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Found 14 results

  1. I recently dove into this simple thing called "scripting and building a server". Naturally —added to my already curious personality—, I always come up with a doubt, a question, or any sort of uncertainty. After a week of messing around with it, I noticed that 5 of the 10 last posts made in the Script section were from me. I was having so much fun —truthfully— that I just kept on finding new things to ask. I'm pretty sure they are common questions. I'm not asking to have a script from scratch, or to be taught absolutely everything. It is most commonly about errors and to help myself understand
  2. Where can i download a good inventory script for rp server?
  3. I attached a song to my car, but when i'll go far away from car, the music starts from the beginning... s: how to fix this?
  4. I created "RepairMarkers" and when player hits any of them, their car's health must to increase. But I don't know, how to check every marker here: if isElementWithinMarker( getLocalPlayer(), RepairMarker[1] ) then Instead of "RepairMarker[1]" I want to check every marker Source: function CreateMarkers( thePlayer, seat ) if thePlayer == getLocalPlayer() and seat == 0 then BaysideRM = createMarker( -2259.027, 2386.142, 3.897, "cylinder", 3, 233, 96, 21, 100 ) Area69SkyRM = createMarker( 307.876, 2051.747, 16.587, "cylinder", 5, 233, 96, 21, 100 ) Repai
  5. I not found on community.. Then where can i download Trials maps? Sorry for my bad english.
  6. Where can i download overdose effects with script for mta sa?
  7. i created a HUD with rectangles (bg rectangle, hp, armor...etc), and i want this make movable, so that move at the same time, but i don't know how to make this possible anyone can help? sorry for my bad english :c
  8. i have this code in client side: function onMachineClick(button, state, absoluteX, absoluteY, worldX, worldY, worldZ, element) if element and getElementType( element ) == "object" and button == "left" and state == "down" and getElementModel(element) == 1829 then triggerServerEvent ("eszakirablas", root, getLocalPlayer()) end end addEventHandler("onClientClick", getRootElement(), onMachineClick) but i want add this to server side, is it possible?
  9. i downloaded a jail script from community, and when i add me to a jail, i can access the F1 how to disable fr gui in jail? server: Command = get("command") -- getTheCommand rRoot = getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()) ------ function getData(to) local file = xmlLoadFile("data.xml") jTable = {} tTable = {} if file then for k,v in ipairs (xmlNodeGetChildren(xmlFindChild(file,"Jails",0)))do local name = xmlNodeGetAttribute(v,"name") local posX,posY,posZ = xmlNodeGetAttribute(v,"posX"),xmlNodeGetAttribute(v,"posY"),xmlNodeGetAttribute(v,"posZ") local int = xml
  10. i want add this mod: http://www.gtainside.com/en/sanandreas/mods/8517-world-trade-center-mod-v0-3/ to my mta server, but i don't know, how to add. :c anyone can help me?
  11. I want a good radar to my server, but i cannot find. And I searched on community, but i cannot find good too.. Anyone can send me a website, or anything from where can i download good radar(s)? Thank you!
  12. i want download a script, which change the nitro (manual, hybrid, automatic...) when i press a key, and better than race_nos script, where can i download this?
  13. i want download a dd killmessages which show [killername] [x2(doble kill)] skull icon [killedname] where can i download this??
  14. Hello everyone I want a script to my server but I don't write that. This script is a car_buy script. I think you can do this. What is my idea?: - The car's price is hover above the car. - The players can't damage the car as long as the car is parking. - And they don't get in the car as long as they don't buy that. That's all!
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