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Found 10 results

  1. I have a problem with my script and I don't know what the problem is, in the debug I write to me that in line 6,7 there is arg 1 in "nil" and I don't know why what's going on? local screenW, screenH = guiGetScreenSize() function CommuncationMouse() local cursrox, cursory = getCursorPosition() local cursrox = tonumber(cursrox) local cursory = tonumber(cursory) dxDrawImage(cursrox, cursory, screenW * 0.0766, screenH * 0.0593, ":test/guiBackgroundLongsquareLines.png", 0, 0, 0, 255, 0, 0, 255), true) dxDrawImage(cursrox, cursory, screenW * 0.0766, screenH * 0.0593, ":test/guiBackgroundL
  2. ao entrar no mta no menu principal um grande lag e demora para resposta do mouse, ao entrar no servidor eu jogo tranquilamente mas ao virar a visão (mouse) tem uma queda imensa de fps, de 50 fps eu fui pra 30 e ao virar vai para 10 e volta normalmente eu jogo mta a 4 anos é a primeira vez que isso acontece, começou do nada ja reinstalei o mta e gta sa !!!!
  3. Is it possible to use getCursorPosition without making the cursor visible?
  4. Xwad

    cursor "wall"

    Is it possible to create a "wall" element that stops the cursor to go through? A good example is the side of the screen (It is not possible to go further when you reach the side of the screen). Thanks in advance!
  5. Ajuda ai gente meu mouse no mta fica puxando pra baixo toda vez que miro
  6. when entering the mta in the main menu a great lag and delay for response of the mouse, when entering the server I play quietly but when turning the vision (mouse) has an immense drop of fps, from 50 fps I went to 30 and when turning it goes for 10 and back normally I play mta 4 years is the first time this happens, it started out of nowhere I already reinstalled mta e gta sa !!!!
  7. Hola buenos dias/tardes/noches. Primera que nada quiero pedir disculpas si no es la categoria correcta pero honestamente no encontre una categoria para ponerlo, si esta mal pido disculpas y q alguien me lo cambie por favor. Bueno mi problema es el siguiente y no se como solucionarlo Cada vez que utilizo un arma y apunto con la misma la mira se empieza a bajar hasta mirar el suelo, e intentado poner el .dll que uso en el SA normal (q se q me anda) pero no funciona, (ahora no se si esta en un sitio incorrecto o directamente no funciona el .dll) Si alguien me p
  8. I have been having a lot of trouble with my mouse lately that's causing it to have a very large delay on MTA which makes it LITERALLY impossible to play on a server normally. Although the issue originally arose some time last year, it is only now it has came to my proper attention again as I wish to be able to play on a server. I have tried many things to fix this and I can safely dismiss it being the mouse simply because it does this on MTA only; and on my other two PC's as well. Does anyone have any idea what the issue is and how I can solve it? I have tried quite a few things no
  9. Wyppi

    Mouse sensitivity

    Hello. I changed mouse sensitivity settings at menu and put it to o%. But when i return to the game, there is an impression, that sensitivity is 100500%. So what can i do? P.S. Sorry for english.
  10. Every time I look in the MTA the aim is being pulled down the screen, I did everything but did not help me
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