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Found 14 results

  1. Estou usando um script para dar dinheiro ao jogador que matar outro player que tenha dinheiro em mãos, a parte do dinheiro está certa, porém quando um jogador morre de fome ou possui uma morte não causada por outros players, ele ainda assim perde dinheiro, tentei usar um getElementType pro killer mas não está dando certo. function setMoneyOnWasted ( killer ) local money = getPlayerMoney(source) local perde = money/10 if getElementType( killer ) ~= "player" then cancelEvent() else if (money <=0) then cancelEvent() else takePlayerMoney ( source, perde ) end end end
  2. I've successfully created a marker that triggers 'givePlayerMoney' and 'outputChatBox' when 'onClientMarkerHit' in a client.Lua. Does the server see the amount of money the player now has? Do I have to sync the money to the server with some kind of 'getPlayerMoney' in a server.Lua? I'm planning on making a weapons GUI that works with the player's money.
  3. Ola amigos da comunidade, estou começando meus estudos em scripts e ja criandos alguns bem basicos pra ir aprendendo. hoje estou com esse script que com ajuda da internet eu o criei , mas , porem , todavia so foi a mensagem de Bem-Vindo e ja o dinheiro para quando o player entrar nao esta adicionando a sua conta, peço quem dem uma olhada e me ajudem a resolver, obg pela atençao function dardinheiro (thePlayer) givePlayerMoney(thePlayer, 500) outputChatBox("Bem-vindo ao meu servidor!", source) end addEventHandler("onPlayerJoin", getRootElement(), dardinheiro)
  4. The old server called one life have reopened and it's ready for players to join and have fun OneLife - Survival DayZ [MTA] What is OneLife? OneLife is an MTA community, We want to offer our players the full fun, which is why we have a dedicated team for each of our projects. However, I'll tell you something about our DayZ server now Dayz Features: The login system: The first thing every player sees from a server is, of course, the login system. To give our players a change, we have added a completely different login system on our server which differs from the other unedited DayZ scripts. The Spawns: You spawn with us in newly added Various Spawns on the map. In the inventory, you will find some start items that may guide you through this difficult time. Money: On our server, you have the opportunity to earn money by killing zombie's and players. Trading: By earning money you also have the opportunity to exchange items and vehicles with players. This is usually done in the safe zone as this is the safest place. The Safezone: If you need peace and quiet from the whole survival, the Safezone is just right for you. There you can relax and just enjoy the peace and quiet. There are actually always players to be found, which, however, can neither shoot nor aim. In Safezone, your survival time and your existing blood do not go up or down Of course, you are safe there from the birth of hell. Custom Map: On our server, we have a lot of own mapping. In addition to the normal "reconstruction work" to a destroyed world. And much more: In addition to the listed features, there are still many more to explore! How can you see it all? Very easily! Trust in us and try your luck in the wilderness between zombies, bandits, animals and heroes! HOW DO YOU REACH US ?: You can only reach our game server with the MTA client The IP is as follows: mtasa: // 22013 You can reach our Discord at: In the end, I thank you for your attention. I hope I see some of you in the game soon.
  5. I need help from you guys, I'm doing a script to drop moneyfrom pedestrians, but I can't. --[[ Triggers whenever a ped is killed ]]-- function killedPed(totalAmmo, killer, killerWeapon, bodypart, stealth, npc) -- Get profitability multiplier local probability_of_richness = math.random(1,1000) if probability_of_richness < 900 then probability_of_richness = 1 elseif probability_of_richness < 975 then probability_of_richness = 3 elseif probability_of_richness < 999 then probability_of_richness = 10 else probability_of_richness = 100 end -- Create a money pickup at the position of the dead bot local x,y,z = getElementPosition(source) npc[killer] = math.random(1,40)*probability_of_richness -- Max profit: $4´000 -- Make the pickup and make sure it's removed after 2 minutes if not picked up local pickup = createPickup(x, y, z, 3, 1212, 120000, npc[killer]) if pickup then setTimer(destroyMinutePickup, 120*1000, 1, pickup) addEventHandler("onPickupHit", pickup, givePickupMoney) end end addEventHandler("onPedWasted", root, killedPed) --[[ Destroy the pickup after given time ]]-- function destroyMinutePickup(pickup) if isElement(pickup) then removeEventHandler("onPickupHit", pickup, givePickupMoney) destroyElement(pickup) end end --[[ Make the robber wanted on money pickup ]]-- function givePickupMoney(plr) if not npc[plr] then npc[plr] = math.random(1,50) end removeEventHandler("onPickupHit", source, givePickupMoney) destroyElement(source) givePlayerMoney(plr, npc[plr]) -- Get wanted for stealing money setWl(source, round(wanted_level, 2), 10, "Você cometeu o crime de roubo") end
  6. For example, when i have 1.000.000$ convert to: 1M$, or if i have 2.400.000$ convert to: 2.44M$. How to make this possible?
  7. I wana do a server witch u can have admin or buy in game money just for staying in server. and wana know if can someone make a Miner im new in scripting and i maded one but doesent work good Any help??
  8. The default max money is 99 999 999$. Can i this max money increase to (for example) 200 000 000$?
  9. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله تعلى وبركاته ابي كود لوضع حد للفلوس والدخيرة يعني الشخص يلزم يكون عنده بس 20 مليون كمثال والدخيرة 1000 للاسلحة مثل الديقل و سنايبر اما ام 4 و اي كي (مثال)2500 شكرا
  10. Well, I'm moderating a facebook page, and I want to advert for it, so I need money I decided to work as a developer in some communities and earn money, I simply request 5$ for now, I mean, I'll work on what you want starting from 5$, if you want a hard work, price will be upper and so on.
  11. i want create a script, which output the chatbox, when player get money, but how? For example: "+32526$"
  12. Hello community, I have been trying to create a list which is updated every second (based onClientRender event and made of dx) and Includes the names of the online players ingame, this list probably shows random sorting for players, while I want it to sort them by their current money balance. I retrieve the online players list by getElementsByType function.. Anyway, any ideas?
  13. when i have 1000 money for example, and vote the new map, when start the new map this money will be zero. how to fix this bug?
  14. function giveWeaponsOnSpawn0 ( ) giveWeapon ( source, 31, 3000 ) -- Gives the M4 weapon with 200 ammo takePlayerMoney ( source, 20 ) else outputChatBox("You do not have enough money.", source, 255, 0, 0, false) end addEvent( "giveweaponm4", true ) addEventHandler( "giveweaponm4", root, giveWeaponsOnSpawn0 ) what wrong in this?