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Found 8 results

  1. I want to replace LSPD HQ with RPD interior from Resident Evil 2 but i Don t know how i need some help what meta and replace i need for txd, col, dff to replace The interior?
  2. I've successfully created a marker that triggers 'givePlayerMoney' and 'outputChatBox' when 'onClientMarkerHit' in a client.Lua. Does the server see the amount of money the player now has? Do I have to sync the money to the server with some kind of 'getPlayerMoney' in a server.Lua? I'm planning on making a weapons GUI that works with the player's money.
  3. I'm having trouble translating the scripts into colloquial language (to build the concepts in my head and understand what happens and what triggers the events). My ultimate objective is to add a help window that shows the functions of my server. This is what I researched so far: *I know some things may be obvious to the experienced developer. My intension is to "think out loud" so, if I'm mistaken, the reader(s) will point out my errors. With a stock MTA, pressing 'F9' (resource: helpmanager) opens a help window that shows two tabs: 'votemanager' and 'freeroam'. Respectively, ea
  4. Me ajudem PFV !!! alguem sabe algum script pra ligar e desligar o farol do carro? em dx Se Tiver Algum e puder me ajudar obg !!
  5. This is the dumbest question I've ever asked on this forum, but I have problem even not only with this. So, how can I add scripts from different folders in my meta.xml? And in these scripts, how can I load xml files from different folders, too? Any idea? If yes, please, show me example I know, that I would use xml = xmlLoadFile("filename.xml") But how to load xml in different folders? Same <script src="script.Lua" type="server"/> But how to tell MTA to load script from different folder?
  6. Alguém pode me ajudar em como fazer o meta.xml deste arquivo?? https://www.mediafire.com/file/ztco51l0g9tc2fw/Scripts_AtivarVIP.rar/file
  7. تم انشاء الشرح نظراً لوجود بعض الاشخاص الذين يطلبون المساعدة وعند التجربة يكون الناتج خاطئ نظراً لوجود اخطاء في ملف الميتا ما هو ملف الميتا وما هي اهميته في السكربت ؟ ملف الميتا هو اهم جزء من السكربت حيث انه هو المسؤول عن تشغيل باقي الملفات الاخرى بمعنى انه اذا كان هناك سكربت بدون ملف ميتا فإنه بغير فائدة . بعض الملاحظات xml : صيغة ملف الميتا تكون هكذا meta : اسم ملف الميتا يكون هكذا meta.xml : الصيغة الكاملة للملف تكون هكذا . الآن سأشرح ابسط شئ في ملف الميتا وهو تعفيل الملفات الاخرى فيه . ولكن اولاً ما هو التكون الرئيسي لملف الميتا ؟ انظر المثال الثاني و
  8. Hi, I got a problem with the "settings" on my script. I set in the meta the following: <settings> <setting name="*skinsPrice" value="2500" group="Price" desc="Set the price of the skins." /> </settings> But when I try to edit the value I got this error: Basically, if I edit one, another setting is created with the value I set, and the old setting is not changed. If I use get() function like this: function saveSkinPrice (skinsResource) if skinsResource ~= getThisResource() then return end local currentSkinPrice = get("skinsPrice") --I
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