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Found 11 results

  1. It should spawn me in the Las Venturas planning department but it spawns me to nowhere.. probably there is a problem with the dimension or idk.. local Exitdoor = createMarker( 385.23818969727,173.71939086914,1007.3828125, "arrow", 1.5, 150, 255, 255, 0 ) setElementInterior( Exitdoor, 3 ) function Exitd( player ) if (source == Exitdoor) then if getElementType(player) == "player" then fadeCamera ( player, false, 1, 0, 0, 0 ) setTimer ( fadeCamera, 1000, 1, player, true, 1 ) setTimer ( setElementPosition, 1000, 1, player, 1367, -1279, 13 ) setTimer ( setElementInterior, 1000, 1, player, 0, 1367, -1279, 13 ) toggleControl ( player, "fire", true ) end end end addEventHandler ("onMarkerHit", getRootElement() ,Exitd ) local Doorentry = createMarker(593.58807373047,-1250.8880615234,19.250591278076, "arrow", 1.5, 255, 255, 255, 0 ) function Doore( player ) if (source == Doorentry) then if getElementType(player) == "player" then fadeCamera ( player, false, 1, 0, 0, 0 ) setTimer ( fadeCamera, 1000, 1, player, true, 1 ) setTimer(setElementPosition, 1000, 1, player, 593.58807373047,-1250.8880615234,19.250591278076) setTimer ( setElementInterior, 1000, 1, player, 3, 593.58807373047,-1250.8880615234,19.250591278076 ) toggleControl ( player, "fire", false ) end end end addEventHandler ("onMarkerHit", getRootElement(), Doore )
  2. Estou criando uma cidade própria, porém, gostaria de criar interiores onde o player não iria precisar dar tp para entrar. Um interior modelo juntamente com o mapa em sí,... sei que é necessário a compreensão de modelagem 3D e algo do Tipo, porém não encontrei nenhum vídeo relacionado sobre e também não sei quais programas necessários para fazer o mapa em questão! Agradeço quer puder me dar alguma dica nem que seja de qual programa padrão usado nesses tipos de modelagem >> segue abaixo fotos <<
  3. Gostaria de colocar um interior na posição do mundo, e na dimensão zero, segue print de onde gostaria que ele ficasse para melhor entendimento: Desde já agradeço!
  4. Como faço para editar um predio/casa/construção que tenha porta? No caso, eu queria retirar a porta e colocar um interior nesse predio/casa/construção? Sem ter que criar um script que "teletransporte" tal elemento para tal interior! O que eu posso fazer a respeito disto?
  5. Hi, I want to know how can I set the map to all dimensions of interior 1 for example. because if I put it in my RP server it will be in a specific dimension like 50 for example and if I create another interior with the command /addint id type name It will be created in a new dimension like 1700 but the map won't appear because it's on a specific dimension that is 50 so how can I make it appear to all dimensions of the interior? The current code is: <object id="object (int2Hoose2) (2)" breakable="true" interior="1" collisions="true" alpha="255" model="14701" doublesided="false" scale="1" dimension="50" posX="1451.3" posY="-34.5" posZ="1002.1" rotX="0" rotY="0" rotZ="0"></object> I hope you understand.
  6. Здравствуйте, дорогое комьюнити! Столкнулся с проблемой в функции nachalo. Должно быть так, чтобы маркер появлялся в 3 интерьере и в 14343 измерении. Но почему-то не работает. Скину вам полностью скрипт, проблема в функции nachalo. Помогите пожалуйста! marker = createMarker( -1285, -135, 15, "cylinder", 1.5, 255, 255, 0, 170) function MarkerHit( hitElement, matchingDimension ) if ( getElementDimension ( hitElement ) == 0 ) then -- if the player is in dimension 0 setElementDimension ( hitElement, 1 ) -- set his dimension to 1 local elementType = getElementType( hitElement ) -- get the hit element's type setElementInterior ( hitElement, 3, 390, 174, 1009 ) end end addEventHandler( "onMarkerHit", marker, MarkerHit ) -- attach onMarkerHit event to MarkerHit function marker1 = createMarker( 364, 174, 1009, "cylinder", 1.5, 255, 255, 0, 170) function nachalo ( hitElement, matchingDimension ) setElementInterior( marker1, 3 ) setElementDimension( marker1, 1 ) local elementType = getElementType( hitElement ) setElementModel ( hitElement, 1 ) end addEventHandler( "onMarkerHit", marker1, MarkerHit ) -- attach onMarkerHit event to MarkerHit function жду ответов!)
  7. Hi, today i tried to run a server and i did it as well.. But i have just one problem that when i enter the building with any interior than exit, i can not enter any vehicle. But if i run that command "restart interior-system" on my console, everything is ok. I tried 4 or 5 scripts today and all of them was looking same.. I stucked with it pls helpp... [ I tried to run Roleplay Server ]
  8. I try to setup a server and i did it. But when i go in a house or building with interiors and exit the building, i cannot enter any vehicles. Than when i use command "restart interior-system" on console, everything is ok. I tried 3 or 4 scripts today and everyone is looking same.. Pls help me i stucked with it..
  9. help me pls **sorry for my bad English**
  10. Hi everyone, So recently I have been working on some scripting with the famous bone_attach script and I've noticed something important, when I attach object to the client and the client teleports to another interior/dimension, the objects gets invisible but when I go back to the 0 dimension&interior, It gets visible ! plus, even If I created and attached the object in dimension/interior other than 0, its Invisible, I teleport to 0 it gets visible . In this case, how should I make the object that attached to the client visible when he goes to another dimension & interior ? Any help is appreciated .
  11. hello all i have scripted a command for warehouse but the problem is i want a teleport button for knife arena in my exist guiwindow! client.lua : addCommandHandler( "knife", function( player ) setElementInterior( player, 1, 1401.3, -15, 1000.8 ) -- teleport player to the centre of SA end ) for gui code i dont want to paste here come pm for cilent code of guiwindow,button why i dont want to paste here is members can easy clown my scripts by using my cilentcode!! please help me guys screenshoot ;