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Found 27 results

  1. I've been working on my own server for a few weeks now. After adding mods for vehicles, weapons and skins rocketed it to aproximatelly 500mb. I've found servers that are filled with skins, great mappings, scripts and more, and they weight around 200mbs. They have more skins, a lot more scripts and complex functions, new textures for buildings; basically, a complete make-over. I've only heard about the word "compiling". I'm confident there are other ways to reduce the weight for the client. Is there such thing as "server-side mods"? These are the heaviest. Maybe moving them server-side reduces the downloaded content significantly.
  2. Does anyone have the ant lag mod for MTA leafless trees? My pc is weak
  3. how to shrink the size of txd and dff
  4. Does anyone have the ant lag mod for MTA leafless trees?
  5. Olá pessoal. Eu ainda sou leigo nessa parte de script. Baixei um Mod de dominação e estou com uma duvida de como eu faço para não permitir que membros da corporação ou gang já dominada continuem dominando? Obs: eu peguei esse script na internet. local sql = { Query = executeSQLQuery }; addEventHandler( 'onResourceStart', resourceRoot, function() sql.Query( "CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS areas (`atualEquipe` TEXT NOT NULL)") local insert = true local busca = sql.Query( "SELECT * FROM areas" ) for i = 1, #busca do insert = false end if(insert == true) then sql.Query( "INSERT INTO areas (atualEquipe) VALUES ('CJ')") end sql.Query( "UPDATE areas SET atualEquipe = 'CJ'") end ); local marker = createMarker (1175.5581054688,-2037.2095947266,77.893753051758, "cylinder",2,125 ,38 ,205, 100) local entrar = createMarker (1175.5581054688,-2037.2095947266,77.893753051758 +1, "arrow", 0, 000,0, 0) local blip = createBlipAttachedTo ( entrar, 23 ) setBlipVisibleDistance(blip, 250) local entrar11= createMarker ( -1, "corona", 5, 0,0,0) local blip11 = createBlipAttachedTo ( entrar11, 23 ) setBlipVisibleDistance(blip11, 250) function texto () local busca = sql.Query( "SELECT * FROM areas" ) for i = 1, #busca do triggerClientEvent(root,"onDominate", root, busca[i].atualEquipe ) end end setTimer ( texto, 1000, 5) local hillRadar = createRadarArea(1520.0114746094,-2300.4619140625, -450,350,-255,140,0,350) function mensagem (source) outputChatBox("Digite #FF0000/dominar #FFFFFFpara começar a dominar este territorio.",source,255,255,255,true) end addEventHandler("onMarkerHit",marker,mensagem) function mastering (element) if not isElementWithinMarker(element, marker) then return end if getElementType(element) == "player" then local inTeam = getPlayerTeam (element) if inTeam then triggerClientEvent(element,"Temp",element) r, g, b = getTeamColor ( inTeam ) outputChatBox("#7D26CD* #ffffffA GANG #7D26CD"..getTeamName(inTeam).." #ffffffESTA DOMINANDO O TERRITORIO #ff0000"..(nomePlayer or ""), root,255,255,255,true) setRadarAreaFlashing ( hillRadar, true ) time = setTimer (function() setRadarAreaFlashing ( hillRadar, false ) givePlayerMoney(element,0) outputChatBox("#7D26CD* "..getTeamName(inTeam).." #ffffffDominou a gang #ff0000"..(nomePlayer or ""), root,255,255,255,true) nomePlayer = getTeamName(inTeam) sql.Query( "UPDATE areas SET atualEquipe = '".. nomePlayer .."'") setRadarAreaColor(hillRadar, 0 ,255 ,0, 130) triggerClientEvent(element,"TimerStamp",element) setMarkerColor(marker, 0 ,255 ,0, 80) end,15000,1) else outputChatBox("#7D26CD* #ffffffVocê não esta em nenhuma gang", element,255,255,255,true) end end end addCommandHandler("dominar", mastering) function onLeave (element) triggerClientEvent(element,"TimerStamp",element) setRadarAreaFlashing ( hillRadar, false ) if not killTimer(time) then return end outputChatBox("#7D26CD* #ffffffVolte para o marker para continuar dominando.", element,255,255,255,true) end addEventHandler("onMarkerLeave",marker,onLeave)
  6. então pessoal tento editar a acl do server até consigo porém logo em seguida quando atualizo o filezilla ele some e só consigo ficar com o nome da minha host no console, alguém pode me ajudar por favor?
