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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, i'm working on editing IFP animations from GTA San Andreas, using Blender and the GTAToolsForBlender Addon, but I have a enoying problem. When I try to export my IFP file, an error message appears to me: https://imgur.com/gallery/1zINVGK It's an error from the addon or there is a step that I'm not seeing?
  2. Guys , i make a test model by 3ds max , and i converted it to mta Now I have a problem , I can Enter in model Although I maked .col file , i need to help . https://www.up-00.com/pxve2ehm5r2i This is the model link and I want to know what is the cause of problem
  3. i made some objects in 3dsmax and i want to test them ingame but i couldnt figure it out i have the .dff .col .txd
  4. is there a way to force mta to load normal gta sa car models
  5. Hello everyone! So I'm trying to model a lightbar on the LSPD police car. I use blender with the GTA SA script. My problem is with the TXD file. As long as I put only one of the textures in the TXD file, the game loads it and it is visible on the lightbar. Problems happen when I put more of the textures into the TXD file. When I try to load the TXD with 2 of the textures in it, I get the "Error Loading TXD" message. Wonder if anyone here knows why it's doing this. I use TXDWorkshop to assemble the TXD files, and I extracted the copcarla.txd file from the GTA3.img file and m
  6. Hello I have made a custom model. If I load the model in and I am in the area of its engineSetModelLODDistance then my MTA always crashes out. What do I do? I do the modeling and everything with this tutorial:
  7. Hello guys! Again i tried to make model. I tried to make "old style chair". Yes, i am not that professional but i am going slowly and trying to learn modding nicely. I am not able to create models fast because of exams. I will be off till 27th January. I wanted to show you guys my latest piece of work. Hope you like it. Thanx
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