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  1. Na verdade é bem simples por meio de código. Vc só precisa saber o ID do objeto e informar uma coordenada bem próxima ao objeto, não precisa ser exatamente no centro do objeto. Para descobrir o ID de um objeto que não é selecionável, dai é algo mais complexo que exige ferramentas externas. Para isso, vamos no site http://dev.prineside.com e clicamos no botão Model Search by Map Position. Após selecionada a posição no mapa, ele vai mostrar todos os objetos (selecionáveis e não selecionáveis) em um raio de 500 metros, em ordem dos mais próximos para os mais distantes. Na lista que apare
  2. Hello, does anyone know what id have those lights on screenshot? I can't find the id thx for any help >SCREENSHOT<
  3. Olá a todos!! Vim divulgar meu trabalho como mapper no MTA:SA Aqueles que estiverem interessados pode me chamar na minha propia pagina que estará o link: https://www.facebook.com/Bonny-Mapper-1014652868550436 TMJ!!

    Map files

    Map files Table of contents: Introduction How to read a map file? Broken map file, what to do? Editor bugged, what to do? Modify your maps outside of MTA Extra links Introduction A map-file! What is that? The name already gives away the definition. It is a file which contains a MTA map. The format makes maps portable, so that you can send them over to your friends. You can recognize map-files by the extension: .map Here is an example of a map: Syntax highlight When you open a map file in your te
  5. boa tarde queria tirar uma duvida sobre vendas de mapas mta vou começar a fazer mapas de mta para vender minha duvida e se precisar de alguma coisa para vender mapas e outros mods de mta ou simplesmente e fazer e sair vendendo? se alguém puder me informar fico grato
  6. Draw distance v1.0.2 This resource improves the draw distance of all your resources that make use of map files. It makes your maps 10x more beautiful in my opinion! Greatly improves the draw distance of map objects Maxed out the draw-distance for peds and vehicles. (See MTA settings > video: Render vehicles always in high detail + Render peds always in high detail ) Multi-resources support (this effect is applied on every mapRoot element) Parallel loading method is used, but the loading speed is in that case reduced to improve performance. The effe
  7. Map loader This is a map loader, which can let specific players download a map of choice. Maps will be generated clientside and the resource is capable of loading extreme large maps. Loading the map will be done with a speed the pc can handle. The code execution time will be reduced to circa 10 ms. Which is the frame time of a player with 100 fps. So technically when you have 100 fps you still have 98/100 fps when this resource is loading a map. But this is based on running only this resource and based on predictions/knowledge. Which you can't trust... The .map files are unloaded aft
  8. Olá senhores, tudo bom com vocês?. Estamos passando por tempos ruins e sei que muitos perderam o emprego, também sei que muitos não recebem nada para estarem prestando o serviço de scripters e mapers. Porém, venho aqui procurar quem queira ganhar um trocado desenvolvendo um GM do zero para um projeto de servidor totalmente diferente dos que tem hoje em dia. Precisamos de exatamente 3 Scripters e 2 Mapers. Se você estiver interessado ou saiba algum amigo queira participar, deixe seu contato abaixo e um projeto que já fez para podermos avaliar. Agradeço a compreensão de todos!
  9. I have an object enlarged by 30 times [SetObjectScale ('object', 30.0)] and my problem is when you look, e.g. slightly to the right, the object disappears, and if you turn left, it suddenly appears. It can be fixed, please help!
  10. Hi there. I'm releasing all the maps I have created over the past 5 years (2016 - 2020) for the RACE Game Mode FOR FREE!. This pack contains 131 race maps including circuits, offroad, motorbikes, fun and normal city maps. Please don't adjust the respawn or other settings as this is the way I intended them to be played. You all can freely use them in your server, but no re-releasing or claiming as your own. Anyways I hope you like them, and enjoy playing as well. Comments are aswell welcome. VIDEO: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD MAP LIST: MORE RACE MAPS F
  11. Para o pessoal que está começando agora no mapping deve ter notado que ao remover um objeto que está no mapa original do MTA como algum prédio, casa, o mapa fica sumindo. Esse é um simples bug de resolver, basta apenas dar start no editor e depois stop obs:(precisa ser no servidor que você colocou o mapa), provavelmente isso irá arrumar o bug do mapa sumindo.