  7. Welcome to the! Community, today I will present what the server has, it has varieties of mods, it has Minigames like Versus Zombies vs humans (With that minigame you make money!), It has cinema, it is Freeroam, It has real cars, it has improved hud, it has zombies, it has misterix mod, it has gasoline in the cars for more realism, it has special zombies like the tank or the hunter, it has real gun sounds, it has drop, it has pvp, it has Tsunamis, earthquakes , real sounds of the environment, and more things that may surprise you, such as events too. Join the "" community on the discord community server: , and my name in discord! : Izaaqk#0780 , The server opens on December 25, with all that implemented! Moreover, I will use the MTA Server to test it! When you have entered the "" community, don't forget to message me! Support the server, don't miss it, it's very good! ( STAFF, Smods, Mods are needed! )
  8. Preciso de ajuda estou mexendo em um mod de armas que transfere de um jogador para outro mas n consegui colocar preço pra vender alguém me ajuda ===Client=== -- Script Criado by Torugo -- -- -- -- Obrigado por Baixar ;D -- local KEY = "F6" -- Hot Key outputChatBox("#0ffff0 Sistema de Armas criado por Torugo",255,0,0,true) -- My Right's ( Don't Change it ) -- ## Important Functions function centerWindow(center_window) -- local screenW,screenH=guiGetScreenSize() local windowW,windowH=guiGetSize(center_window,false) local x,y = (screenW-windowW)/2,(screenH-windowH)/2 guiSetPosition(center_window,x,y,false) end function getPedWeapons(ped) -- local playerWeapons = {} if ped and isElement(ped) and getElementType(ped) == "ped" or getElementType(ped) == "player" then for i=2,9 do local wep = getPedWeapon(ped,i) if wep and wep ~= 0 then table.insert(playerWeapons,wep) end end else return false end return playerWeapons end -- ## Main Window ## wnd = guiCreateWindow(202,74,427,458,"Sistema de Transferir Armas",false) players_grid = guiCreateGridList(0.0211,0.0546,0.4707,0.9258,true,wnd) guiGridListSetSelectionMode(players_grid,1) guiGridListAddColumn(players_grid,"Pessoas...",0.9) weapons_grid = guiCreateGridList(0.5035,0.0546,0.4707,0.5415,true,wnd) guiGridListSetSelectionMode(weapons_grid,1) guiGridListAddColumn(weapons_grid,"Armas",0.6) guiGridListAddColumn(weapons_grid,"Municao",0.3) info = guiCreateLabel(0.5012,0.6092,0.4707,0.0699,"Digite o valor da municao",true,wnd) guiLabelSetColor(info,0,255,0) guiLabelSetVerticalAlign(info,"center") guiLabelSetHorizontalAlign(info,"center",false) guiSetFont(info,"default-bold-small") ammo = guiCreateEdit(0.5035,0.679,0.4731,0.0852,"",true,wnd) send = guiCreateButton(0.5035,0.7838,0.4731,0.0895,"Enviar Armas",true,wnd) guiSetFont(send,"default-bold-small") close = guiCreateButton(0.5035,0.8843,0.4731,0.0895,"Fechar",true,wnd) guiSetFont(close,"default-bold-small") guiSetVisible(wnd,false) centerWindow(wnd) bindKey(KEY,"down", function () if guiGetVisible(wnd) then guiSetVisible(wnd,false) showCursor(false) guiSetInputEnabled(false) else guiSetVisible(wnd,true) showCursor(true) guiSetInputEnabled(true) putPlayers() putWeapons() end end ) function putPlayers() guiGridListClear(players_grid) for _,player in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do local row = guiGridListAddRow(players_grid) guiGridListSetItemText(players_grid,row,1,getPlayerName(player),false,false) end end function putWeapons() guiGridListClear(weapons_grid) for _,weapon in ipairs(getPedWeapons(localPlayer)) do if getPedTotalAmmo(localPlayer,getSlotFromWeapon(weapon)) > 0 