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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone, It's Lopexsw again here! So I have thought of a new script I want to make with your (The Pro scripters) help! My aim is to make a script that when a player gets into a certain vehicle for example Journey 508 they have the option to do /cookmeth and then if they have the required ingredients in their inventory, they can start cooking meth! But if for example they don't have a gas mask (Which is possible to get in the server I play, but I doubt this script will be there ever.) they're health would go a bit down while they do it! So as I see the steps are something along the lines of this: When a player gets into a vehicle, check what vehicle that is. If it's a Journey (id 508) then display message in chat that they have a option to cook meth. *If it's not a journey don't show anything* When the player writes /cookmeth check they'r inventory for certain items. If they have the certain items, then freeze them for 3 minutes. *If not, display message you can't do it* At the same time display a countdown of the 3 minutes saying "3 minutes of cooking remaining" or something like that that goes down. After 3 minutes, unfreeze the player. Take the items required and give the meth to the player! So 1 problem that I thought of, is this client side or a server side script? I think it's server sided. As always, any help is hugely appreciated, and I will try to make something myself too, not just get a result from you guys! #1 priority is learning! #2 is a done well made script for someone's server! I think this will be a very intresting script!