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Found 6 results

  1. Help, I have tried to place a delay for the commands, but it does not help me at all, could you help me? I don't speak English, that's why the code is in another language. Server: function ablanca(source) if isElementWithinMarker(source, cablanca) then if getElementData(source, "slicencia") == true then if getPlayerMoney(source) >= 2000 then takePlayerMoney(source, 2000) giveWeapon(source, 4, 1, true) outputChatBox("Has comprado un #EE850Ecuchillo #FFFFFFpor $2000.", source, 255, 255, 255, true)
  2. Se necesita Scripter urgente para servidor rpg, mandar discord, es un trabajo remunerado.
  3. Ingles: My problem is the following I can not just one server, the others do not give me a problem, I already ask the owner and everything and he tells me that it is not a server problem but the MTA I already did the MTAdiag here is my pastebin https://pastebin.mtasa.com/553467985 If you can help me, I would appreciate it. I have about 1 month since I can not play that server in specific Thanks in advance Español: Mi problema es el siguiente No puedo solo a un servidor los otros no me da problema, ya consulte con el dueño y todo y me dice que no es un problema del server sino del
  4. Necesito ayuda, cuando me coloco la mochila sale acostada. Solo son 2 mochilas, la Czech y Combate(una que agregue). Son la de 80 y 42 espacios. Esta es la linea de las cosas: local elementBackpack = {} function backPackBack (dataName,oldValue) if getElementType(source) == "player" and dataName =="MAX_Slots" then local newValue = getElementData(source,dataName) if elementBackpack[source] then detachElementFromBone(elementBackpack[source]) destroyElement(elementBackpack[source]) elementBackpack[source
  5. Por favor pasenme paquete de RP para abrir un servidor de paquetes necesitan sus mods de ayuda lo que me ayuda a abrir un servidor
  6. Como intalo el mta pardise o pasenme pack de scripts RP O RPG CUALQUIERA
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