then local row = guiGridListAddRow(weapons_grid) guiGridListSetItemText(weapons_grid,row,1,getWeaponNameFromID(weapon),false,false) guiGridListSetItemText(weapons_grid,row,2,getPedTotalAmmo(localPlayer,getSlotFromWeapon(weapon)),false,false) end end end function RefreshLists() putPlayers() putWeapons() end addEventHandler("onClientGUIClick",close, function () guiSetVisible(wnd,false) showCursor(false) guiSetInputEnabled(false) end ,false) addEventHandler("onClientGUIClick",send, function () local sel_1 = guiGridListGetSelectedItem(players_grid) local sel_2 = guiGridListGetSelectedItem(weapons_grid) if sel_1 ~= -1 and sel_2 ~= -1 then local PlayerName = guiGridListGetItemText(players_grid,sel_1,1) local player = getPlayerFromName(PlayerName) if isElement(player) then if player ~= localPlayer then local WeaponName = guiGridListGetItemText(weapons_grid,sel_2,1) local WeaponAmmo = guiGridListGetItemText(weapons_grid,sel_2,2) local WeaponID = getWeaponIDFromName(WeaponName) local Ammo = guiGetText(ammo) if tonumber(Ammo) and tonumber(Ammo) >= 10 then if tonumber(WeaponAmmo) >= tonumber(Ammo) then setTimer(RefreshLists,500,1) triggerServerEvent("SendWeapon",localPlayer,player,WeaponID,Ammo) else outputChatBox("Erro: Você não tem munição suficiente para esta arma",255,0,0) end else outputChatBox("Error: Escreva um número na Editar",255,0,0) end else outputChatBox("Erro: Não é possível enviar Arma Para Seu Auto",255,0,0) end else RefreshLists() outputChatBox("Error: Jogador não encontrado, Lists refrescado",255,0,0) end end end ) fileDelete("Client.Lua") ===Server=== -- Script Criado por Torugo -- -- -- -- Obrigado por Baixar ;D -- addEvent("SendWeapon",true) addEventHandler("SendWeapon",root, function (player,id,ammo) local id = tonumber(id) local ammo = tonumber(ammo) giveWeapon(player,id,ammo) takeWeapon(source,id,ammo) outputChatBox("#ffffff Enviou #ff0000" .. getWeaponNameFromID(id) .. "#ffffffPara #ff0000" .. getPlayerName(player),source,255,0,0,true) outputChatBox("# " .. getPlayerName(source) .. " #ffffffEnviou #ff0000" .. getWeaponNameFromID(id) .. " #ffffffPara você com #ff0000" .. ammo .. " #FFFFFFMunição",player,255,0,0,true) end ) ===Meta=== <meta> <info author="Torugo" name="Sistema de Transferir armas" version="1.0.0" type="script" /> <script src="Client.Lua" type="client" /> <script src="Server.Lua" type="server" /> </meta> se alguém puder me ajudar
  9. والصلاة والسلام علي سيدنا محمد خاتم المرسلين وعلي اَلي وصحبه وسلم أجمعين @HassoN كيفكم إخواني أتمني لكم الخير من كل قلبي وما بمل بشكر أخواني وأعزائي الكرام وخاصة أخي والباقي في القلب - : اليوم طلبان وليس أمر ألا وهم :طلب اللوحة الأدمانية وهو عايز كود يخلي الأسل ما يتفتح إلا لرتب معينة بس :طلب مود الساعات وهو مود الساعات أبي أسوي له داتا باس بمعني السيرفر طفي او سويت ريستارت للمود ساعات الاعبين ما تروح بس كذا ذا الي أحتاجه وأسف لو أكون مأثر علي بعض المطورين هذي الأيام ظروفي ما تسمح لي أني أكون مستوعب والله وحده يعلم وشكرا لكل أحبائي ومسانديني ويكون الإنسان في عون ربه
  10. Opá. Manos conheci esse site agora e já jogo MTA a um tempo mais nunca parei para criar um servidor bom estou criando o meu agora e quando os players vão digitar no painel login exemplo se logarem ou registrarem acabam soltando sua BIND eu queria saber se tem como bloquear soltar as BINDS apenas no painel Login. Obrigado pela Compreensão ❤️ Qualquer coisa já ajuda
  11. I dont know if its a feature of mta server to auto start all mods but any ways when i start the server and enter it no mods are loaded and i have to use the "start resource" command on every mod .