  12. Hello, I've decided to release/publish all of my old maps for everyone. Old School [DM] (10): v1, ft. DonXTone - Yo, I said I Need a Limo, Flee From the Forgotten Town, Garwa, SbugeMano, ft. Yamaha - LiberoGrande, Yamaha ft. - Piss on the Pyramid, 24 Hours to Live, & Ace! - Feel It, & Dr.Cr@zY, Bob. - The City Without Future (2009 - 2011) Not OS, but old [DM]s (4): & Ernesto ft. DonXTone - Revolutionary Speedmap, Ultimate Speed, ft. Danx - Satisfaction II, ft. MegaN - Escape to the Tropics (2011 - 2016) [DM] (1): [DM] Impzy - Essential Obsessions (2012) [DD
  13. I made my map for a single GTA San Andreas for a long time. One day I decided to transfer it to my MTA server. I successfully cleared the map using a script, but I don’t know how to add my objects to an empty map now. On this and ask for help. What heading I do not know what to write on this I write here ... I will say right away: the transfer option for 1 object does not suit me, because there are more than 5 thousand objects on the map, which are packed in a separate .img archive ...
  14. Hello, I would like to know how I can or if it is possible to make a marker on the map to set a handling in the player's car. I would also like to know how to place a marker with a 3d image on the map
  15. Hi, I wanna know if there is save objects as assets to reuse again. Im not way too good a scripting and linking scripts and filename. So if someone can create the resource script I'll be happy to Reused my assets I combined like trains, building. Copy and paste say if I wanna make Tokyo by use combine vanilla objects for example.
  16. I'm releasing some circuit maps made by me for the RACE Game Mode FOR FREE! This pack contains 14 highly detailed, fully decorated, ready to play maps that covers a wide variety of themes. Each race course is composed of a circuit which needs to be completed twice (you must pass through a succession of checkpoints). Should the player move outside the race tracks, the racer's acceleration will decreases noticeably. Also in some circuits the race track's sidelines have obstacles that will stop the players if they crash into them. You all can freely use them in your server, but no
  17. Gostaria de colocar um interior na posição do mundo, e na dimensão zero, segue print de onde gostaria que ele ficasse para melhor entendimento: https://i.imgur.com/nDO6kX0.png Desde já agradeço!
  18. Hello guys! I have a map in Gta, and I wanna play it in Mta, but I can't convert it..... Anyone can help me? There is the map: Hakone Route 1 : https://mega.nz/#F!TSBGkAba!Xz4cRj1eVYKYXjIA0f7FkQ
  19. https://youtu.be/4KsEnJr-AwI
  20. Ola, estou tendo problemas para criar um script para modificar como texturas, eles simplismente n funcionam, ja fiz de tudo, mas não instrumento.meu script: meta: <meta> <info type = "map" version = "1.0.0"> </ info> <mapa src = "BASE-SAMU.map" dimension = "0"> </ mapa> <arquivo src = "a51vntcvx. txd "/> <arquivo src =" drydockgate_sfse.txd "/> <arquivo src =" a51jdrx.txd "/> <script src =" txd.Lua "tipo =" cliente " <configurações> <configuração name =" # maxplayers "value =" [128] "&g
  21. Hello guys! I have a map in Gta, and I wanna play it in Mta, but I can't convert it..... Anyone can help me? There is the map: Usui: https://mega.nz/#F!eTZQxAaD!7NwLupsAK4m58T_puVQq5g
  22. [AT THE START SORRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH] Hey, i want to make a Zombie survival server and i created my own map who stand's for safe zone. But there is one problem, if i make a one step, many objects are just invisible. Another thing, this happens only on my own serwer, at the map editor "F5" Test everything is fine but when i start my own serwer at the MTA>SERVER>MTA Server.exe my map doing that strange things... And that happens only at that tunnel, at the station exit everything works... The question is, can i fix that or just forget about my lost time at that map? Help me please...
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