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Found 14 results

  1. Hello, I AM writing this to ask your help. The players of my server are complaining about crashes (they say that the crash a lot when they are in my server, but when they are in others they do not crash). They sent me some screenshots and the most common errors they got were: 0xE06D7363 ; 0xC0000005 and sometimes the game just stop working without any code... Some people told me that the problem could be memory related ant that I should look at ipb to see if there was any script requiring too much memory, I have took the scripts that required most memory but yet the problem continues
  2. 2PAC Rol Yapma Oyunu | Zor Küresel Konsept! Sesli Rol Yapma Oyunu! Sunucu Ip: Liman: 22003 Sunucu Hakkında Genel Bilgilendirme; Sunucu Sürümü: 1.5.7 ️ Sunucu Bağlantı Adresi [İP]: mtasa: // 22003 Sunucu Discord Adresi: https://discord.gg/hBxWyWG Sunucunun Youtube Adresi: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQu-AlaF3rv-CWnZmrxCT4A
  3. https://backnite.com WHO ARE WE? We are a group of young developers known on the stage of Multi Theft Auto, who wants to throw in a few interesting and innovative plans for the development of our server. WHAT IS BACKNITE? Backnite is an international server based on the Battle Royale mode. This mode is known mainly from games like PUBG, Fortnite or the newest version of Call of Duty Black Ops 4. Probably your first question that comes to your mind will be: “Will the game be based only on Battle Royale?” Of course not, because it would be too boring for long-time playing.
  4. Hello guyz. I have the following problem: I have an mta:sa server, and I'm trying to connect it to mysql, but it doesn't work. It finds the table, but the table has records in it, which cannot be found.
  5. Summer is over, but fear not, we have got a new release for you - Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.5.5! This release is focused on bugfixes (most notably, some popular crashes were fixed with help from @Dutchman101 - eg. this one, code cleanups and under-the-hood improvements for developers (migration to a Docker-based environment and support for VS2017 and GCC-6). It may look like it is not much of an update, but the amount of such smaller changes should be a good incentive to update. In other news, we have enabled some additional forum account security features for your conven
  6. Happy Spring Break! We have got a new release for you - Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.5.4! This release includes security updates for the server that protect both you and us, so we recommend all server owners to upgrade as soon as possible - see the steps below for tips on that. Failure to do so may affect your server's visibility on the Master Server List in the ingame server browser. Aside from security fixes, there are some feature updates in this version for the client as well, so regular players are more than welcome to update. What do you need to do to upgrade you
  7. I need a scripter for my Roleplay server / server scripts %85 finished just have some small bugs. I want staff and scripter.Req: - Must know scripting.Contact : Forum: www.ngcmta.comSkype : candasnetwork Facebook: www.facebook.com/candas67
  8. Hello guys, I already searched on the internet, but I haven't found anything useful. I would like to allow custom gta3.img to my server (i changed the .txd file of a ped) but idk how to do that. In server.conf i can find: <!-- By default, the server will block the use of locally customized gta3.img player skins and vehicles This setting can be used to allow such mods. Not recommended for competitive servers. Values: none, peds, vehicles ; default value: none --> <allow_gta3_img_mods></allow_gta3_img_mods> I typed "peds"
  9. y bueno, ya lo intente mil veces instale y desinstale el MTA, reinicie la pc de todo hice y sigue igual ya no se que hacer ayuda!! pd: siempre lo hice con hamachi y me funciono
  10. Welcome! We offer you discounts up to 50% at Line Host About Line Host Created in: 2013 An institution officially registered with the CITC and the Ministry of Commerce and holds a license number: 4031074572 Official domains www.wmisc.com.sa www.wmisc.net.sa www.wmisc.sa Our Offers VPS Servers MTA servers You can try one server here mtasa: // 22003 Our server sites
  11. HELLOM , IAM RAHMAT FROM INDONESIAN , please help me to find the code on my server resources, which is a code to replace the amount of blood that was 100 to 20 when the characters come to life again. thank you .
  12. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته عدنا لكم من جديد ب مفاجاءات استضافة مجانية شهرية 1 تفعيل تلقائي * تحديث السيرفر تلقائي * دعم فني مجاني * 1024 شخص * لوحة Open game panel معربه * ستايل خفيف وسريع للوحة * موقع خاص لـ سيرفرك * - كل ماسبق : مجانا فقط زورزنا واكتشفوا الباقي .. www.falcoon-host.com دمتم سالمييين
  13. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته من فترة قريبة عرضت سيرفرات مجانية لفترة محدودة ! وكانت الاستضافة غير مقبوله عند بعض من الناس ؟ وحبينا نطور الاستضافة والخادم في نفس الوقت ونسهل عملية الدفع , موقع الاستضافة , ولوحة التحكم للسيرفرات بالاضافة الى : استضافة مواقع مجانية ؟ cPanel لكل سيرفر موقع خاص ؟ بلوحة خاصية تفعيل الاستضافة تلقائيآ ولكن عندنا مشكلة في تفعيل سيرفرات تلقائيآ والي عنده الحل يطرحه . والسؤال في الموضوع : مع او ضد في تطوير استضافة فالكون المجانية ؟ مع او ضد في فكرة استضافة فالكون للمواقع المجانية ؟ اتمنى من الكل ان يجاوب
  14. السلامم عليككم ورحممة اللهه ! طولنآ فـ الغيبهه وان شآء اللهه مآنغيب علييكم 3> المهم الي تبونهه تراني جبتهه ! هو سيرفرات عكسيهه عـ [ MTA ] سيرفر [ هجولهـ ] الحصريآت هجولهه - فري روم V5 قيم مود V5 سيآرات 2016 والحصريآت كثييرهه - ايبيهات السيرفرات -- اختصار السيرفر 3.k - 3ksya هجوله [ Status: Online ] هجوله [ ] -- اي استفسار آخر هنا whatsapp : 00971501771176
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