  12. Need RPG scripter he will do something and i'll give him steam account have coast 180$ have CS:GO , GTA V , Rocket League , Arma3 and Rainbow Six Siege and more the steam account level 10 add me on discord : Smoker#8738 Facebook :
  13. Dece nu imi merg modurile pe orice server as intraa? Imi apar tot masinile vechi
  14. queria que assim q ele pegasse o trabalho, ele ter de ir buscar os passageiros no marker 1 da table, e depois ter de leva-los ao marker 2 da table. coloquei umas anims neles para eles irem andando em direçao ao avião, se algo estiver errado, se poderem corrigir e me falar oque errei eu agradeço, boa noite e feliz natal ae pra vcs. destinos = { [1] = {1612.7482910156, -2480.7473144531, 13.5546875}, -- table com todos os destinos em ordem. [2] = {-1487.8798828125, -108.69385528564, 14.1484375} } local Minicio7 = createMarker (1714.3579101563, 1615.6630859375, 9.2, "cylinder", 1, 16, 102, 231, 50) -- Cria o marker onde o player deve usar o comando. local veh = {} -- Cada elemento específico de cada jogador deve estar em uma table para ser criado e acessado corretamente. local Mfim7 = {} -- Marker final específico do player. local Bfim7 = {} -- Blip do marker final específico do player. function inicio7 (source) if source and getElementType (source) == "player" and not getPedOccupiedVehicle (source) then -- Quando o jogador colide no marker e está sem veículo, então: outputChatBox ("#1066E7──────────────── Trabalho BvP™ ────────────────",source,255,255,255,true) -- Avisa pra ele usar o comando /trampo4 para começar o emprego. outputChatBox ("#FF0000Trabalho de Piloto de Avião #FFFFFF→ Neste trabalho você terá de levar os passageiros até a marcação no radar. Sua recompensa é de R$8000.",source,255,255,255,true) outputChatBox (" ",source,255,255,255,true) outputChatBox ("* Digite #FF0000/emprego7 #FFFFFFpara aceitar o trabalho.",source,255,255,255,true) outputChatBox ("#1066E7───────────────────────────────────────────",source,255,255,255,true) end end addEventHandler ("onMarkerHit", Minicio7, inicio7) function startJob7 (thePlayer, cmd) if isElementWithinMarker (thePlayer, Minicio7) and not getPedOccupiedVehicle (thePlayer) then -- Ao usar o comando, só funciona se o jogador estiver no marker e estiver sem veículo. if veh[thePlayer] and isElement (veh[thePlayer]) then -- Se por acaso existir o veículo do trampo do jogador, destroi ele. destroyElement (veh[thePlayer]) veh[thePlayer] = nil end veh[thePlayer] = createVehicle (577, 1443.5461425781, 1459.3911132813, 10.8203125) -- Cria o veículo do trampo. local x, y, z = unpack (destinos[1]) -- x, y, z recebem as coordenadas do destinos[1]. Mfim7[thePlayer] = createMarker (x, y, z, "cylinder", 2, 0, 255, 0, 255, thePlayer) -- Cria o marker do objetivo do jogador na coordenada 1. setElementData (Mfim7[thePlayer], "owner", thePlayer) -- Seta esse jogador como dono do marker, para que só funcione com ele. setElementData (Mfim7[thePlayer], "trip", 1) -- Seta uma data no marker pra saber a qual coordenada ele pertence. Bfim7[thePlayer] = createBlipAttachedTo (Mfim7[thePlayer], 19) -- Cria o blip e anexa ao marker. warpPedIntoVehicle (thePlayer, veh[thePlayer]) -- Teleporta o player para o veículo do trampo. setPedSkin ( thePlayer, 72 ) dxMsg(thePlayer, "Vá buscar os passageiros.", "info") ped1 = createPed ( 1, 1591.1002197266,-2462.6525878906,13.5546875 ) setPedRotation(ped1, 181) ped2 = createPed ( 7, 1591.2203369141,-2459.6557617188,13.5546875 ) setPedRotation(ped2, 181) ped3 = createPed ( 15, 1591.1318359375,-2456.8723144531,13.5546875 ) setPedRotation(ped3, 181) dxMsg(thePlayer, "Os Passageiros estão entrando no avião aguarde...", "info") setPedAnimation( ped1, "ped", "WOMAN_walknorm") setPedAnimation( ped2, "ped", "WOMAN_walknorm") setPedAnimation( ped3, "ped", "WOMAN_walknorm") setTimer(function(thePlayer) destroyElement (ped1) destroyElement (ped2) destroyElement (ped3) dxMsg(thePlayer, "Os Passageiros entraram no avião, Leve-os até o aeropoto marcado no radar.", "info") -- Avisa o player o que ele tem que fazer agora. addEventHandler ("onMarkerHit", Mfim7[thePlayer], fim7) -- Adiciona o evento que faz funcionar o marker do objetivo. end, 7000, 1,thePlayer) end end addCommandHandler ("emprego7", startJob7) function fim7 (hitElement) if (hitElement == getElementData (source, "owner")) then -- Se o elemento que colidiu for o dono do marker, então: if veh[hitElement] and isElement(veh[hitElement]) then -- Se existe o veículo do trampo do jogador, então: if (getElementData (source, "trip") < #destinos) then -- Se a data do marker é menor que a quantidade de destinos, então: (indicando que não é a última viagem) local x, y, z = unpack (destinos[getElementData (source, "trip") + 1]) -- x, y, z recebem a próxima coordenada da table destinos. setElementPosition (source, x, y, z) -- Coloca o marker de objetivo nessa nova coordenada. setElementData (source, "trip", getElementData (source, "trip") + 1) -- Seta a nova viagem nesse marker. dxMsg(hitElement, "Você entregou os passageiros no local, Agora Volte com o avião para o aeroporto raiz marcado no radar!", "info") -- Avisa o jogador quantas viagens ele fez e quantas são no total, pra ele não pensar que está trabalhando de graça. else -- Se o marker de objetivo colidido não tem data menor que a quantidade de viagens, então: (indicando que esse é o último objetivo) dxMsg(hitElement, "Recebendo Pagamento...", "info") setTimer(function(hitElement) removeEventHandler ("onMarkerHit", Mfim7[hitElement], fim7) -- Remove o evento que ativa este marker, pois ele não será mais usado. destroyElement (veh[hitElement]) -- Destroi o veículo do trampo do jogador. givePlayerMoney (hitElement, 8000) -- Dá o dinheiro do trampo. if isElement(Bfim7[hitElement]) then destroyElement (Bfim7[hitElement]) end -- Destroi o blip anexado ao marker de objetivo. Bfim7[hitElement] = nil if isElement(Mfim7[hitElement]) then destroyElement (Mfim7[hitElement]) end -- Destroi o marker de objetivo. Mfim7[hitElement] = nil dxMsg(hitElement, "Pagamento recebido (R$ 8000)!", "sucess") -- Avisa o jogador que ele completou o trampo. end, 5000, 1,hitElement) end end end end function sair7 (thePlayer) if (veh[thePlayer]) and isElement(veh[thePlayer]) then -- Se o veículo do trampo existe, então: removeEventHandler ("onMarkerHit", Mfim7[thePlayer], fim7) -- Remove o evento que ativa o marker de objetivo. destroyElement (veh[thePlayer]) -- Destroi o veículo do trampo. destroyElement (Bfim7[thePlayer]) -- Destroi o blip de objetivo do trampo. Bfim7[thePlayer] = nil destroyElement (Mfim7[thePlayer]) -- Destroi o marker de objetivo do trampo. Mfim7[thePlayer] = nil dxMsg(thePlayer, "Você abandonou os passageiros e perdeu o trabalho idiota!", "error") -- Avisa o jogador que ele falhou no trampo. end end addEventHandler ("onVehicleExit", getRootElement(), sair7) -- Executa essa função quando o player sair de um veículo qualquer. function quit7 () if isElement(Bfim7[source]) then destroyElement (Bfim7[source]) end if isElement(Mfim7[source]) then destroyElement (Mfim7[source]) end if isElement(veh[source]) then destroyElement(veh[source]) end Bfim7[source] = nil Mfim7[source] = nil veh[source] = nil destroyElement (ped1) destroyElement (ped2) destroyElement (ped3) end addEventHandler("onPlayerQuit", getRootElement(), quit7) function kill7 () if isElement(Bfim7[source]) then destroyElement (Bfim7[source]) end if isElement(Mfim7[source]) then destroyElement (Mfim7[source]) dxMsg(source, "Você se matou e perdeu o trabalho seu imbecil!", "error") end if isElement(veh[source]) then destroyElement(veh[source]) end Bfim7[source] = nil Mfim7[source] = nil veh[source] = nil destroyElement (ped1) destroyElement (ped2) destroyElement (ped3) end addEventHandler("onPlayerWasted", getRootElement(), kill7) function logout7 () if isElement(Bfim7[source]) then destroyElement (Bfim7[source]) end if isElement(Mfim7[source]) then destroyElement (Mfim7[source]) end if isElement(veh[source]) then destroyElement(veh[source]) end Bfim7[source] = nil Mfim7[source] = nil veh[source] = nil destroyElement (ped1) destroyElement (ped2) destroyElement (ped3) end addEventHandler("onPlayerLogout", getRootElement(), logout7) function dxMsg(source, text, type) exports.dxmessages:outputDx(source, text, type) end Voces são uma segunda familia pra mim ❤️
