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  1. Olá, hoje fui entrar em servidor cujo sou ADM, mas o fps fica em 6 / 5 / 25 (alternando nisso) e em qualquer servidor ocorre isso, após entrar, se eu sair do servidor o menu do mta fica travando também, eu já reinstalei o MTA e não resolveu, alguma sugestão?
  3. ao entrar no mta no menu principal um grande lag e demora para resposta do mouse, ao entrar no servidor eu jogo tranquilamente mas ao virar a visão (mouse) tem uma queda imensa de fps, de 50 fps eu fui pra 30 e ao virar vai para 10 e volta normalmente eu jogo mta a 4 anos é a primeira vez que isso acontece, começou do nada ja reinstalei o mta e gta sa !!!!
  4. Fala galera, vamos começar primeiro FAZENDO BACKUP DA SUA PASTA DO GTA, pq não é de certeza q ira funcionar, Entao vamos la Primeiro va nesse video Faça todos os procedimentos tudo certinho, mas na hr do shrink (NAO CLICKE EM RESTORE PQ IRA RESTAURAR TODAS AS MUNDAÇAS) Depois vá nesse Bem simples rapazeada agora é so jogar a vontade, n sei se ira funcionar no computador de vcs, mas no meu funciono e melhoro mt
  5. When i playing MTA:SA, the FPS decrease random with 5-10 FPS and freeze the game a little bit for 1-2 seconds. And this again after 5-10 mins.. my pc more than enough for MTA:SA.. here is my specs: i5-9600K 2x8GB 3200MHz RAM GTX 1070 I tried change the settings in nvidia control panel, in mta settings but didn't help.. I playing MTA in windowed mode without border, if that matters Anyone can help? Sorry for my bad english..
  6. Have you ever experienced some lag while gaming ? We have some common issues between us ... like someone else is using your internet , or you might be downloading some files ( like games or movies ), or you might be streaming some music or videos while playing or using another device like PS4 or your mobile phone . Well .. those issues can be resolved since that person can leave your network , or you can stop your downloading progress , or stop using your browser to get the best ping and loss in your gaming . However, your permanent ping and loss cannot chan
  7. Well, the point is my laptop is not the biggest thing (it´s a normal laptop) so, i play in a server called SX Project, in this server was recently implemented a mod for the vehicle coach voted by the mayority players , that was the last year, but , the mod are presenting these days certain nonconformities because that cause a destabilisation in its balance, also the mod low fps (in my case). I was searching how i can remove the mod whitout being an admin, for real, that mod is the worst :~ i could imaginate. Srry for my english, i´m venezuelan :)
  8. Que onda gente ! Un día me harté de mi papa con cables así que decidí crear este simple sistema y compartirlo para todas aquellas personas que se hayan cansado de tirar su teclado por la ventana por algún bajón de FPS. La verdad es que este recurso ya lo había subido hace tiempo a la comunidad pero actualmente lo modifiqué un poco. DESCRIPCIÓN: El sistema trae 8 funciones que serán modificadas según el gusto del usuario. También, como detalle, trae un visor de FPS que lo agregué recientemente y funciona a base de la función útil getCurrentFPS. La gui la hice con
  9. Hi for evernyone, my mta open but if i'm enter in anyone server, the frame is too low, locked in 6 fps, I reinstalled the mta and gta but don't work! My anti-virus don't block apps, just scan if i'm start some app. (sorry for the bad english i'm brazilian and speak a little bite of english)
  10. GamerX27

    MTA Menu Lag

    Hello, I've been experiencing menu lag for two weeks now. I was just playing some Owlgaming, and my game crashed when I got back into the MTA the menu is very laggy. I've tried to changed the video and advance settings and I'm still lagging. I'm a mid spec gamer with a NVIDIA GTX card, Intel Core i5 7th gen proceccor, and 8 gigs of ram. I've REINSTALLED GTA SA and MTA many times, and I'm still lagging like a bitch. I'm using the STEAM version of GTA SA, and I've been using the STEAM version to play on MTA SA, I was running from 30-50 fps before this issue, and now I run 3-7 FPS with the menu
  11. I just got myself a new Lenovo laptop, which I know is not firmly made for gaming, but since it has an i5 processor, 8 GB of rams and a dedicated Nvidia video card, I decided to give it a try. Even though this hardware runs MTA with stable 60 or 60+ fps on maximum settings in full HD resolution (Fraps is on, so I can continuously check it), playing the game still feels a little bit laggy, which is weird and so damn annoying. This phenomenon only happens when playing MTA, every other game runs perfectly smooth. Lowering the reso won't help, neither will setting my laptop from 'balanced' to
  12. ---------------Detectar idiomaAfrikáansAlbanésAlemánAmáricoÁrabeArmenioAzerbaiyanoBengalíBielorrusoBirmanoBosnioBúlgaroCanarésCatalánCebuanoChecoChino (Simplificado)Chino (Tradicional)CingalésCoreanoCorsoCriollo haitianoCroataDanésEslovacoEslovenoEspañolEsperantoEstonioEuskeraFinésFrancésFrisón occidentalGaélico escocésGalésGallegoGeorgianoGriegoGuyaratíHausaHawaianoHebreoHindiHmongHúngaroIgboIndonesioInglésIrlandésIslandésItalianoJaponésJavanésJemerKazajoKirguísKurdoLaoLatínLetónLituanoLuxemburguésMacedonioMalayalamMalayoMalgacheMaltésMaoríMaratíMongolNeerlandésNepalíNoruegoNyanjaPanyabíPastú
  13. Greetings, fellow gamers! I recently started having this really annoying issue with MTA:SA 1.5. Basically, servers that should give me two-digits ping give me three-digits. These servers are close by (in my country). When I say recently, it means that it wasn't like this before. In the following list (screenshot) the first 5 servers had around two-digits ping. https://imgur.com/a/WUAWi Discarding the obvious: -My PC runs GTA:SA perfectly fine, with an average of 40fps in highest graphics. No problem on that. -No applications - those that connect to the
  14. Already in the game menu starts to crash constantly, already tried everything you have in the forum, updated drivers, I ran as administrator, I ran in compatibility mode, I used MTADIAG and nothing worked. I played it a few months back normally, now when I came back it started. Thanks in advance for any help.
