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Found 4 results

  1. حد يفهمني كيف اسوي هاذي ؟ انا جالس اصمم سكور بورد الحين
  2. Look this I have problem with dpCore from Drift Paradise ;x Database.lua --- Основной модуль для работы с базой данных -- @module dpCore.Database -- @author Wherry Database = {} local dbConnection --- Выполняет подключение к базе данных. -- Для подключения используются параметры из DatabaseConfig -- @treturn bool удалось ли подключиться к БД function Database.connect() if isElement(dbConnection) then outputDebugString("WARNING: Database.connect: connection already exists") return false end local host = DatabaseUtils.prepareDatabaseOptionsString { host =, port = DatabaseConfig.port, dbname = DatabaseConfig.dbName } local options = DatabaseUtils.prepareDatabaseOptionsString(DatabaseConfig.options) dbConnection = Connection( DatabaseConfig.dbType, host, DatabaseConfig.username, DatabaseConfig.password, options ) if not dbConnection then outputDebugString("ERROR: Database.connect: failed to connect") root:setData("dbConnected", false) return false end root:setData("dbConnected", true) return true end --- Возвращает MTA-элемент подключения к БД -- @treturn element подключение function Database.getConnection() if not isElement(dbConnection) then dbConnection = nil end return dbConnection end --- Отключается от базы данных -- @treturn bool удалось ли отключиться от база данных function Database.disconnect() if not isElement(dbConnection) then outputDebugString("WARNING: Database.disconnect: no connection") return false end dbConnection:destroy() dbConnection = nil return true end
  3. Hello. Since I got a new PC, my draw distance is bad, even though its on 100%. Any solutions? And don't you dare call me a lowpostie.
  4. ahmed202

    i need help here

    First i dont know waht can i do i try fixed the game but i cant start it if i start the MTA gave me this msg and if i press ok gave me that to and if perss ok again send me to the forum to download the patch now the patch cant setup in rockstart folder and cant setup in MTA folder and cant setup in GTA SA folder waht can i do now to fix game (MTA) please help me