  15. Heya all, Are you looking for a freeroam server that has tons of custom mods and features, but don't want too many rules and restrictions? Then JohnFlower's Freeroam boredom just might be the right server for you! We have options like mapping and attaching for creative players, command line based so you actually can learn from it. We also have a lot of car mods and drifting opportunities to race yourself towards the finish! Not knowing what to do and got some spare time left? We got you covered with our in-game cinema and skins to start off an RPG. JohnFlower started the server in 2010, in collaboration with Cave Johnson. Since then the player base grew rapidly and the community became larger and larger. We basically have one rule when you are online and that's not to be a cu*t. We assume you know yourself what's okay and what not. Our staff members will act tho when things start to escalate. So, that's only a part of what our server can offer you, and if you are interested to check it out please copy the following link in your MTA: Server IP: mtasa:// Links: Join our Discord server: Join our Steam group: Join our forum site: Join our IRC channel:;;port=6697&amp;ssl=1 (If you use a different nickname than you use ingame, or if you are not affiliated with JohnFlower's server at all, ping @n0rt0x on IRC) Join our Facebook community: Regards, n0rt0x
  16. Preciso de uma Verificação para Somente o dono do veículo poder entrar na direção do veículo. De preferência por setelementdata, alguem pode me ajudar?? Tentei assim Quando criar ----- VeiculoPainel[source] = createVehicle... setElementData ( VeiculoPainel[source], "Dono", ""..accname.."" ) setElementData ( source, "Dono", ""..accname.."" ) Quando for entrar ----- Jogador = getElementData( source, "Dono" ) Veículo = getElementData( VeiculoPainel[source], "Dono" ) If Jogador == Dono then --Nada, apenas entrar no veículo normal else cancelEvent ()  Tentei dessa forma, sei que está meio incompleto mais poderiam me ajudar a fazer isso? Meu objetivo e fazer apenas o dono do veículo poder dirigir o carro, e caso o carro não tiver setElementData qualquer um pode entrar no volante, me ajudem.
  17. Hello. I have a global mod, really global. It has close to 65.000 models, so I have to use limitadjuster fastman92. I need to adapt an AIT client so that players can play my modification online. By type MTA Province (Google) I disabled the .asi file check изменив .asi на .ass(:D) изменил еще этот файл, заменив false на true I compiled the MTA, it worked, the MTA turns on, and does not pay attention to the .asi files in the game folder. The MTA starts up and works, I started the local server, and I'll try to connect, but my game is minimized, and after 10 seconds it flies. It starts proxy_sa, I started it not with the help of MTA, but just from the game folder, I got an error, there was a shortage of .dll files, I threw them from the AIT folder to the GTA folder, it worked. Proxy_sa was turned on. But still when connecting to the server through the client, the game is minimized, and after 10 seconds it turns off, in dispatching tasks, it is written that proxy_sa does not respond. Also on the server, I allowed players to use the modified gta3.img, and also removed the / maps and the rest from the verification of the data. But with all this, it does not work properly. Help me, please.
