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Found 7 results

  1. Ola pessoal, estou procurando um script de que qundo eu der /stats tanto faz o cmd ele mostrar quantas pessoas matei e quantas morri e o "kd" que eu estou, pfv se alguem me ajudar
  2. I want to know how can I make a blow vehicle damage to pro ? Same like we plant snatchel to vehicle to kill players I tried the blow vehicle function but it didn't give much damage to players it just reduced 30%-60%hp of player who were near by the car ! Any suggest will be helpful for me
  3. -- client function check( attacker, weapon ) local theVehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle ( getLocalPlayer ) if getElementType ( weapon ) == "Rammed" then triggerServerEvent ( "kill", resourceRoot, attacker ) else end end addEventHandler("onPlayerDamage"", root, check) -- server function kill(attacker) outputChatBox("Collided.", source) killPed(source, attacker) end addEvent( "kill", true ) addEventHandler( "kill", resourceRoot, kill ) -- Bound to this resource only, saves on CPU usage. addCommandHandler("col", kill )-- this is just to test the kill Hi i am tryin
  4. Meu Servidor De Mta Esta Com Um Problema Que Esta Aparecendo Mensagens No Chat Quando Um Jogador Morre Ou Troca o Nick ((Obs: NÃO É O SCRIPT DEATHMESSAGES POIS ESTA DESATIVADO)) | Olha:
  5. I'm making a game mode. but could you help me when the person dies return it to the lobby? Thank you
  6. This is the code: function stimers(thePlayer) if getElementData(thePlayer,"asdasd") == true then local lejartimer1 = setTimer(function() exports.fly_box:showBox (thePlayer,"info","10 mins!") local lejartimer2 = setTimer(function() exports.fly_box:showBox (thePlayer,"info","9 mins!") end,60000, 1) local lejartimer3 = setTimer(function() exports.fly_box:showBox (thePlayer,"info","8 mins!") end,120000, 1) local lejartimer4 = setTimer(function() exports.fly_box:showBox (thePlayer,"info","7 mins!") end,180000, 1) local lejartimer5 = setTimer(function() exports.fly_box:showBox (thePlayer,"info"
  7. Mi problema es que en mi server de Dayz cuando muero se bugea y nunca aparesco devuelta si alguien me ayuda Muchas gracias
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