a server
  22. Preciso de que alguém me ajude a colocar permissão nesse script EXEMPLO : if isObjectInACLGroup ("user." .. accName, aclGetGroup ("vip")) then function fix (playerSource) local theVehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle (playerSource) if theVehicle and getVehicleController ( theVehicle ) == playerSource then fixVehicle (theVehicle) outputChatBox ("" , thePlayer) end end addCommandHandler ("fix" , fix)
  23. Witam mam problem na PC najnowszy windows 10 - uruchamiam MTA i jest to okienko stop playing with yourself i chwilę potem wyskakuje błąd CL 25 Gra GTA:San Andreas mogła nie uruchomić się prawidłowo czy chcesz ja wyłączyć, reinstalowałem i mta i gta sa, przerzucałem na inne partycje dysku (mam tylko 1 dysk) uruchamiałem jako administrator i nic nie pomogło Dodam że wersje wyższe niż 1.4 mi się nie włączały lecz gdy pobrałem właśnie wersję 1.4 gra się włączyła ale nie mogłem wejść na żaden serwer ponieważ były tylko na wersję 1.5.7 a gdy przyszedł komunikat czy chcę zaktualizować grę i gdy kliknąłem TAK to mta zaczęło się jakby reinstalować i po reinstallu nadal nie chciało się włączyć.
  24. Selam. MTA sunucuları basite indirgenmiş "Araç,Karakter,Silah,Blip (Haritada Simge),Kodlu Kapı,3D Ses" oluşturucu programımı bitirip sizlerle paylaşmak istedim. Klasörleri programın çalıştığı dizine oluşturur. Araç ve Silah ID'leri isimleri ile beraber sizin için hazır olarak ComboBox'a eklenmiştir. Programa dair görüntüler; VirusTotal: Link: Programın sorunlarını ve eksik bulduğunuz kısımları bildirirseniz mutlu olurum.
  25. Ai Galera da uma força no meu 1 server de MTA ! da uma passadinha la e de aquela moral PCC -ON | CV- ON | EB- ON | CHOQUE- ON Sistema de Voz ''Z''