  18. hello every one , well im new at mta forum as i said in the first topic of myn so i created a server just to have fun so the name of the server is : [UGW] UnderGround World Events/Drift/Maps/RealRoads/Fun/Honda/BMW/Stunt/Mods+100 mtasa:// the main topic :
  19. Servidor Brasil Vida Top (BVT) precisando de scripter de nível médio/alto ou que saiba o básico sobre programação em lua voltado para o MTA. Procurar por Pedrin ou Leonardo. Contato: VIA MSG NO FORUM. TS3:
  20. Im looking too hire someone whom can make a DayZ mod for MTA. Not a very default one but a more detailed and complex one , we´ll discuss more detalis about that once we get in contact. Doesnt need to be one from scratch, but I wouldnt hate it either. Someone whos flexible , doesnt mind the work and provides some kinda of support to chance anything we might not like and meet some of our requestes. Again those will be discussed later. Contact me here: or add me on Steam : Thank you.
  21. rockss

    Screening in MTA

    In MTA 1.5.5 you have blocked custom dff so I can`t use BSOR Vegetation or any else Later you have blocked retextures I think it isn`t a good idea. 2018 year outside and it`s not cool at all to play with 14 years old textures At the moment, you have limited customization of the client at all.
  22. hello there im asking for a mod i need a timer and when this timer ends all players spawned on plane and then after a 10 seconds they can press X button to jump! actully like battlegrounds or they call it PUBG ty.
  23. ミ★®╚»[ɓʀ] ɱѳC ɦɛʆʆ «╝™ • ѵɛɳɦɑ cѳɳɦɛcɛʀ ѳ ɳѳรรѳ ɳѳѵѳ รɛʀѵiɗѳʀ ɗɛ ʀPG! 》Tɛɱѳร《 • รiรtɛɱɑ ɗɛ cɑรɑร ( ѵѳcê pѳɗɛ tɛʀ ɑ cɑรɑ quɛ quiรɛʀ ) • Cɑʀʀѳร ( ɓʀɑรiʆɛiʀѳร ɛ iɱpѳʀtɑɗѳร ) • รiรtɛɱɑ ѵIP • ѵáʀiѳร ʆѳcɑiร ɗɛ ʀѳuɓѳ • ɗiѵɛʀรѳร ɱѳɗ'ร • Բɑѵɛʆɑร • Tʀɑɓɑʆɦѳร 》ɛรtɑɱѳร ɑcɛitɑɳɗѳ รugɛรtõɛร, ɗê ɑ รuɑ!《 • Cѳʀpѳʀɑçõɛร ( ʀѳTɑ, ԲѳʀÇɑ TÁTICɑ, ɓѳPɛ ) •Gɑɳguɛร ( PCC, Cѳɱɑɳɗѳ ѵɛʀɱɛʆɦѳ, WѳʆC'$ ) 》ѳɓรɛʀѵɑÇÕɛร《 • Pɑʀɑ cʀiɑʀ uɱɑ ɳѳѵɑ Gɑɳguɛ é ɳɛcɛรรáʀiѳ 5 pʆɑyɛʀร! • Pɑʀɑ cʀiɑʀ uɱɑ ɳѳѵɑ Cѳʀpѳʀɑçãѳ é ɳɛcɛรรáʀiѳ 5 pʆɑyɛʀร! ■ ѵɛɳɦɑ Բɑzɛʀ pɑʀtɛ ɗɛรรɑ Բɑɱíʆiɑ! *IP:*mtasa:// *Tɛɑɱ รPɛɑK:* ■ ɛɳtʀɛ ɛɱ ɳѳรรѳ gʀupѳ ɛ Բiquɛ pѳʀ ɗɛɳtʀѳ ɗɛ tuɗѳ quɛ ɑcѳɳtɛcɛ ɳѳ ɳѳรรѳ รɛʀѵiɗѳʀ: (★彡 IP: mtasa:// Tɛɑɱ รPɛɑk3:
  24. Hello I have been trying to get skins to work in multiplayer for quite some time now. I have followed tutorials but nothing seems to be working. The model is always the same as it was. I am trying to replace a ped. Any help would be appreciated. I can upload the file to show you what i did if you need it. Thanks!