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Found 7 results

  1. TURK GTA DAYZ Social Media http://turkgtadayz.com - Turkish #1 Active Now! 00:55 http://kayit-destek.turkgtadayz.com/ticket/ - Turkish Support/Ticket System http://international.turkgtadayz.com - ─░nternational #1 http://registration-support.turkgtadayz.com/index.php - ─░nternational Support/Ticket System Facebook.com/TurkGTAZ instagram.com/turkgtadayz https://discord.gg/eMqztJH Purchases will be made for foreign officials Our recruiting is active Contact to Join Squad - For Ticket http://registration-support.turkgtadayz.com/in
  2. table = {} function table.contains(table, element) for _, value in pairs(table) do if value == element then return true end end return false end function tablefind(tab,el) for index, value in pairs(tab) do if value == el then return index end end end function OnClientGuiButton() if not table.contains(BedwarsEQ, "P1") then table.insert(table, "P1") -- Insert to a table string "P1" (Player1) end if tablefind(table, "P1")==1 then -- check index, if is Item in index(1) then == true AdxItem1 = 255 -- dxDrawImage, drawing image to effect SLOT1 = SLOT1 + 1
  3. redditing


    Hi, I would like to make an inventory system, could anyone give me commands to create this work? and I don't mean ready scripts or anything because I want to do it myself, I just don't know where to start here. I would like to ask for all the commands that I will definitely need.
  4. So i have a shop script wich pretty much allows to buy items/weapons from this shop, the shop sells with "K.B.K Points" which is the player money but with another name to fit the server. The problem i have is when player buys one of the item they get all of them. I want to make them get the item they buy ONLY and get the right amount, for example if you buy a MK 48 Mod 0 Mag, you should get 100x of this item in your inventory because the mag itself is 100, otherwise wich ive tested it only gave 1x. But the problem is when i add more lines which i have shown below, it gives the player all the i
  5. Where can i download a good inventory script for rp server?
  6. Hello! I wanna buy an Inventory system for my server. I wanna it like this: I want it to be 2 screens. One for the items in the ground and another for the player's items. And I also want a scroll bar (like a gridlist with the items) EVERYTHING ON DXDRAW. Send me your price on a PRIVATE MESSAGE or on my STEAM: steamcommunity.com/id/erknnetobr Sorry for my bad english. I can pay with PAYPAL or a Steam Game.
  7. Hi, I'm trying to make an inventory, but I do not know how to hide it and display it with a key assigned. Try the following: Loading Script failed: Inventario\inv.lua:3: '(' expected near 'inventarioV' My code is the following: addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, function inventarioV() local ammo = tostring(getPedTotalAmmo(localPlayer) - getPedAmmoInClip(localPlayer)) local ammoinclip = tostring(getPedAmmoInClip(localPlayer)) local id = tostring(getPedWeapon( localPlayer )) local id2 = getPedWeapon( localPlayer ) local im = getWeap
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