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Found 4 results

  1. Vortex Hosting FREE Game Servers Hosting | FREE Web Hosting | FREE Shared Hosting About: Vortex Hosting is a company that provides free game server hosting for posts in the Forum. ________________________________________________________________ NO Lag (Low Ping Accuracy) 5GB Disk Space 8GB RAM Server 10-500 slots on Major Games Scripts Help Support Fast Download Backups Online 24/7 FTP Access Comfortable Game Panel Active Admin/moderator + community Over 90+ games available to be hosted ___________________________________________________________ CONTACT: Email- Phone - +91 8794223760 ___________________________________________________________ VISIT US: CLICK HERE
  2. | Server currently under development | This project was initiated by two avid roleplayers, striving to achieve a fun, professional, and immersive environment. Our key ambition is to innovate roleplay itself, providing a unique experience to every player. We value our community above all else, without the community there is no server. In regards to ownership, there is none. Sjonkovic and I are leading the server, indeed. Although, we seek no "hierarchy" and everyone is where there are to help this community flourish. Our staff team as a whole treats themselves like any other player when performing their duties and they have only the community in consideration. On behalf of Roleplay Horizon, I invite you to take part in our community. We offer an experience that is truly remarkable. With the community in mind, we sought to contribute a unique experience to MTA:SA. Since vG, there have been numerous MTA Roleplay servers, "copy-cats", that provide basic roleplay. We seek to take this to a new level, with realism in mind. Features such as: Receiving a depositable check rather than a automatic payslip, realistic necessities (health, hunger, thirst and stamina), vast range of medical conditions (addiction, sickness, realistic injuries, disease, etc.), cooking and food spoilage, and more to be considered. To make the experience even more distinct, we decided to place the center of roleplay in San Fierro. What is different about it you ask? Well in addition to a change of scenery, San Fierro has more of a dense urban/metropolitan vibe. You can now truly experience roleplay in the city or take in the horizon living in one of the town homes by the water. Our Head of Administration Sjonkovic prides himself in keeping a close-knit, professional, and cohesive staff team. Unlike many communities, we value customer service and the quality of assistance provided. We do not tolerate abuse of rank here at Roleplay Horizon as we function on a one strike system. Our team is trained vigorously on the aspects of player welfare, whether that is in regards to the player's experience on the server or the assistance requested by them. You can get an idea of our training process with this diagram below. Some of our progress thus far,
  3. client: if getElementData(player, "showImage") then dxDrawImage (sx-34, sy-95, 55, 55, 'logo.png' ) else dxDrawImage (sx-34, sy-95, 55, 55, 'air.png' ) end server: function setDataOnLogin(player) if isObjectInACLGroup("user."..getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(player)),aclGetGroup("FoAdmin")) then setElementData(source, "showImage", true) end end addEventHandler("onPlayerLogin", root, setDataOnLogin) function setDataOnResourceStart(player) for i, v in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do if isObjectInACLGroup("user."..getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(player)),aclGetGroup("FoAdmin")) then setElementData(v, "showImage", true) end end end addEventHandler("onResourceStart", resourceRoot, setDataOnResourceStart) function removeDataOnLogout() setElementData(source, "showImage", false) end addEventHandler("onPlayerLogout", root, removeDataOnLogout) i have a error: server.lua:31: attempt to concatenate a boolean value.. how to fix?
  4. No entiendo los boolean de aqui que está pasando con estas funciones????... -------------------------------- function aliento () if getElementData(getLocalPlayer(), "blood") <= 5000 and not getElementData(getLocalPlayer(), "isDead") == true then ------ attempt to comparare boolean with number ---Error aqui--- local Zx,Zy,Zz = getElementPosition( ped ) local randnum = math.random(1,5) local sound = playSound("sounds/aliento"..randnum..".ogg", Zx, Zy, Zz, false) setSoundMaxDistance(sound, 20) end end setTimer(aliento, 10000, 0) function suspenso () if getElementData(getLocalPlayer(), "blood") <= 3000 and not getElementData(getLocalPlayer(), "isDead") == true then ------ attempt to comparare boolean with number ---Error aqui--- local Zx,Zy,Zz = getElementPosition( ped ) local sound = playSound("sounds/suspenso.ogg", Zx, Zy, Zz, false) setSoundMaxDistance(sound, 20) end end setTimer(suspenso, 9000, 0) local screenX, screenY = guiGetScreenSize() local screenSource = dxCreateScreenSource(screenX, screenY) addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()), function() if getVersion ().sortable < "1.1.0" then return else blackWhiteShader, blackWhiteTec = dxCreateShader("fx/blackwhite.fx") if (not blackWhiteShader) then else end end end) addEventHandler("onClientPreRender", getRootElement(), function() if getElementData(getLocalPlayer(), "blood") <= 5000 and not getElementData(getLocalPlayer(), "isDead") == true then ------ attempt to comparare boolean with number ---Error aqui--- dxUpdateScreenSource(screenSource) dxSetShaderValue(blackWhiteShader, "screenSource", screenSource) dxDrawImage(0, 0, screenX, screenY, blackWhiteShader) end end) --------------------------