  15. when entering the mta in the main menu a great lag and delay for response of the mouse, when entering the server I play quietly but when turning the vision (mouse) has an immense drop of fps, from 50 fps I went to 30 and when turning it goes for 10 and back normally I play mta 4 years is the first time this happens, it started out of nowhere I already reinstalled mta e gta sa !!!!
  16. Hello there i play MTA since 2015 and that's the first problem i got on it. After 30 minutes of gameplay i get bizarre Low FPS (4fps) and vehicles, textures, any object from the game starts to disappear and the lag just get more and more and more present, After 10 minutes with that lagging i got a Crash, MTA stops working... That never happened to me and i don't even changed my computer hardware since 2015. It's not my computer the problem. What happening to MTA? i alrealdy tried Open Limit Adjuster, Silentpath, MixSets, nothing works. I just can't play anymore MTA with my friends... Kinda sad
  17. I want to remove fog weather completely from game. I removed smoke9 from models after installing overdose effects(i read that this removes fog) . It did remove the fog but then i realized that its just not visible but it still lags sometimes in mta pubg servers that means its still lagging in fog weather. I dont want the game to load the fog particles. How to do that. Fog weather destroys my game. Please Help.
  18. I have lag in foggy weather and i want to completely remove fog from my game. I play on mta pubg server and game lags whenever I get fog weather. I have replaced the models of smoke with empty png files and the smoke and couds vanished , but lag is still there. I want to remove fog completely. Please help.
  19. Alguién me ayuda a solucionar el NETWORK TROUBLE?... =( Siempre que refrescan los items me da un lagaso... local h1,h2,h3 = debug.gethook() debug.sethook() timetorefresh = math.random(2700000,3600000) local itemTable = { farm = { { "Madera", 1463, 0.4, 0, 13 }, { "Vendaje", 1578, 0.5, 0, 4 }, { "Cantimplora de Agua LLena", 2683, 1, 0, 6 }, { "Lata de Pasta", 2770, 1, 0,
  20. Use of the SetAccountData function can cause overload in some area or give lag? setAccountData
  21. Hello, I need help! I installed MTA:SA and now gta sa and sa-mp has 1 frame per second and mta is fine i need help! It had 30 fps and now it has 1 to 3 fps i used fraps to test! Help. I tried uninstalling and it did not work SOS help!
  22. Hello! My mta and samp(dont get triggered) has lags(my fps doesnt go up after drop its stays on lower fps until there are less objects that dont belong to original game) and stutters when its loading map textures like dm or race, even rpg servers with mods. My specs are: fx6300 no OC, gtx750/nonTI, 8gb of hyper x ram all combined on cheap asrock 960gm-vgs3fx mobo My standard GTA SA runs fine and loads everything perfectly but when I play mta or samp the fps just isnt smooth. My pc should run mta without a problem but I do feel the textures and newly added objects are torturing
  23. Tengo un problema con el mta cuando juego se me bajan los fps hasta 0 y cuando esta todo calmado quedan en maximo y mas pasa cuando abro el scoreboard. La laptop es nueva tiene un i5 6200U y 6 gb de ram y me juge el gta san andreas y va perfecto no se que mas hacer hice todas las configuraciones del mta sigue igual
  24. Olá pessoal. É o seguinte, estou fazendo um sistema de estacionamento automático que controla o veículo do jogador para uma vaga disponível. Para isso são necessários vários colliders, um em cada curva do esquema, são aproximadamente uns 100 incluindo os colliders das vagas para fazer o jogador recuperar o controle do veículo ao terminar de estacionar. MAS Tenho uma dúvida em relação ao tipo de colisor que gere menos lag possível, devo usar markers (setando alpha 0 neles depois) ou colliders? E outra, se for colliders, qual deles é o mais leve? Esfera, cubo, tubo, círculo, retângulo ou
  25. Hey guys. Im a developer of a roleplay server and some players can duplicate items by lagging their internet. How can i fix this problem? Maybe i should use: getNetworkStats but i dont know which value goes up when they have lag. Thx for help!
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